13 Tulsi Mala Benefits – Tulsi Mala Rules & Regulations

According to the Hindu religion, Tulsi, or holy basils has its own importance. It is not only worshipped but also carries various Ayurvedic properties which makes it usable for various seasonal diseases. Again, having a Tulsi plant in the house or courtyard also helps in eliminating all the negativities surrounding the house.

As per Hindu scriptures, Tulsi is beloved by Lord Vishnu. Hence, the devotees of Lord Vishnu also wear a Tulsi mala on their necks.

So, today, through this piece of information, let’s discuss everything about Tulsi mala in brief and how it should be worn.

How is Tulsi Mala made?

Tulsi mala is made using the wood, twigs, and roots of the Tulsi plant. The twigs, roots, and wood obtained from Tulsi are first tugged and dried in the sun naturally for some days. After that, they are given either a long or round shape manually. Once they are ready with the desired shape, a hole is drilled in the center of the basil with the help of a machine so that a string or thread can be passed through the hole. Once the entire process is complete, the Tulsi beads are threaded to form a mala with either 27, 54, or 108 beads.

13 Tulsi Mala Benefits

Many think Tulsi mala is limited to spiritual benefits only. However, there are some health benefits to wearing the mala too. So, thinking what are the Tulsi kanthi mala benefits? Here is the list of the benefits of wearing Tulsi mala.

Tulsi Mala benefits

  1. Wearing Tulsi mala would bring limpidness in sound and mind.
  2. It also adds to the self-respect, prestige, and honor one receives in life.
  3. Wearing Tulsi mala would increase the spiritual energy and the wearer would feel close to God.
  4. For the people whose mind keeps wandering, or who are not able to focus on any work, wearing a Tulsi mala would help in receiving peace of mind.
  5. Wearing Tulsi mala helps in controlling, calming, and strengthening the Jupiter and Mercury planets and improves their positive benefits from them.
  6. During difficult situations, Tulsi mala helps in remaining calm as it pressurizes particular acupressure points.
  7. It improves blood circulation in the body.
  8. Wearing Tulsi mala helps in keeping throat diseases away as it purifies the body and the surrounding air.
  9. Wearing an original Tulsi mala would prevent kidney issues as well.
  10. It eliminates the toxins from the blood cholesterol and improves the blood pressure levels in the body.
  11. Wearing the Tulsi mala helps in keeping the body and mind connected with each other.
  12. It helps in reducing mental stress and depression. It also helps in controlling the emotions like disrespect, ego, and anger.
  13. Wearing the Tulsi mala gives protection against fears, bad dreams, evil eyes, and black magic.

Apart from all these, there are certain spiritual japa mala benefits too. According to the Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu is said to protect the wearer of the Tulsi mala. It also protects against death and other deadly injuries like accidents. It also protects the wearer from the weapons of Lord Yamaraj. Lastly, it helps in achieving heaven after death and protects the wearer from bad karma.

Tulsi Mala Rules and Restrictions

After knowing the spiritual and health benefits of wearing the Tulsi mala, it is obvious that there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed by the wearer. Here are certain Tulsi mala rules to be followed before and after wearing the mala.

  • The Tulsi mala should be presented before the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu prior to wearing it. It should be then purified with Gangajal and Panch Gavya and allowed to dry before wearing it
  • While purifying the mala and at the time of wearing it, Mool Mantra should be recited
  • Before wearing it, the Gayatri Mantra and Sadyojata Mantra are recited 8 times to thank Goddess Tulsi for helping us get close to Lord Vishnu
  • According to the Padma Purana, Tulsi mala should be worn every time, particularly when performing puja or worship
  • The wearer should recite the Rosary mantra daily after wearing the mala, however, it should be noted that the mala for wearing and chanting should be different. Wearing someone else’s mala is also prohibited
  • One shouldn’t also cross over the Tulsi mala
  • The wearer of Tulsi mala should not have non-veg food, onion, and garlic. He should also avoid alcohol, smoking, and gambling as well
  • The Tulsi mala should never be worn as a bracelet
  • The wearer of the mala should be clean both mentally and physically as it is a pure mala
  • Tea and Coffee should also be avoided by the wearer of the mala

Apart from all these, the wearer of Tulsi mala shouldn’t also think of committing any sin.

How to find the original Tulsi Mala?

Thinking about how to find the original Tulsi mala? It’s very simple. Keep the mala in water for around 30 minutes. If the mala doesn’t leave any kind of color, it is the original mala.

Is there any Different Tulsi Mala for Neck? Are there any benefits of wearing tulsi mala in neck?

No, there is no different Tulsi Mala for Neck or To wear, But There are some Rules which you need to follow before wearing Tulsi Mala.

  • You need to wash Mala With Gangajal Before Wearing it and drying it.
  • You are not allowed to eat Non-veg food if you are wearing Tulsi Mala, not even eggs, garlic, onion, etc.
  • You should not remove the Mala from your body in any situation.

If you can follow the above rules, then only you can wear it.

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