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Color of Libra Like and Dislike – The 7th sign in the celestial body is Libra and its ruler is Venus. People who are born between 23rd September and 22nd October are categorized under Libra. Such people tend to have a peaceful nature and are known as social butterflies with several squads and crews. As per the personality of this zodiac sign, Libra tends to be inclined to colors that complement their nature and attributes.

The scales of justice are used to represent this zodiac sign. In other words, it can be simply said that Libra has terrific peace-making skills in them. Although these people are very open-minded when it comes to changing their mind once they male their mind about something then it would be a difficult task to do so.

Libra Colors: Like and Dislike

Libra comes under air the sign and loves to socially engage with people and be in the company of people. People of this zodiac sign are known to have an agreeable nature and are honest besides having a very fascinating nature. Such people have beauty, and charm of their own that make them different from other people.

When it comes to likes and dislikes of Libra, they tend to be vivid lovers of being gentle and harmonious. Apart from this, they are strictly against any kind of conformity, injustice, or even violence.

Libra Colors

Libra Favorite Color

Libra: Lucky colors Libra: Unlucky colors
●  White

●  Light Blue

●  Pink

● Pale Green

● Lavender

● Black

● Brown

● Red

Lucky Colors for Libra

In terms of Libra colors, the following are said to be the lucky colors of the zodiac sign:-


This Libra zodiac color represents innocence and purity, simplicity and perfection. Besides this, it also offers illumination, balance, and composure and these are the traits that a Libra dreads. This is why; white is termed as one of the key luckiest colors for a Libra.

Whenever a Libra has something white with them, they are instilled with freedom and confidence. So, any Libra who is setting off on a new journey should wear or carry something of white color with them to bring good luck/

Light Blue

The color blue signifies bravery, depth, and peace ensuring that a Libra has the needed serenity that they usually look for. This Libra zodiac color attracts the relaxed and soothing nature of the sign. Furthermore, this color also stands for courage, and royalty thereby motivating Libra people to stay motivated, honest, committed, and truthful throughout their lives. Thus, this Libra color helps in boosting wisdom and intellectuality in them.


If you are wondering what is Libra’s favorite color then it is seen that pink is termed to be the favorite color of most Libra. This color lets Libra channel the feeling of sympathy, compassion, and love. This Libra favorite color encourages the feeling of warmth besides boosting potential feminine traits for example sweetness, nurturance, and even sensitivity. Whenever Libra wears pink they are welcoming optimism and creativity their way.

Pale Green

This color is also referred to as an earth color because of its vibrancy. Thus, if a Libra is surrounded by a forest, it will actively contribute to healing whatever stressful situation a Libra is going through. Thus, if a Libra is in a workstation or their workplace, they should use something green, maybe a small plant around them that will boost their support.


This color offers the feeling of self-realization as well as empowerment. So, if a Libra has to go to a place where they are in extreme need of empowerment then carrying or wearing something of lavender is the right choice in such situations. With this color, they will get the boost of courage to implement the needed changes to set off on a new journey.

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Colors Libra Should Avoid

The following are said to be unlucky colors of Libra:-


This color can be categorized under the mysterious color category thereby infusing the feeling of negativity and sadness. The peace-loving personality of a Libra may get disrupted by this color. This is the reason why it is recommended for this zodiac sign to stay away from black.


This color can be used to explain loneliness. As a result, this further contributes to isolation and hence, restricts Libra from doing what they love the most which is socially engaging with people.


This color usually represents aggression, stress, and even danger at times. As opposed to this, the personality of Libra circles composite and calm nature. Thus, this is a good enough reason as to why Libra should stir red away from their life.


This zodiac sign can also be categorized under the cardinal sign because they are an expert in launching any kind of new initiative. Libra people search for ways that will help in finding the right balance and make sure that irrespective of where they are, everybody’s opinion is acknowledged such as in group activities. Thus, this is all the information that is to know about the lucky and unlucky colors of Libra and all about their likes and dislikes.

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