Best Astrological Mantras and Remedies For Success In Your Business

Every businessman or woman wants his or her company to flourish and touch new heights. This can not only be achieved by hard work but also the person needs Luck. Our Vedic astrology has a vital role in determining the success of a business through some astrological factors. Are you not able to succeed in your business despite your effort? Then, you should find out your success of business according to Kundli. You will certainly see uplifts in business by performing some astrological remedies for it. Let us see everything here briefly.

astrology for business success

The following planetary combination plays an important role in the success of your business. Nowadays, people tend to know their astrology for business success before initiating.

  1. Your ascendant and its lord should be strong to run your business without any obstacles.
  2. Your 3rd house indicates initiative and courage as it is important for any business people to fight against their rivalries with daring.
  3. Success and financial credits are occupied by 11th It is important to acquire blessings of 11th house and its lord to flourish in your business.
  4. Your 7th house is always considered essential in astrology
  5. Your 10th house describes a career, its growth, and progress that bring your social fame and status.

The chances of your success are strongly determined by the planets and stars. A well-searched correct horoscope by date of birth helps to know about one’s future and life. Based on your Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth, your career horoscope can be generated with career predictions. Horoscopes forecast our future and direct us toward a brighter future and a happier life. We’ll need our date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth to exactly draw our horoscope. For any kind of occupation, the tenth house is extremely significant and business starters should scrutiny their 10th place and see whether it is favorable or not for starting a business. A personalized Kundli will be predicted based on houses and planetary positions, specific yogas, Dasha bukthi. Thus, business astrology by date of birth helps you to determine better your start-up. Your exact DOB concludes your business life.

Some powerful mantras are there for any activity to get succeeded in astrology. When we met an astrologer besides remedies he will advise us to chant some main mantras to get of the worse situation and flourish in any particular issue which we are longing for. Now, we learn some of the powerful mantras for success in business.

Good income and Profits: Lakshmi Mantra

|| Om Shrim Mahalakshmyai Namah ||

Daily 108 times and on every Friday 324 the above mantra should be changed by sitting in front of your family deity’s picture or idol. Your life will be free out of all impediments and misfortunes by reciting this mantra. You start seeing an abundance of blessings and bigger profits.

Ease monetary troubles & elevate growth in business: Hanuman Mantra

|| Manojavam Marutatulyavegam Jeetendriyam Budhimataam Varishtham

Vatatmajam Vanarayuthmukhyam Sriramdootam Sharanam Prapadye||

Chant the above Lord Hanuman’s Hanuman Chalisa three times a day to increase your business growth and throw away big obstacles out of your path. And, repeating the above mantra 108 times will help you in overcoming financial difficulties and promoting business growth

For Successful Business:

||Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Prasidh Prasidh Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmayai Namah||

Reciting the above mantra 108 times daily will help you to achieve great heights in business

And Vishnu mantra || Om Namo Narayanay ||, Ganesh Mantra || Om Gan Ganpataye Namah || are powerful mantras for business improvement

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Okay, we shall discuss lal kitab remedies for success in business which are really powerful and help many people to come out of their financial hurdles.

  • Always mark any written communication with a bit of turmeric/saffron
  • Light incense sticks, wrap a coconut in a red piece of cloth, and keep it in your Pooja room that will bring beneficial results in terms of wealth and success.
  • Take 12 no “Gomti Chakras” and with turmeric/saffron mark them. Do it on Thursday of a waning moon. Hook them all with a piece of yellow fabric. Take it and keep it in your company’s entrance so that customers can cross this to reach your place. It hugely helps for your continued victory.

The takeaway is though doing all remedies and chanting mantras for a successful business, one should always strive to thrive. Do not forget it.

Know Your Child and Pregnancy Predictions Through Astrology

Motherhood is a very special feeling that fills life with a strange but beautiful feeling. This is why it is necessary to be double sure that you have all the right and acknowledged facts about astrology for your kid. You might be well skeptical when it comes to kundali predictions for child which is why you need to be very careful in all these things. Questions like ‘according to my kundali when will I get pregnant?’ might be rising in your mind.

baby astrology by date of birth

Pregnancy and Future Predictions from Astrology

You can also seek the help of astrology for predicting pregnancy. The following are some of the possibilities and problems that you may encounter when it comes to bearing a child.

Lord of the fifth house:

It is known as the supreme of all the zodiac signs thus falling on the cusp of the fifth house. It helps in predicting the chances of parenthood and the gender of the child that is about to be.


If the Jupiter planet is weak and is located in conjunction with some malefic planets, it is believed that problems will be encountered in childbirth.

Fifth House in the Horoscope:

It helps in stress on the possibility of bearing a child in the couples. The healthy fetus is assured by the association of the planets of Jupiter, Venus, Moon in the 5th house but for unfavorable conditions in a child, prediction is done by a planet like Mars. Ketu, Rahu.

Zodiac Signs:

There are zodiac signs that are fruitful while there are zodiac signs that are believed to be barren. You can take the example where Scorpio, Pisces are fruitful while Leo, Aries and Virgo are subjected to be infertile.

Saptamamsha Chart

This is a kind of chart through which you will be able to have a good insight into various subjects such as baby gender, lineage, childbirth, impregnation and more.

Moon Placement:

If you discover that the moon has placed itself in the 5th house and is getting the association of all the other planets, it is assumed that the couple is more likely to be blessed with children. But the catch here is that planets such as Rahu, Saturn, Ketu are believed as a deterrent to childbirth.

These are all the astrology for predicting pregnancy. If you are wondering how to predict future from date of birth, it is also possible as well. All you need to do is consult a legal and legit astrologer and question all the doubts you have.

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Right Nakshatra For Conception

First thing first, you need to make sure that you have a good nakshatras for conception. You must know that when the conception takes place at the right time, it greatly enhances the health of the baby. The concept is based on two theories which are as follows:

  • Based on the menstrual cycle
  • You need to start from the 5th night to the 1st day of menstruation. You should continue till the 16th night as it is the fertile period
  • It has to be strictly made sure that the conception is taking place at night. The reason behind this is that when a child is conceived in the middle of the day, the child is sure to obtain an unpleasing character as well as views.
  • If you want a female child, you can and should conceive on the 5th, 9th or even the 15th night
  • The couple needs to make sure that they are utterly relaxing and are peaceful when the conception is taking place.
  • Based on horoscope and panchangam
  • For both, the husband and wife, the janma nakshatra and the 2 anujanmas should always be avoided
  • When the conception is taking place, it is a must that the moon is ideally transversing the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th The transversion should be from the husband’s janma rasi and should be from benefit aspects from Guru and Sukra
  • For conception Lagna, Kanya rasi should be avoided
  • In terms of favour, moon in Lagna and Sukra in 7th may work

Baby Astrology and Child Yog in The Kundli

For the parents who want to know the birth sign of their newborn baby, the concept of baby astrology comes to play. The baby astrology by date of birth is possible. It is widely believed that when the baby is named with the respective astrological letter, it somewhere plays an effective part in the betterment of the child’s future.

Another question that you might be struggling to answer is that ‘what about the child yog in my kundli?’ For this, you need to give a major shot to a right and legit kundli evaluation so that you can verify your child yog. When you register for the right consultation, you will be familiarized with the issues that are causing such problems in terms of the child yog. This will also help you with having a baby in good health.

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Astrological Remedies to Strengthen Your Venus Planet

If you have a gentle and positive Venus then you will get much of a trouble-free life ahead. Besides this, you will also gain personalities such as positive outlook towards life, attraction toward the opposite gender, utmost development of art, creativity as well as wealthy.

But the thing is that if you have Venus with Rahu or Mangal/Mars or Buddh/Mercury, you might not get a happy and positive life. Thus, the chances under such a situation are that you might not get loyal love or loyal friends. You might be wondering regarding how to improve Venus in horoscope and for that, you need to read further in the article

venus effects and remedies

How to Improve Venus in Horoscope?

Improving Venus in horoscope depends on the age which is why you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Starting fresh:

Start fresh by living a hygienic life. You can approach this lifestyle by showering every day, gently dressing up every day. Besides, you need to look and feel good, hygienic from within as well so that your Venus can be good and strong.

Cleanly organizing home:

The second statistic that you can use to make your Venus stronger is by organizing your home and keeping it clean. If you have money to spare you can, you can buy things for your home and if you don’t have enough money, you can just keep your home clean and organized.

Saying ‘No’ to any kind of criticism and clash:

It has been seen that Venus is quite not the fan of getting into any kind of clash or criticism. By avoiding indulging in such activities, you are working on your mental peace. As human beings, it is inevitable for us to not indulge in clash or criticism but we need to make sure that it is not repeated.

Learning creativity:

You can be creative as much as you want. This will help you in improving your thoughts and thus will improve the qualities of Venus and thus chances are that things will work out your way.

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What Are the Effects and Benefits of Venus?

Venus effects and remedies will help in improving the condition to a greater extent. The remedies to make Venus strong are easy. There are tons of positive effects of Venus

You might be wondering what the benefits of strong Venus are. Well, if you want to learn the benefits then keep on reading.

  • If you are into mass communication, you will develop a great power of expression which thus is beneficial for your career
  • When you have a strong Venus, you build a good character which makes you knowledgeable
  • In the case of men, they will enjoy timely marriage as well as a happy married life
  • As mentioned above, you will enjoy a trouble-free life ahead
  • You will attain mental peace
  • Another benefit is that you will have a desire to live your life spiritually

When it comes to Shukra, making it strong is also essential and if you are wondering how to make Shukra strong, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. You can perform some donation by donating items that are somewhat related to Venus such as white clothes, curd, sweets
  2. Respecting the spouse is another approach for making Shukra strong
  3. Another step that you can initiate for making your Shukra strong is that by giving all your efforts in bringing a smile to the face of women who is and has struggled a lot.

How to Strengthen Venus?

If you are wondering how to strengthen Venus, you need not worry as we have gathered some remedies to make Venus strong:

  • You can opt for fasting by devoting yourself to the almighty. Through this, you will be purified both externally and internally

Some mantras will help you in getting energized. You will be instilled with the utmost powerful energy. In terms of mantras, there are several benefits of the Venus mantra.

Some of the famous Venus mantra benefits are as follows:

  • You will effectively decrease negative effects and the influence of negative effects.
  • When the mantra is chanted, benefits such as luxuries, comforts, passion will be enjoyed.
  • With regular chanting, it will be easy to gain knowledge as well.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi is one of many remedies that you can opt for and you should do that either by visiting a temple or by worshipping goddess Lakshmi at home only.

These are all the points that you need to take care of if you face an issue in the strength of your Venus Planet. The approach for remedies is easy to implement and if implemented correctly will greatly alter the adverse condition of one’s life by making it a positive one. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to strengthen your Venus planet in the horoscope.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility in Sex, Love and Marriage Life

Compatibility between the signs is somewhat complicated, and most of us are aware that we must examine the entire birth chart and a composite chart to fully understand the extent of a relationship’s compatibility. Here, we read Leo and Capricorn compatibility in detail.

When Leo and Capricorn meet for the first time, they are instantly attracted to each other. These people are normally desirable because their appearance and presentation will be quite catchy. You can never see neither a Leo nor a Capricorn wearing a shabby dress and presenting themselves very poorly.

Capricorn Compatibility with Leo

Leo and Capricorn make great friends, siblings, families, and coworkers. As siblings, mates, and coworkers, they are also good rivals. But, in most cases, their intentions are pure, and they have no intention of harming one another. They will make formal friends or people who have a mutual interest in something. These two will run successful business projects together because Leo is good at setting targets and Capricorn is good at achieving them. The only problem of Leo is its extravagant attitude or argument for authority.

Now, we see Capricorn Man and Leo Woman Compatibilities.

leo man and capricorn woman compatibility

When it comes to partnerships, compatibility is just one factor to consider. The other factor is both partners’ dedication and loyalty to the relationship. It is possible for incompatible couples to have a good relationship. It simply necessitates more effort. Capricorn always wants to get things done fast whereas Leo finds it annoying. As such Leo finds dullness and boredom with Capricorn.

While speaking about the sexual compatibility between a Capricorn Man and Leo Woman, he is very active in the bedroom and enjoys sex at all levels. A Leo woman always tends to appreciate his good efforts. On the other hand, since their needs are different in sex they used to speak out their willing and the level of satisfaction before enjoying it.

Marriage and family life of them will be long-lasting if they are conscious about their unity. Romance will not be a concern for this pair but often it gets tangled.

Fights are higher in between them because both are high power and control on each other. As both are vigorous signs, natural affinity seems to lessen among them. Unless they are careful, it is difficult to maintain a smooth relationship.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

While speaking the sexual compatibility between a Leo Man and Capricorn Woman, they are different from each other. There would be some common grounds noticed in their bedroom. Since the man is fiery in sexual activity, and the woman is earthy, they should discuss their desires. However, they can adjust well in sexual life.  Passion and adventuresome characters are seen in a Leo man whereas a Capricorn lady expects luxury.

Marriage and family life of them will be good if they decide to long last their marital life. Since their ideas are different, it might create many problems in the case of monetary values. A Leo man wants to get the best of all whereas a Capricorn woman will be tight in money matter.

They can maintain a volatile relationship because both of them want to be in control of each other. Money is the main source of fight among them and also their joint decision will lead to problems.

Scorpio,Taurus, and Virgo are the best match for Capricorn woman.

Capricorn Compatibility Chart is Here Below for Your Reference:

Zondic Communication Love Friendship Overall Compatibility
Aquarius Low Low Medium Low
Pisces High Medium High High
Aries Low Low Medium Low
Taurus High High Medium High
Gemini Medium Low Low Low
Cancer Medium Low Medium Medium
Leo Medium Low Low Low
Virgo Medium High High High
Libra Low Medium Low Low
Scorpio High Medium Medium Medium
Sagittarius Medium Medium Low Medium
Capricorn High High Medium High

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Finally, a Question is Commonly Shot that How to make a Capricorn Man Obsessed with You?

When you understand his personality and behavior in the best way that would help you in creating a sturdy connection with him. What can you do for that?

  • Be a good friend first
  • Encourage and support his objectives
  • Create him space to laugh
  • Show your passion towards him
  • Understand him completely
  • And finally, not but not least improve your physical appearance.

On the whole, pairing a Leo and Capricorn will be successful based on their activities and understanding of each other.

Astrology Guide: Difference Between Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Astrology says more information than one’s zodiac sign. The three important signs to be considered are the sun, moon, and rising. Each sign means different things and when integrated, they give a perfect picture of anybody. It is essential to know the differences between these three signs.

what is sun sign and moon sign

The Sun Sign Says About Your Entirety

The Sun occupies mid of our solar system, the moon is the closest celestial matter, and the rising sign represents the inception of one’s astrological map. Many famous astrologers revealed that the sun sign is the only sign that common people are familiar with and many horoscopes are based on the sun alone a.k.a sun sign chart.

The sun sign is calculated simply by using the month and date of birth of a native. The celebrity is the sun in anyone’s natal chart that represents one’s intellectual, identity, and spirit.

The Moon Sign Reveals the Sense of Security and Emotional Values

It is completely aligned with one’s personal life. The only requirement is the date of birth and exact time to detect the moon sign. The moon sign means a lot about emotions and provides awareness of intuition. It closely relates to the emotional side. The Moon sign of an individual confirms what he finds nurturing in relationships and the importance of forming a healthy life. As the moon sign is closely linked to the sense of security, neglecting the moon sign will give a feeling that life is out of control. Hence, the moon sign reminds the required sources so as to feel safe.

From the above, you might be understood that what is sun sign and moon sign.

Now, we shall discuss the Rising sign (or) the Ascendant which is the most important sign in a horoscope. One’s past life karmic effects decide the setting of the rising sign. It has the value of placing every house in a specific position. The rising sign (or) Mask is that one a person wears in public. It represents the physical body along with features and the energy that drives it.

To understand a person entirely, it is better to know his Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. But, it is not an easy job and there are many facets to be evaluated before framing the complete picture of a person.

There are 12 zodiac signs, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique qualities, interests, and perspectives on life and people. It is measured based on the position of the planets, as well as the Sun and Moon at the time of birth. Astrology can give us an indication of a person’s ground characteristics, inclinations, faults, and fears. This science can reveal a person’s basic personality traits, desires, faults, and fears.

The Zodiac sign is also called the Sun sign and it is based on a series of dates that lasts for a month. If anyone born with this date series, he/she is a member of this zodiac sign. We shall see the Zodiac sign dates chart here.

Zodiac Vedic Dates Vedic Name
Aries April 13 to May 14 Mesha
Taurus May 15 to June 14 Vrishaba
Gemini June 15 to July 14 Mithuna
Cancer July 15 to August 14 Karkata
Leo August 15 to September 15 Simha
Virgo September 16 to October 15 Kanya
Libra October 16 to November 14 Tula
Scorpio November 15 to December 14 Vrishchika
Sagittarius December 15 to January 13 Dhanus
Capricorn January 14 to February 11 Makara
Aquarius February 12 to March 12 Kumbha
Pisces March 13 to April 12 Meena

Seeing the given list of sun signs one can find his/her own Zodiac sign. I Hope, the table will be quite helpful for the astro-learners and readers. If someone is asking what’s my moon sign, there are so many online free tools available to check it out. Not only a mere prediction, but the online tools are capable of analyzing the sun moon rising sign also.

If you have a question about what is my rising sign, you ought to know the birth time to determine your rising sign or ascendant. It changes every two hours on average. But it varies based on the distance between the equator and the birthplace. Even your rising sign can be calculated through online free tools. One thing should be noted that, though online tools assess various elements of astrology, it is still better to get the exact prediction from a renowned astrologer to know about your horoscope.

On the whole, an astrologer will notice sun, moon, and rising signs soon after giving your natal chart. It helps in understanding that every human is composed of a basic self (Sun sign), masked self (rising sign). and deep self (Moon sign). The combination of three will ascertain your future, characters, and imaginations.

Astrology Remedies for Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental disorders in the world. It’s a mental disorder, but it also has an effect on your physical health and well-being. It’s natural to feel depressed or anxious about something, but if these feelings last for more than two weeks, they may be a sign of depression. Every year, over 17 million people in the United States suffer from depression, which is not a positive sign for future generations. Depression and anxiety cause many changes in the human body and also badly affects life quality.  On one side we are talking about depression and anxiety medically whereas on another side, mainly, depression in astrology is treated in divine-angle.

astrological remedies for depression

What are the Planets Cause Depression in Humans?

The Moon, Mercury, and Sun are the planets that rule our mind, wisdom, and soul, respectively. Each of these planets serves a distinct role and has its own significance. However, if these planets rule in unfavorable houses such as the 6th, 8th, or 12th, they may have a major negative effect and even contribute to depression.

The following combinations give a signal that a person undergoes depression. Nevertheless, astrological remedies for depression help to come out.

  • Unfavorable placement of Moon in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope
  • Unification of Moon with the malefic Planets such as Saturn, Sun, Rahu, or Mars
  • Moon’s place on the cusp of two malefic planets
  • When the Moon collides with the Sun, it can have harmful consequences.
  • If the Moon and Ascendant are seriously afflicted by malefic planets’ placement or aspects, the Moon will be positioned between Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node).
  • The Moon’s Placement in Malefic Houses
  • If Malefic Planets rule the 4th House

How to overcome depression when the situation goes along with such problems?

As per Lal kitab remedies for depression are very famous among the Astro-buff and the remedies are explained below:

  1. First and foremost, if you are excessively nervous or stressed out, you should begin drinking milk or water in a silver bottle. Plastic and glassware should be avoided.
  2. Next, take some basmati rice from your mother’s side, wrap it in a white cloth, and store it in your locker. You might also borrow a pure silver square from your mother and keep it in your locker. If at all necessary, borrow your mother’s old basmati rice.
  3. Eventually, you can ensure that you earn your mother’s blessings by rubbing her foot. If your mother is not alive or living with you, you should seek blessings from elderly women or women of your mother’s generation.
  4. Stop drinking plain milk late at night. If you can’t stop it, change the hue of it. You may, for example, add some turmeric to the milk or Kesar to it. Avoid drinking milk at night if at all necessary.
  5. A silver chain can be worn around your neck. It will provide you with mental peace.
  6. A silver energized square piece must be held in your pocket. You can get an energized silver square piece by contacting our middle.
  7. Finally, you should apply some raw milk or turmeric to the bathwater.
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In the meantime, we shall know which planet is responsible for confidence to overcome depression by praying the planet.

  • The planet Mercury is responsible for a person’s confidence range, communication level. So, the same should be strengthened to increase one’s confidence level.
  • To keep you stronger forever, one should worship the planet Sun It is recommended to chant ‘Aditya Hridaya Strot’ and Om Rim Suryaye Namah daily boosts confidence level at the peak.
  • One must wear Moonga (red coral) for raising his/her confidence level when the planet Mars is positioned at a fair place in Kundali.

While speaking about how to overcome depression, there are some natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

  • Aromatherapy: This is the practice of using essential oils to improve one’s health and well-being. Many scents will help you relax, improve your mood, and alleviate anxiety.
  • Meditation is the process of being mindful. You concentrate on clearing your mind of turbulent thoughts and replacing them with peaceful ones.
  • Quit Smoking and Drinking: At first, both alcohol and cigarettes can tend to relax your nerves. However, after a drink, your anxiety can worsen. A vicious cycle will set in, leading to alcoholism.

On the whole, undergoing both natural and astrological remedies will certainly give the best relief to the sufferers. Get out of your anxiety and depression thru divine and natural ways for long-lasting results.

Laughing Buddha: Significance, Different Types and Benefits

We would have seen the statues of Laughing Buddha in many houses, workplaces, shops and etc. Many times some of us raised the question that why it is kept? This is because he is considered a symbol of prosperity, That’s why many of us are advised to keep the idols at home. He brings a lot of happiness and positive vibes.

And, many of us may have a question that what direction should be laughing buddha face in a home? However, the right question is asked. The right place of the statue can generate good cosmic energies and has the tendency to remove bad elements like ailment, stress, debit, etc. So, placement of a laughing Buddha direction plays a key role.

About Laughing Buddha


We shall read about Laughing Buddha here. Who is he?

In Hinduism, Lord Kuber is known to be the Lord of Fortune and wealth. But, in China, the Statues of Laughing Buddha are kept to improve their good luck and grab the positive energies around their places. They strongly trust the idol to shield them and doubles the chances of positive vibes in houses. He is recognized as a laughing bald man with a pot-belly. He is otherwise known as Pu-Tai or Hotei.

The Laughing Buddha & Significance

As previously explained, the Laughing Buddha is a sign of good fortune, optimism, and prosperity. It is based on ancient Buddhist Monks who lived in China around the 10th century and is a part of Fengshui. While these monks were eccentric, Laughing Buddha was regarded as a loving, caring, and humble monk. That is why, in China, people keep it in their homes, vehicles, and offices to bring joy and laughter into their lives. In another word, laughing Buddha meaning can be registered as a lord of silence & happiness.

It is very normal for people to buy Laughing Buddha in India. But, in China, there are some rules and regulations to buy the statue, i.e. one should not buy the statue selfishly for the purpose of wealth. If the statue is kept only on the greed of wealth, it will affect negatively.

Laughing Buddha Significance for Home & Types

It is considered unlucky to keep the Buddha outside your house. According to Vastu, the safest place to keep the statue is in the living room.

Meditating Posture Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha in meditation posture brings a calm and peaceful existence at home. If you do so, you can easily handle problems in your life. Study, prayer, or bedroom are the best places for keeping this statue.

Buddha with Dragon Tortoise

The Laughing Buddha sitting on the back of a dragon tortoise indicates power and strength. You can notice positive changes in your career and income while placing this Laughing Buddha idol. You may see a huge change in business by keeping it behind your desk at the workplace.

Buddha with Gold Coins Sack

Laughing Buddha carries a sack of gold coins at his back is the best Vastu tip that one can find out. Good fortunes and happiness are represented by the sack for you & your family. It also helps in regulating destructive energy in the living area. The golden status will emanate a bag of positive energy.

Laughing Buddha Position in Home

  1. Place Laughing Buddha in front of your main door at all times. It attracts good fortune and luck.
  2. Place the Buddha statue in the house’s east direction or anywhere where all family members can see it.
  3. Every morning, rub the big fat belly of the statue. Your humble touch makes him happy, and he showers you with the happiest life.
  4. The Buddha may also be placed in the children’s room. It allows them to concentrate on their studies and they will be showing respect for their parents.
  5. Keeping Buddha on your office desk enhances your salary and removes enemies.
  6. Place Buddha at a height that is equal to or higher than your eye level.

Thus, every Laughing Buddha position ascertains its good deeds.

And if you want a detailed discussion about the Laughing Buddha or your personal questions through our online astrologers. – Talk to Our Expert Online Astrologers

Finally, we go on with Laughing Buddha Benefits

The people who live in the house with rightly placed statues of the laughing Buddha earn more money. If anyone in your house practices witchcraft or casts an evil eye on your family members, you should keep this idol, to reach the Lord’s Divine Powers in your home.

In a nutshell, keeping laughing buddhas at right places facing the right direction will enrich your life in all aspects.


Benefits And Significance of Vishwakarma Jayanti Puja 2021

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is called the God of Creation and the son of Vastu Dev and Goddess Angisri. Mythology says Lord Viswakarma helped Brahma in creating the Universe. He is considered the divine architect for the entire universe and created many luxurious palaces, weapons for all Gods. The lord engineered the holy city of Dwarka for Lord Krishna’s ruling, Hastinapur, towns of Indraprastha, and Sone Ki Lanka.

Vishwakarma Jayanti, his birth anniversary is celebrated every year. It is grandly celebrated in West Bengal, Tripura, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, and even in Nepal. Bhadra Sankranti’ (or) Kanya Sankranti’ are the other names of it. Based on “Bisuddha sidhanta” Vishwakarma puja is celebrated.  Architects, Craftsmen, and Engineers intensely worship the lord with their tools to respect the day. Welders, Mechanics, Industrial workers, Smiths rest their tools on the day and worship Lord for their huge success in career.

vishwakarma jayanti puja

When talking about vishwakarma puja, its significance hits our memories. Mainly all shops, industries, and factories observe this day. During the day, workers refrain from their regular tools and worship for a good, bright future along with safe working conditions. The smooth functioning of machines is also requested to the lord. The significance of vishwakarma Jayanti is considered as a resolution period for all the craftsmen and workers to improve their productivity. Also, it is treated as a time for gaining inspiration from the lord to create new things and think of new ideas. Vishwakarma puja is also celebrated next to Diwali, along with Govardhan puja.

How to do Vishwakarma Puja at Home & Workplace?

At present days, knowing the significance of vishwakarma, many people started doing it. This Puja is performed either by a couple of individuals on the land where the business is planned to set up. To get the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma and ensure success throughout the business, the Puja is done. The workplace is decorated with flowers; the photo or Idol of Lord is installed with the Yantra. Thus, Puja begins by offering flowers and chanting mantras. Once Puja is over, laborers get blessings from the lord. Eventually, Puja Prasad is distributed to all. Thus, Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated at workplaces.

Performing Puja at Home as follows:

  • The person/s who performs this Puja should wake up in the early morning, clean the body and the house.
  • Dress the Idol in flowers, pure clothes, and jewelries.
  • Place the tools or machines in front of the altar in the Puja room
  • Try to be in deep meditation and concentrate the Yantra placed at the centre point, chant vishwakarma puja mantra Om Shri Srishtanaya Sarvasiddhaya Vishwakarmaaya Namo Namah”
  • Apply sandalwood tilak on the Yantra, idols, and tools.
  • Apply vermillion on the idols, photographs of the deity
  • Singing songs on him, taking aarti and chanting mantra shall be followed
  • Burn incense sticks and light ghee lamp at the altar.
  • Offer flowers, akshat and place the Kalash near the idol
  • Sprinkle akshat and water using flower petals all over the house
  • Tie Mauli on the right-hand wrist of the people joined in the Puja
  • Offer Prasad to deities first and distribute to all friends and family members

Once, the Puja is over, remove the Yantra from the altar and place it at your workplace or Puja room at home. It is believed that the Yantra has the potential of attracting cosmic energies and push off negative powers from your place. Yagya puja is also performed on the same days that ensures all kinds of wealth and health.

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Vishwakarma Puja Benefits

Performing puja for this “Devashilpi” helps the performer to please the deity and get the lord blessings for a wealthy and happy life. It bestows a successful professional life for the performer. The puja makes sure the smooth functioning of tools and modern machines provide the safest working condition. And, supports immensely to overcome obstacles one may face in career/workplace.

Vishwakarma Puja mostly falls on September / October of every year as per the Gregorian calendar because it is calculated based on the Solar calendar whereas other festivals are celebrated based on the Lunar Calendar. Vishwakarma puja date 2021 falls on September 17th at 1.29 AM.

If you are interested to perform the puja and doubting when is vishwakarma puja, do not neglect to speak out with an astrologer / prohit. They will help you certainly to know the puja’s right time and date to perform perfectly.

We hope that you will also be interested to celebrate this fortunate festival. As now you get to know more about the puja, you can able to perform all the rituals in the right way… Chant the mantra to attain the blessed life.

“ Om Aadhar Shaktapey Namh, Om Kumayi Namaha, Om Anantnam Namah, Prithviyayi Namah ||

Differences Between Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology

When we are in trouble, no doubts, most of us will immediately rush to see an astrologer. An expert will provide the exact planetary situations, predictions and necessary remedies to overcome the troubles. However, one should undergo the time and dasha pukthi, but malefic effects can be reduced with the help of powerful remedies. While talking of Astrology, it is an ocean. Here, we discuss the two main categories of astrology Nadi astrology and Vedic Astrology.

What is Nadi Astrology?


In Nadi Astrology 150 Nadis are with 12 zodiac signs. This thumb astrology includes the following nadis, Sukar, Agastiyar, Brigu, Siva Vakya, Nandi, Ganesha, Jeeva, Kumara, Guru, Kamakshi, Saptarishi, Budha, Sani, etc. Nadi Astrology reads script/s of a native’s based on his/her thumb impression & sound science. Nadi astrologers tell this divine prophecy with the help of ancient & holy inscriptions of palm-leaves. This technique arose from the meditational writings of great sages in India. Yes, in the primeval our sages shared their knowledge for the well-being of mankind. The Nadi Shastra helps in calculating one’s past, present, and future precisely. Nadi meaning in astrology is nothing but “in search of” as the prediction starts only by getting the right palm-leave for a native. A Nadi even has the power of predicting one’s destiny.

What is Vedic Astrology?

vedic astrology

Hindu Vedas are the prime sources of Vedic Astrology. This is purely based on planetary positions, constellations, and planets. In Vedic Astrology, a birth chart (or) natal chart is the basic that is derived on the basis of one’s name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. The 27 constellations constitute 9 planets, 12 signs, and 12 houses. This chart helps in knowing a native’s present, past, and future. The belief behind Vedic astrology is that all humans are spirit beings and they incarnate into physical bodies as a way of developing toward illumination.

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The Differences Between Vedic and Nadi Astrology:

The major difference between these two astrological systems is the houses in Vedic astrology are again classified into Kendra, angular and trikon houses. Vedic astrology is based on pure mathematics. In this method, a horoscope is structured based on the native’s birth date, time, and place. Based on the planetary positions Vedic astrology is predicted. This astrological system purely inclines on the constellation places of the planets. In Vedic Astrology, remedies are advised based on the time and planetary position. If a person undergoes a very bad time, he may be advised to do like going to temples, lit lamps, performing homa, poojas, wearing rings with stones of the particular planet, offering clothes, donation, etc.

Nadi Astrology describes one’s personal life, career, marriage, father and mother names, etc. The native’s previous birth is also predicted in Nadi jothidam. The bad deeds of the past life and their effects in the present life are accurately read out from the palm leaves. At the same time, remedies are also explained by the Nadi Astrologers. One thing that should be noted that in Nadi Astrology most of the remedies are temple-centric. So, one can let down the burden soon after doing the rituals there. A native’s thumb impression reveals his life. Each thumbprint comes under a unique category and the bundle of leaves is further classified based on the thumbprints category. Once a bundle matching to the native’s thumbprint is found, the Nadi reader starts reading the entire script. The same will be recorded and even provided as a document to the native.

Nowadays, Nadi astrology online prediction becomes simple and time-saving. The native should scan and send his thumbprint, then the Nadi Astrologer will find out the Nadi bundle based on the thumbprint and will predict his life details through many online media. The main point that cannot be predicted by Nadi Astrology, but the same is easily predicted by Vedic astrology is the present time, planetary positions, native’s good, and bad planets.

Some of the people may have suspicion and a question Nadi Jyotish is it true? Yes, absolutely. Because, based on one’s thumbprint, the sacred palm-leave is taken and read. Since the leaves are from the hands of sage, you shall trust only the truth is inscribed. But, one thing you should note that always prefer renowned Nadi astrology readers to know your perfect predictions.

While speaking Vedic Nadi astrology, both are reliable that surely depends on the astrologers. So, take a firm decision before going to meet either Nadi or Vedic astrologer, try to find out the best and credible place for reading to sort of all your issues. If you are a native speaker of Tamil, you may understand their language very easily, but if not, please join a Tamil native speaker to assist you during prediction. However, some Nadi centers have translators. Hence, belief and trust are highly important before stepping into any kind of astrology.

Astrology Remedies to Get Promotion in Job

In the competitive world, getting a job itself is a treasure that too in COVID season. Many scholars are wasting their time in penny jobs as they do not find suitable jobs based on their qualifications. Choosing the right job at the right time is essential. Okay, after settling down in a job, everyone will forecast their promotion. Though some people have a good experience, a handful of knowledge and other essential aspects still lag in the promotional area. Above the material life and ideas, some astrological essence is necessary to overcome such situations. Here, we discuss some astrological remedies for a job promotion.

job promotion astrology remedies

Vedic Astrology & Job

One’s job and business activities are ruled by the 8th and 10th houses. The 10th house positioned planets to provide lucky results in job promotion whereas the 8th house indicates one’s worldly performance. Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter are closely related to jobs and business. The native’s goal and ambitions are determined by Sun, energy and motivational power are produced by Mars, Intellectual and intelligence are represented by Mercury whereas golden opportunities in business and jobs are provided by Jupiter.

If any one of the above planets is weak or ill-placed, one can see huge troubles in professional life. You may face hectic situations in a job or business if any cruel planet stays at the 10th house and the results will be inauspicious. Malefic planets also pave to delayed promotion. Issues in career, and failures in exams, etc.

A native’s 6th, 10th, 11th, Saturn, and Sun houses should be in a positive state to own a job promotion.

If you have problems in getting promotions, then the following may be the strong reason/s

  • Placement of the Lord of 6th, 10th and 11th houses in 8th and 12th houses of one’s natal chart.
  • Placement of the Lord of Ascendant in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses of one’s natal chart.
  • Presence of malefic planets in the 6th, 10th, and 11th houses
  • Combination of Ketu or Rahu with Sun
  • Combination of Mars with Saturn
  • The aspect of Ketu or Rahu on Sun
  • An aspect of Mars on Saturn

In promotion prediction astrology, a veteran astrologer applies relevant principles to decode the native’s horoscope to derive solutions that specially treat the issues associated with the job and reinforces the planets and houses responsible for fetching promotion in the job.

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The Best Remedies for Job Promotion:

  • If one’s 10th house is weak in the horoscope, performing Navagraha Havan at the residing place will help to eradicate the dreadful effects of both Rahu and Ketu.
  • Navajava Homam help in removing all kinds of Doshas from the native’s horoscope. Doing Abhishek a minimum of once in three months will support you to attain a job promotion.
  • To impress the planet Sun, the native shall offer water at the Sunrise time and chant Gayatri Mantra. It fetches positive vibes at home and enhances relationships at the workplace like with Boss, Colleagues, etc.
  • Chanting Sani Mantra on Saturdays helps in eliminating the malefic effects of Saturn. When pleasing Saturn, he improves communication, gets the native the best job and promotion.
  • Having Vypar Vridhi Yantra is hugely recommended for business and share market people to attain great success.

The native can overcome the obstruction of the following planets by doing as stated:

  • If one’s job promotion is obstructed by the planet Sun, then cows should be fed, and choosing the cows in black or yellow colors increase the credit.
  • If Moon hindrances job promotion, add Ganga water to raw milk, do Abhishek on Shivlinga.
  • When Mercury interferes in job promotion, donate silver jewelry.
  • When the promotion is distracted by Mars, the native should wear a silver bracelet, and respect elderly women.
  • Feed cows with dhal, jaggery to get rid of the effects of Jupiter in job promotion.
  • If Venus intersects promotion, the native should offer respect to others, he/she must touch the mother’s feet before going to work.
  • If Saturn obstructs one’s job promotion, then take a cup of sesame oil, show your face in it and donate to the poor people.
  • Offering boiled rice to cows on Saturdays will please Saturn that rules the professional life of a native.
  • When Rahu pulls down a promotion, ants should be offered with flour and fish can be fed with flour balls.
  • If Ketu affects job promotion, apply oil on the bread and offer it to the black colored dog.

Besides, Astrological remedies, the Feng Shui principles state that the North Direction tends to improve one’s career and personal life. It represents water, black, blue, and purple color. Based on that, placing fountains, different colored fish, water containers, and aquariums in the North direction and painting the north-sided wall with blue, black paint will be highly beneficial in one’s professional life.

On the whole, Astrology remedies from the predictions of professional astrologers will certainly provide good and expected results to the natives. Are you still wavering about your promotion? Please meet out with the best astrological remedies for a job promotion.