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Taurus Colors – Colors are termed to be one of the most important essences of nature. They are sometimes associated with zodiac signs. This is because it is believed to some point that zodiac signs have certain lucky and unlucky colors. About colors, it is said that they emit some kind of cosmic power. It is also said that almost all colors have some kind of energy that can impact our daily actions, and emotions in either a positive way or in a negative way. In the same way, there are Taurus colors that can be determined as their lucky and unlucky colors

Taurus Color: Likes and Dislikes

Taurus is one of the zodiac signs and it is represented by a bull. It is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus planet. People whose birth date falls between 20 April and 1 May are categorized under Taurus. When it comes to the likes and dislikes of a Taurus, an individual will like the features of a patient, reliable, practical, and determined Taurus. On the other hand, one may dislike Taurus for being possessive, materialistic, and possessive at times.

People whose zodiac sign is Taurus are often known to be down-to-earth. The season that is linked with Taurus is spring. Sometimes, Taureans can be stubborn. If one is working with Taurus, it is utterly vital to realize that doing this will have both positive and negative forces. However, if one is planning to start something and looking for something new then a Taurus can be of great help.

Taurus Colors

Taurus Favorite Color

Taurus: Lucky colors Taurus: Unlucky colors
●      White

●      Green

●      Pink

●      Red

●      Yellow

Lucky Colors for Taurus

The second sign of the zodiac is known as Taurus. People who have this sign are often addressed as Vrishabh Rashi or Taureans. If you often wondered what Taurus’s favorite color is, then the answer to the question is pink. Furthermore, In terms of the colors that are considered as lucky for Taurus, they are mentioned below:


Playfulness, femininity, and innocence are often symbolized with pink color. It stands for first love, a healthy body and mind, and youth. Therefore, whenever Taurus has something of a pink color with them, they will feel happy and cheerful. One can also categorize pink as Taurus’s favorite color since it welcomes love and fidelity. Moreover, pink is also associated with the feeling of contentment, serenity, relaxation, and hence acceptance, so this justifies why the Taurus zodiac color is pink.


The color green is linked with nature and stands for progress and renewal. This color is often used to symbolize wealth. Thus, whenever Taurus has something of green color with them, they will feel motivated more often. With this color, the zodiac sign will be able to attract prosperity and possession. This is the very reason why whenever a Taurus is filled with negative emotions such as anxiety and stress, they are recommended to wear something of green color.


The color white stands for goodness, innocence, humility, and purity among all the other noble things. It symbolizes the feature of being spiritual, understanding, and tenderness. It is said that a Taurus has a shade of white with him, be it in the clothing or accessories, it is more likely that they will feel calm and composed. Simultaneously, they are filled with the maturity of understanding and thoughtfulness which help them focus on things thereby removing any kind of negative emotions that potentially surround them. Thus, this is why white is termed to be a Taurus color.

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Colors Taurus Should Avoid

Taurus is an earth sign and when it comes to money, they are termed to be practical and grounded. This helps in achieving the proper balance between their work and life. These people are filled with patience because they believe in offering the work in the right way. At times, they can be very clingy but they also believe in helping others in time of need.

Just like some colors are considered lucky for Taurus, there are colors that they should avoid. Such unlucky colors are mentioned below:-


Yellow color is often related to agitation and frustration of Taurus. This is why it is categorized under Taurus’s unlucky colors. Therefore, you, as a Taurus should avoid this color to prevent getting distracted.


When it comes to Taurus’s unlucky colors, red is often linked with intolerance and aggression along with other negative emotions. So, a Taurus should avoid red color as much as possible.


Thus, Taureans are known to be trustworthy, quiet, and often capable. They are neither the fastest nor the lowest; they get the job done at the right time. This is why Taurus can also be referred to as Perfectionist. A Taurus should be careful about what they wear because colors have a significant impact on their personality. Thus, this is all the information that is there to know about colors that a Taurus should prefer and avoid.

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