Moles on Your Body Meaning – Neck, Face and on Other Body Parts – Lucky Moles

Are you having any kind of brown or black spots on your body? These spots are nothing but moles. Moles are small, medium, or big size black or brown spots found on the different parts of the body. As per the Vedic Astrology, this kind of moles or birthmarks has an important role in predicting the characteristics or destiny of the individual. For many people, moles are merely a birthmark and nothing more. But very few know that there is a various mole on body meaning. Moles bring luck to the individual and foretell the misfortune and hurdles that may hinder the life of any person.

Moles on Your Body Meaning | Face – Neck – Back – Forehead – Eyebrows – Lips

As per Mole astrology, the moles have the power and are also effective in the life of the one who carries it. The moles or body marks very effectually reveal the nature, destiny, and personality of the individual. They are different in colors, shapes, and sizes and are capable of representing a particular fate or situation. With the help of mole astrology, one can learn all the negative and positive impacts they possess and how they help in shaping your personality in various ways.

moles on your body meaning

Through this piece of information, let’s learn what do moles mean on different body parts.

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Mole on your Forehead

Having a mole on the forehead indicates success, confidence, and strength. When the mole is located in the middle of the forehead, it means the individual is calm and wise. They are arduous and have a clear vision. As per the mole predictions, having a mole on the right side of the forehead means the individual will be prosperous. Again, according to moleosophy, having a mole on the left side of the forehead means the individual will be quite selfish and carry bad luck. No matter wherever the mole would be located on the forehead, it would provide the individual with unexpected monetary gains. Lastly, having a mole on the forehead would give you an attractive life partner.

Mole on your Neck

Mole on neck meaning female has amazing intelligence and patience. Such females are very hardworking and clever. They would work to the extreme level to fulfill their goals. Again, they are also choosy when it comes to selecting a life partner. They would look for someone who is polite and strong in nature. If they plan things carefully and make wise decisions, they are sure to achieve success. Again, having a mole in the neck resembles good luck. They also possess soothing voices and are quite artistic. Lastly, if the mole is on the backside of the neck, it means the individual is very aggressive when it comes to temperament.

Mole on your Lips

Moles on the lips of the females are considered to be a part of their beauty. Having a mole on the upper lips symbolizes an attractive personality and beauty. Such moles are also termed beauty moles. Again, having a mole on the lower lips reveals that the female is quite intellectual by nature. They are capable of working hard to achieve their goals. On the other hand, if any individual is having a mole on the lips, he/she must keep a watch on their diet as they are liable to gain weight quickly as they have an amazing taste in food. They are also prone to health issues.

Mole on your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are yet another place where lucky moles on female body are found. Having a mole in between the eyebrows is considered to be lucky and would remain prosperous and wealthy throughout their life. Such people also carry leadership qualities and hence gain financial prosperity and fame easily. If the mole is situated on the left side of the eyebrow, that person faces various difficulties in his/her life and is a coward too. On the other hand, a mole on the right side of the eyebrow reveals a blissful and happy married life with healthy children.

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Mole on your Nose

As per astrology, having a mole on the nose tip, nose wing, or any other area around the nose, means that the individual is a very impulsive and quick decision-maker. Having a mole on the right side of the nose wing means that person will gain money with less struggle. Similarly, a mole on the left side of the nose wing means that person would be discouraged and would face several struggles. Lastly, having a mole below the nose indicates that an individual would send sensual vibes and would easily attract the opposite gender. If a female has a mole on the nose it means she carries good financial prospects.

Mole on your Cheeks

A mole on face meaning female comes with various meanings. And when the mole is on the cheek of females, it means having various friends. Such women would be very influential and capable of accomplishing their tasks by deploying other people with ease. Women with a mole on their cheeks are always found ahead in gossiping and also face impediments as they back bitch. Having a mole on the left cheek means that the individual is an introvert, spends money without thinking, and is short-tempered. If the mole is on the right cheek, it means that the individual is very dominating, knows how to earn money, and carries a logical mind.

Mole on your Back

As per mole astrology for men, having a mole near the backbone symbolizes fame, leadership, and success in life. When the mole is situated below the shoulder blades, it means the individual would face various struggles in his/her life. Again, if the mole is above the shoulder blades, it means the individual will be courageous enough to fight all the obstacles with ease. A mole on the right-hand side of the shoulder would mean flourishing and good health. And a mole on the left-hand side of the shoulder would mean having a diplomatic nature capable of resolving all the cases.


Hence, be it the feet, shoulder, naval, toes, ankle, legs, calf, or any other body part, having a black mole on body meaning are different for every part. And every mole carries its own significance in determining the personality and character of the individual.

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