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Calculate today’s panchang and tomorrow panchang with the help of this calculator for drik panchang 2019.

You must have seen a detailed calendar hanging on the walls of your home since childhood. This astrology based Indian calendar is known as Panchang. The Panchang shows today’s panchagam. It is referred to as the most popular manual for the people of the Hindu community and astrologers. These people can easily rely on the planetary system of the Hindu astrology system and help people in determining auspicious timings for festivals, vrats, etc.

Why is it named as Panchang?

panchangPanchangam means something that is made from five elements. The five elements are Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana. Today’s panchang is based upon the positions of the two leading luminaries of Indian astrology- Sun and Moon. These celestial bodies help to know the auspiciousness of any date and time. People consider nakshatra today’s timings before undertaking any critical thing like a journey, buying, selling, marriage, Pooja, vrat or shraddhs.

Apart from the five primary elements, we read about, the panchang today gives details about lagnas, and horas along with the good and bad times in the day. The Indian panchangs are believed to be most accurate, reliable, and informative. There are different Dainik panchang available for different regions and states as well.

Check Today’s Panchang – Aaj Ka Panchang

Relevant Information Provided in the Panchang

  • Sunrise and sunset: According to the Hindi calendar, the exact length of the day begins from the sunrise and ends with the sunset. That is the way; the correct timings of sunrise and sunset are given too much importance while referring Jyotish or astrology. The position of the Sun and Moon are considered too much important while making all these calculations.
  • Moonrise and moonset: Moonrise and Moonset both play an essential role in the Hindu calendar. They help in calculating good times and auspicious times to initiate the work.
  • Shaka samvat: It is an Indian official civil calendar established in 78 AD. The Indian panchang is based upon it.
  • Amanta month: It is the month which ends with a lunar or no moon day. The day is religiously followed in many Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, and Tripura. The people living in these states strictly believe in Hindu calendar.
  • Purnimantha month: The Hindu month, which ends with the Purnima day or full moon day, is known as Purnimantha month. The month holds much importance in Indian states like Haryana, Punjab, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Sun sign and moon sign: The personality and zodiac signs of the man are based upon its sun sign, and its moon sign indicates the second most crucial aspect of a person’s character.
  • Paksha: Paksha is the two parts of the tithi. The two paksha is named as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

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The Auspicious good time

Dainik panchang gives us information about the auspicious times:

  • Abhijit Nakshatra: This is the most auspicious period of today’s panchang. The inclusion of Brahma begins in the Makra or Capricorn zodiac. This nakshatra is known as Abhijit Nakshatra.
  • Amrit Kalam: This is considered as the best time for annaprasana sanskara and similar rituals. The time is deemed to be suitable for starting any new task.

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The Inauspicious time

Today’s panchagam gives us details about the inauspicious times as well.

  • Gulikai Kalam: The son of Manda alias Shani is known as Gulikai. A period is named after his name. The period is considered so inauspicious that no new work is initiated during this time interval.
  • Yamaganda: This inauspicious time is considered too bad. No new work is started during this period.
  • Dur Muhurtam: This Muhurta exists once a day each day before sunset. No new activity should be started during this time.
  • Varjyam Kalam: This inauspicious time starts from the current day and ends on the following day. The commencement of new works should be avoided during this period.
  • Rahu Kalam: Everyone is aware of this most inauspicious period. It exists once every day, and it is considered harmful to start with new works during this period.

Benefits of checking panchang daily

Older people have this habit of checking panchang daily. They plan their day and daily actions according to their Dainik panchang. What makes them do so?

We have enlisted a few benefits of checking the panchang daily.

  • It helps you do the financial planning of the day accordingly.
  • You get ready for your day beforehand and plan it. It adds to your confidence.
  • It is an actual enhancement of your actions towards your success.
  • It guides you in your career and managing relationships.

Your panchang helps you get answers related to your life, marriage, career, business, and love life. You can ask astrologer online through Astrolaabh.

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