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The zodiac sign we belong to affects our lives and personalities to a great extent. But do you know that there are certain colors that affect our moods and energies? Yes, the colors we wear have an impact on us. It affects the mood and energy, and hence, if we wear the right color, it can surely improve life to a certain extent.

Leo Color: Likes and Dislikes

Leo, Born between 23rd July to 22nd August, Leos is very dramatic and bold. They are very outgoing, resilient, determined, and energetic. They love to be in the spotlight and would fight out any situation in their life. The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Fire, and hence Leos are popular for their ambitions and boldness. Lion is the symbol of Leos due to which they are courageous and strong. They are natural leaders, creative, theatrical, and loving. However, at times, they can be impatient and rounded. The lion has a mane and coat in yellow, burnt orange, and gold in color which truly reveals their colors.

So, let’s check on the Leo colors that are lucky for them, and those that need to be avoided.

Leo Favorite Color

Leo: Lucky colors Leo: Unlucky colors
●  Glittery Gold

●  Yellow

●  Burnt Orange

●  Red

●  Beige

● Pastels

Leo Colors

Lucky colors for Leo:

What is Leo favorite color? Is this question revolving around your mind? Here are the colors that are favorable for the Leos.

Glittery Gold

Gold is surely one of the luckiest colors of the Lions. Leo appreciates wealth, prestige, and power. This can easily be obtained from this color as it is associated with these energies. Again, gold also reveals qualities like generosity and optimism that are a part of the personalities of a Leo. Gold arouses luxury, and it also serves the Leos with confidence and warmth.


Yellow is very eye-catching and bright. This Leo color perfectly reveals how the zodiac sign, the color, and the ruling planet of the zodiac are connected. When Leo is with this color, they would surely be the center of attraction or universe. Still confused about whether this color would suit you or not? Don’t worry, this shade is made for everyone. The color would help Leo blissfully be happy and joyful.

Burnt Orange

This color can easily be seen in the fierce personality of the Leos. The color communicates the resilience, courage, and intense energy of the Leos. According to some astrologists, burnt orange is the power color of the Leo. Again, this color is also associated with copper which possesses a metallic sheen. Orange is the combination of both red and yellow which represents enthusiasm and optimism.


One of the legendary bold colors, red is also considered to be a favorable color for the Leos. Red color reveals qualities like energy and passion. It is also popular for the intensity it possesses. It is a fantastic shade which is quite dramatic also. So, if the Leo is looking to attract someone, red is the perfect shade to go with.

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Colors Leo Should Avoid

Just as there are favorable colors for the zodiac sign, similarly there are certain unlucky colors for the Leos. If you have these colors in your surroundings, all you need to do is banish them from your home decor or belongings right away.


Beige should surely be forbidden by the Leos. This color would simply drain all your positive energies and undermine you from all the natural vitality that helps you reveal your personality. This would slowly reduce your charisma and hence should be completely avoided. For this, the Leos should also limit the color white in your background or wardrobe.


The next on the list is pastel colors like pale pink and light blue. These colors should also be avoided by Leos. Pastel colors should be completely avoided even in the interiors, decorations, etc. so that it doesn’t fluid your energy and ruin your charm.

How a Leo can use Lucky colors?

So, thinking about how to add this Leo zodiac color to your life or routine for having all the benefits? All you need to do is add this color to your outfits, ornaments, or any accessory you are sure to carry. You can also use the color through a stylish pair of heels, or even a trendy purse. Adding this color to your surroundings like wall color in the house or office, paintings, furniture, sofa sets, etc. can also be helpful in achieving all the actual benefits with ease.


So, now that you are aware of Leo favorite color, it is high time you make the required changes in your surroundings and wardrobes with the right colors to resound the energies of Leo in your life. Leos have various vibrant shades including yellow, purple, red, gold, and orange to select from for attracting the right positive energies to your life for your success.

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