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Gemini Colors – No matter what zodiac sign, each one is ruled by a certain planet where each one radiates certain colors on the broad color spectrum. These colors play a significant role in contributing to the overall progress of the zodiac be it spiritually or practically. However, some colors can contribute to bringing down a zodiac by creating a negative energy. Both Vedic and Western astrology give equal value to colors when it comes to conducting a thorough analysis of an individual’s birth chart.

Gemini Color: Likes and Dislikes

The third sign of the twelve zodiac signs is Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. The planet, Mercury, is termed to be the ultimate god of communication. The zodiac sign is symbolized by a pair of twins who are known to be sociable. Although a Gemini is filled with ultimate charm at times they tend to fall into problems. This usually happens because of the negative energy that the Gemini is surrounded by. As discussed above, with Gemini zodiac color that is favorable will help in taming the negative energy problem.

When it comes to Gemini’s likes and dislikes, they tend to be inclined to go for short trips, making people laugh, talking, and multitasking. In terms of dislikes, they don’t like when they are ignored or are told what they should do. Simultaneously, they are very bad at taking jokes as they are sensitive.

Gemini Favorite Color

Gemini: Lucky colors Gemini: Unlucky colors
●      Yellow

●      Green

●      Red

●      Black

Gemini Colors

Lucky Colors for Gemini

If you are wondering what is Gemini’s favorite color, it can be anything that will bring you good luck. The Gemini colors that are considered to be lucky and will positively help them in growing overall are mentioned below and thoroughly discussed:-


Green stands for progress, harmony, and onset of new beginnings which is it is also referred to as the Gemini color. If a Gemini has a green color with them then it will highly help in keeping them grounded thereby ensuring that they experience abundance, good health, and prosperity. This color will help in bringing the needed comfort to the person.

In terms of color and zodiac signs, the green color helps in achieving the right balance. Furthermore, it will help the Gemini to heal and rejuvenate.


Yellow symbolizes and can also be referred to as Gemini’s favorite color. Various shades of yellow color are considered to be the spirit color of Gemini. The yellow color in Gemini symbolizes curiosity and a friendly nature.

In terms of color and zodiac signs, yellow is said to be the color that helps in elevating the Gemini’s communicative nature thereby making them strong and self-confident. This color has such a significant impact as it encourages the Gemini’s perception and mentality. Thus, it can be said that if a Gemini has something of a yellow color with them then ultimately it will lead to a blessing in disguise.

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Colors Gemini Should Avoid

When it comes to unlucky colors, a Gemini should avoid orange, gray, red, and black. Having any of these colors will negatively impact him and hinder all the positive ways in his life.

Specifically, with gray and black, a Gemini will experience fatigue and drained. In the same way, orange will fill a Gemini with insincerity thus preventing them from experimenting with new things in their life thereby restricting experiences. As per red color, it will fill them with aggression and anger. Further, these colors are mentioned and discussed below:-


If the Gemini has something of red color with them, it will tend to bring negativity around them. This hence, gradually eliminates the good and positivity in their life. It worsens the situation by triggering obnoxious and confused thoughts which will result in chaos at times.


Although Gemini loves the vibe of being funny, the black color will restrict the jolly vibe. This hence led the Gemini to get drained. Likewise, since gray is a lighter shade of black color, the former carries the same energy as the latter.

How a Gemini can use Lucky Colors?

Now that you know about all the lucky colors of Gemini, it is important to figure out the type of energy they need around them. After deciding that, one should search for the colors that mirror their inner energy. Following this, one can finish up the process by introducing the colors into their wardrobe and around them in the workplace, office, and more.

A few examples include Gemini indulging in green color to amplify the calming effect around and within them. In the same way, to boost their attitude, they are recommended to wear yellow. If not then buying some yellow flowers and keeping them in their workstation will also do the job.


As per Vedic astrology, to win over the prevailing negative traits, Gemini can use their positive energy. To make this happen, it is recommended for them to surround themselves with colors that are considered lucky for them. When a Gemini wears their lucky color, there are high chances for them to experience positive energy around them. Thus, this is all the information that is there to know about the colors of Gemini.

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