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Lal Kitab is usually known as Red book too. It is one of the essential elements of the Indian astrology. The book lays stress on Karmic debts, resolutions, and planetary placements.

It is said that Lal Kitab found its origin in Persian culture and then re-written in the 19th century. It is known as Laal Kitab because when it published for the first time, it had a red cover without any name. People started calling it Lal Kitab.

lal kitabAlong with the Vedic astrology, Lal Kitab is gaining enough popularity in recent years. Based on Samudra shastra, Lal Kitab has all the principles of Vedic astrology, written in an easy to understand form.

Lal Kitab is a collection of 5 books that offers various simple remedies to treat the planetary afflictions in one’s horoscope or birth chart. It provides simple remedies, just like wearing a stone or tedious religious cure to dampen the ill-effects.

Importance of Lal Kitab in Astrology

We have enlisted a few facts related to Lal Kitab that describe its importance.

  • The existence of Lal Kitab was first announced in 1983 in an astrology journal. The magazines “Fate and Fortune” published remedies written in Lal Kitab. It was soon after that market was flooded with numerous versions of Lal Kitab. However, the fact emerged that the original version was written by Pandit Roop Chan Joshi of Punjab somewhere between 1939 and 1952.
  • The book is known to be written in the form of various philosophies and poetic verses. There are remedies (upayays) that are traced from its Persian origin.
  • Lal Kitab supports the idea of leading one’s life through Abhramanic faith. It inspires you to become a part of ‘Tantra Udaya.’ It merely means that one must rely on Kundalini energy of his own and his planets.
  • The book explains how certain the positions of planets are and how they affect the lines of the palm as well. That is how it relates to palmistry with astrology.
  • The book gained a massive welcome because it was for the first time in the history that a new style of astrology and horoscope analysis was provided. The book talked about quick and affordable remedies. The solutions are devoid of simple remedies like performing some pooja or wearing some particular jewels. Other branches of astrology or Jyotisha prescribe these almost similar kinds of remedies.
  • Soon after it was re-introduced in the world, Lal Kitab found its practitioners throughout the world. The global practitioners have been voicing its benefits to the world since then.
  • The astrological remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab are as simple as you can think of. There are general acts like throwing coins into the river while passing over it, feeding grass to cows and bread to dog. It includes offering meals to unmarried girls as well.
  • Pandit Rup Chand Ji Joshi, the author of the current version of the Lal Kitab, came across the few pages of the scriptures and translated it to Urdu in such a way that the common man can also take benefit from its remedies. He considered the scripture as a blessing from God and evolved it for the benefit of humanity.
  • However, the remedies from Lal Kitab can indeed change the course and direction of your life but, if done improperly, they can even backfire and create havoc in one’s life. These curing forces have the power to bring peace in anyone’s life, but, you need to do them in the guidance of an experienced person.

How to Read and go through it?

No period is reserved for reading and observing the Lal Kitab, but one has to see it for straight 43 days without taking any break in between. If the person has to skip it for one day or forgets to observe the ritual for one day, one has to start it over once again from starting.

Lal Kitab stresses over keeping your home clutter free and removing unwanted junk items. One should eat food on the dining table only and not on the bed, and a dining table should be placed closer to the kitchen. The little remedies of the Lal Kitab hold power to transform one’s life.

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