Why Time of Birth is So Important in Astrology?

Vedic astrology strongly believes that the life cycle of an individual depends upon his past ‘karmas’. The past ‘karmas decide Even the time of birth’. Vedic astrology can produce the correct predictions of the life of a person, but it needs the exact birth time, location and year of the birth to do so rightfully. The horoscope of the native is always based upon the accurate date of birth.

Time of Birth & Vedic Astrology

time of birthThe predictions made by astrology are based on native’s zodiac sign, nakshatras, dasha, and divisional charts. It is due to the involvement of so many factors; the calculations are accurate and trustworthy.

The birth time is used to mark the positions of celestial bodies at that time. They play a critical role in unfolding the different incidents of native’s life. The heavenly bodies keep moving, and hence it becomes challenging to mark their position with the time of birth. It has been proven that celestial bodies change their position by 1 degree every 4 minutes — every minute matters.

That is why; it is said that the birth time should be exact and any change in it can deviate the accuracy of predictions. It is a collective agreement between astrologers that they don’t make any prediction without the birth date and time. If not accurate, the native should be able to produce a tentative time which can be 5 minutes here or there.

Each degree and each minute can make a change in the prediction of a person’s personality. Only the exact time can help to locate the precise positions of sun, moon and other planets.

Have you ever seen twins born on the difference of a few minutes? Most of the times, the two differ too much the aspect of their personalities and behavior. They are the living examples of the fact that even a few minutes difference in the birth time can change the whole persona of a person. Only exact timings can result in accurate predictions.

Indian astrologers make predictions with the reference of the moon while the western astrologers take the sun as the reference. The moon changes its position more frequently as compared to the sun. The sun changes its position and moves from one house to another every two hours.

This brief description will help you to predict the characteristics of people based on their birth time.

# Natives born between 12 am to 2 am

People born between these times are eager by nature. Mercury rules their third house and blesses them with a sharp mind and a critical eye. Their big social circle characterizes the native-born during this period.

# From 10 am to 12 noon

These are the most disciplined individuals you will come across. They are so focused towards their goal that they never hesitate to make any sacrifice. Despite being goal oriented, they spend equal time with their families and friends. They are mainly attached to their mothers and respect her as an idol. Their unique features make them unique, and people cannot forget them easily.

# From 4 pm to 6 pm

Natives born during this time like to spend most of their time with the love of their life. They are polite and sensitive people who believe in promoting peace. They are known for their sharp minds and intelligent being. These natives use their tactful skill to become arbitrators.

From 8 pm to 10 pm: These native influence others with their positive nature. They are a kind of light in the darkness. These people are excellent leaders and love to spend their life interacting with others. They are very joyful by nature and are always focused on seeking knowledge.

# From 10 pm to 12 midnight

These people are vigorous by nature and are always in search of experiencing new things. They are determined to achieve peace of mind, and their ultimate target is to stay happy in their life. They know the importance of time, and that’s why they lead a stable life. Their honesty, integrity, and dedication to keep their word makes them stand out in the crowd.

That’s why we say, don’t hurry, go more in-depth and put some efforts to relocate your birth certificate and take a dive into your furniture.

What Are The Spiritual Activities Needs to Follow in Daily Life Activities?

The power and concept of spirituality are not limited to Hinduism only. It exists in all cultures and traditions. To be very frank, it is the most personal piece of the puzzle that becomes vital when you try to place all the right dimensions of the wellness together. A good life is one that is lived with a meaning and a purpose. When the goals are met, and objects are solved, it establishes a balance of harmony.

Spiritual ActivitiesSpiritual wellness brings that balance in your life. But how can one attain that? Are there some measure or tricks that can help you reach spirituality in your life? What can be the best techniques to achieve spirituality? Well, the process involves your beliefs, values, and purpose. All three of these collate to achieve the target – both mentally and physically.

Spiritual development can move you forward in your life if you equally focus on all the aspects. You need to follow some spiritual disciplines or activities to expertise.

Adding these 5 activities to your daily life will help you gain spirituality and stability in your life.

1. Pray or meditate

Praying or meditating is the essential things when it comes to recreation, rehabilitation, or spiritual development. Regular prayers and communication fill us with ultimate power. Spiritual growth is not something that can be attained within a few days or just like that. It is a process and journey of constant efforts repeated over days, weeks, and months. The shots need to be practiced and honed by our abilities.

Praying, meditating, and attending sessions with like-minded people can quickly put you in the process of constant practice.

2. Giving/Donation

Giving and helping t others is the most excellent way to attain spirituality. You grow while you volunteer. There can be umpteen things you can share. It can be your wealth, skills, or time. Offer whatever you have and whatever you can. Being generous in your actions, behavior, and personality helps you to grow your inner self and develop a spiritual practice.

3. Focus on yourself

It is necessary to focus on yourself but not in the way you might be thinking. It is not concerned with shopping and getting new clothes, getting your hair done or doing so much make-up. These all are materialistic things and have no bond with your inner self. Rather than your outer person, try to focus on your inner self.

To achieve spiritual development, you need to enhance your spirituality. Dedicating 10-20 minutes each day on your inner exploration can change your world for good. The inner exploration can be done via different ways like meditating, praying, discipline yourself, or journaling.

There are breathing exercises that can enhance your inner awareness, balance, and stillness.

4. A healthier life

Healthy lifestyle is not concerned about our physical health only, but it holds equal importance when it comes to the spiritual health of a person. It is equally essential when it comes to your spiritual discipline or practice. Being a multi-level being, it becomes necessary to take care of your health at every possible level. In Hinduism, the body of a person is compared to a temple.

Whatever we put in it or eat should be ‘satvik’ (vegetarian and appropriately cooked). There is no place for an unhealthy diet in our Hindu culture.

Eat better. Exercise more. Never drink or smoke. In general, live a healthier lifestyle. Always remember, your physical health is directly concerned with your spiritual development.

5. Think positively

Positive thinking is the key to a happy and contented life. Once you start viewing things in a positive reference, you start enjoying the better life. Positive things start happening, and you save yourself from self-suffering.

Negativity creates a wrong circle around you, and it becomes essential to get rid of this unnecessary suffering. Positive thinking will help you reframe conditions and situations in a better way. It will make you feel relaxed and satisfied. Removing negativity will free your mind from the struggles that don’t even exist.

All these things can help you foster a developed spiritual life and bring spiritual wellness. You will feel a new impulse, upliftment in your thoughts, and insight you have never seen before.

Astrology Importance of Tulsi Plant

According to Hindu culture and beliefs, Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants and plays a major significant role in one’s life. The miraculous properties of the plant make it unique among all the common herbs. Vedic scriptures portray Tulsi as an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that the presence of basil in the house makes sure that the household never goes out of money.

Moreover, Tulsi leaves also reflect Ayurvedic, astrological and scientific influence along with the spiritual properties. Ancient astrological writings are proof of uses and remedies of Tulsi plant.
The panacea of treatment, Tulsi has five types.

  • Ram Tulsi
  • Shyam Tulsi
  • Shwet/Vishnu Tulsi
  • Van Tulsi
  • Nimbu Tulsi

Astrological Importance of Tulsi plant

tulsi plantTulsi is another name of strength and power that eliminates all the negative energies from the house including doshas of Moon and Venus. If the position of Moon and Sun is weak in your horoscope, it is advised to wear Tulsi Mala or worship the plant wholeheartedly. It helps to ward off doshas related to eighth and sixth house, and it provides strength to the seventh house.

The plant is highly beneficial for married people. If married people worship the plant, it helps them to ward off negative energy from their life, and they grow a strong relationship with their spouse. When Tulsi and astrology go hand in hand, Vastu dosh subsides.

Tulsi and Ayurveda

Tulsi or basil leaves are a common ingredient of the Ayurvedic medicines. The excellent part helps in getting rid of foul and stingy smells and toxic components. Tulsi has a marvelous property of enhancing one’s immunity. Chewing Tulsi leaves a few times a day helps in getting rid of common cold and throat pain. Eating Tulsi leaves with black pepper is a sure shot treatment for cold and cough. It can even treat severe illness like Swine Flu effectively.

Apart from all this, Tulsi leaves to fight off pollution and fills your home with fresh air.

Tulsi and Science

Tulsi is also considered necessary in the world of science. The scientific name of Tulsi is Ocimum Sanctum. Tulsi purifies the environment of a house by releasing Oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Having a Tulsi plant at home also helps us to get rid of mosquitoes and flies. It prevents the flourishing of malaria at home.

Tulsi is best known to purify and detoxify the blood in the human body.

Common Remedies of Tulsi plant

  • The body gains strength by consuming 5 grams of Tulsi seeds daily with hot milk.
  • Tulsi leaves are a great help if one is suffering from bad breath.
  • Usually, alums are used in the injured area to minimize pain and infection. Putting Tulsi leaves along with it will enhance the effect of alum.
  • Applying Tulsi paste on the face will help you get rid of acne and blackheads.
  • A cup of hot tea infused with Tulsi keeps your body warm and strengthens it.
  • Tulsi leaves mixed with lemon juice helps you get rid of itchy skin when applied on the affected area.
  • Drinking Tulsi extracts daily plays a significant role in keeping a person fit and healthy.
  • Smelling the fragrance of Tulsi leaves makes you feel refreshed.
  • Immerse Tulsi leaves in water to make it pure.
  • Drinking Tulsi syrup along with the medication of dengue or fever helps you heal at a faster rate.
  • If someone is suffering from yellowing of eyes, putting juice of Tulsi leaves in eyes can help them.

Precautions: Taking these few precautions with Tulsi plant save from any dosha.

  • Vastu has a strict rule about the direction of the Tulsi plant. It should be planted in the North corner of the house.
  • Tulsi should not be watered on Sunday. On the other days, one can water it early morning after taking a bath.
  • Basil leaves should never be offered to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva or Bhairava.
  • Basil leaves do not leave their freshness for 11 days. One can pour Ganga water on it and can use it for worship.
  • Never pick a necessary leave on Sunday, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Sankranti and evening.

This detailed information about Tulsi plant will help you lead a happy and content life.

Differences Between Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology

When we are in trouble, no doubts, most of us will immediately rush to see an astrologer. An expert will provide the exact planetary situations, predictions and necessary remedies to overcome the troubles. However, one should undergo the time and dasha pukthi, but malefic effects can be reduced with the help of powerful remedies. While talking of Astrology, it is an ocean. Here, we discuss the two main categories of astrology Nadi astrology and Vedic Astrology.

What is Nadi Astrology?


In Nadi Astrology 150 Nadis are with 12 zodiac signs. This thumb astrology includes the following nadis, Sukar, Agastiyar, Brigu, Siva Vakya, Nandi, Ganesha, Jeeva, Kumara, Guru, Kamakshi, Saptarishi, Budha, Sani, etc. Nadi Astrology reads script/s of a native’s based on his/her thumb impression & sound science. Nadi astrologers tell this divine prophecy with the help of ancient & holy inscriptions of palm-leaves. This technique arose from the meditational writings of great sages in India. Yes, in the primeval our sages shared their knowledge for the well-being of mankind. The Nadi Shastra helps in calculating one’s past, present, and future precisely. Nadi meaning in astrology is nothing but “in search of” as the prediction starts only by getting the right palm-leave for a native. A Nadi even has the power of predicting one’s destiny.

What is Vedic Astrology?

vedic astrology

Hindu Vedas are the prime sources of Vedic Astrology. This is purely based on planetary positions, constellations, and planets. In Vedic Astrology, a birth chart (or) natal chart is the basic that is derived on the basis of one’s name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. The 27 constellations constitute 9 planets, 12 signs, and 12 houses. This chart helps in knowing a native’s present, past, and future. The belief behind Vedic astrology is that all humans are spirit beings and they incarnate into physical bodies as a way of developing toward illumination.

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The Differences Between Vedic and Nadi Astrology:

The major difference between these two astrological systems is the houses in Vedic astrology are again classified into Kendra, angular and trikon houses. Vedic astrology is based on pure mathematics. In this method, a horoscope is structured based on the native’s birth date, time, and place. Based on the planetary positions Vedic astrology is predicted. This astrological system purely inclines on the constellation places of the planets. In Vedic Astrology, remedies are advised based on the time and planetary position. If a person undergoes a very bad time, he may be advised to do like going to temples, lit lamps, performing homa, poojas, wearing rings with stones of the particular planet, offering clothes, donation, etc.

Nadi Astrology describes one’s personal life, career, marriage, father and mother names, etc. The native’s previous birth is also predicted in Nadi jothidam. The bad deeds of the past life and their effects in the present life are accurately read out from the palm leaves. At the same time, remedies are also explained by the Nadi Astrologers. One thing that should be noted that in Nadi Astrology most of the remedies are temple-centric. So, one can let down the burden soon after doing the rituals there. A native’s thumb impression reveals his life. Each thumbprint comes under a unique category and the bundle of leaves is further classified based on the thumbprints category. Once a bundle matching to the native’s thumbprint is found, the Nadi reader starts reading the entire script. The same will be recorded and even provided as a document to the native.

Nowadays, Nadi astrology online prediction becomes simple and time-saving. The native should scan and send his thumbprint, then the Nadi Astrologer will find out the Nadi bundle based on the thumbprint and will predict his life details through many online media. The main point that cannot be predicted by Nadi Astrology, but the same is easily predicted by Vedic astrology is the present time, planetary positions, native’s good, and bad planets.

Some of the people may have suspicion and a question Nadi Jyotish is it true? Yes, absolutely. Because, based on one’s thumbprint, the sacred palm-leave is taken and read. Since the leaves are from the hands of sage, you shall trust only the truth is inscribed. But, one thing you should note that always prefer renowned Nadi astrology readers to know your perfect predictions.

While speaking Vedic Nadi astrology, both are reliable that surely depends on the astrologers. So, take a firm decision before going to meet either Nadi or Vedic astrologer, try to find out the best and credible place for reading to sort of all your issues. If you are a native speaker of Tamil, you may understand their language very easily, but if not, please join a Tamil native speaker to assist you during prediction. However, some Nadi centers have translators. Hence, belief and trust are highly important before stepping into any kind of astrology.

Kanwar Yatra 2021 Dates & Kanwar Yatra Significance

Kanwar Yatra or popularly known as kanwad Yatra, is the annual pilgrimage in the worship of Lord Shiva. In this annual pilgrimage, the devotees of Lord Shiva go to Hindu pilgrimage places and bring water from the holy river Ganga and fetch water from river Ganga. The same Ganga water is offered to Shivlinga in the local Shiva temples. Sultanganj in Bihar, Gangotri, and Gaumukh in Uttrakhand and Haridwar are the most popular Hindu pilgrimages to fetch holy water from.

Kanwar YatraKanwar Yatra usually takes place in July or August. It corresponds to the Hindu month of Sharavan. However, the Kanwar Yatra that is related to Sultanganj to Devgar in Bihar and Jharkhand is undertaken a year long. In this Kanwar yatra from Bihar to Devgarh, the devotees walk barefoot with utmost enthusiasm and devotion.

Kanwar Yatra – Annual Pilgrimage

Initially, the Kanwar Yatra was observed during the month of Bhado. It was later that it started to take place in the month of shravan. It was from the year 1960 with the start of a mela, the time of the Yatra shifted to Shravan month and it lasts by the festival of Dussehra.

The two significant Hindu festivals “Basant Panchmi” and “Maha Shivratri” are observed during this period, and these two festivals increase the enthusiasm of Kanwaris manifold.

According to statistics, around 2 crores of Kanwaris perform Kanwar yatra every year. The yearly “Shravan mela” is one of the biggest fates organized in North India. The religious congregation will be similar during Kanwar yatra dates this year as well.

The most interesting part is that the festival is not related to men only. Women participate in this festival with equal enthusiasm and devotion.

Kanwar Yatra 2021 Dates

This year Kanwar yatra 2021 date is Saturday, 24th of July. The Yatra will commence from this date and will last by the festival of Dussehra.

The Rituals of Kanwar yatra

One of the most engrossing rituals of this Yatra is how Kanwar is carry the Kanwar. They carry it around on both of their shoulders. Kanwar is a small bamboo pole where two earthen pots are ties on both ends of the pole. Both the earthen pots are beautifully decorated. The Kanwar is also decorated with colorful dupattas and hangings.

During their journey, the kanwaris fill the pots with the holy Ganga water and perform their return journey by balancing the full pots on their shoulders. Upon reaching back to their hometown, they use this holy water to shower the Shivlinga of the local temple.

It is a month-long ritual. The Kanwar’s wear saffron clothes and walk barefoot to reach their pilgrimage destination. They reach their destination, collect water from there, and return to their hometown to do “abhishekam” of their deity.

The Kanwar yatra and abhishekam is considered as the thanksgiving. The devotees thanks Lord Shiva for what they have got in their lives and pray for what they desire to achieve.

During the whole journey, they have to make sure that the earthen pots should not touch the floor. That is why; different types of makeshift stands are created so that kanwaris can take rest without breaking any ritual.

Kanwaris make sure to walk in groups during this Yatra. While most of them walk barefoot or at least on their foot, some of them use bicycles, scooters, and even cars to complete their journey. They chant ‘Bam bam Bhole’ and religious bhajans throughout their journey.

Not only taking kanwars but serving the kanwaris also considered auspicious. There are several NGOs and temple committees who serve kanwaris on their way. Their noble acts include offering food, water, and snacks to kanwaris on their way. Medical help is also a significant part of their services.

These committees work actively throughout the month of Shravan. Such NGOs work on a donation and are exempted from any income tax.

Significance of Kanwar yatra

The yearly ritual has its significance. Kanwaris consider it as a spiritual break where they cut off ties from the materialistic world and devote all their time and energy in the worship of their deity. It can also be considered as a break from the negativity and stress of routine life. They give their all to take blessings from Lord Shiva.

Rahu Ketu Effect on Your Marriage Life

Rahu and Ketu are two nodes in the path of the Moon. They are also known as Chaya graphs (shadow planets) as they their positions but no substances. While the genuine grahas give their light and make us aware, these shadow planets anticipate our life with alarms, fears, hang-ups, and mystery experiences.

rahu ketu

Rahu and Ketu are known for their counterproductive results on married life. According to Vedic astrology and its narratives, these two are malefic planets. However, like every planet they also move on the celestial trajectory in the forward direction, they produce counter results.

These two planets throw a powerful impact on our lives. Both the planets represent the karmic desires of the native. While Rahu indicates towards Moksha and secrecy, Ketu is an indication of selfishness and difficult nature.

Effects of Rahu’s presence in the fifth house

Love affairs are indicated by the fifth house of the horoscope and marriage by the seventh house. Your love story can never have a happy ending if the fifth house of the horoscope in under the influence of Rahu and Ketu. The mahadasha of Rahu lasts for 18 years, and it affects all the interpersonal relations of the person along with his health, business, and marriage.

Rahu affects the native by increasing his personal desires, stimulating sensual passions, forcing extramarital affairs and impulsive marriages. The native can feel naturally repressed and unreasonable.

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Effect of Rahu’s presence in other houses

The native cannot get along his wife if his Rahu sits in the first house of the horoscope. The native enjoys a happy life with its presence in the sex`cond house. The presence of Rahu in the third house represents friction in relationships of native including his marital life. Its presence in the fourth house indicates the difficulties in conceiving, having a child and pregnancy. Rahu in the fifth house can even lead to abortions or health problems to the wife for 12 years if a son is born.

The presence of Rahu in the seventh house causes a troubling marriage if you get married before the age of 21. It troubles the whole family life and produces malefic effects if presence in 12th house.

Effects of Ketu in different houses

When Ketu is present in the first house of the native, it causes health troubles to the spouse. Its presence in the second house can create misunderstanding between two and relationship problems and problems with mother if present in the fourth house.

Ketu’s presence in the fifth house is more dreadful. It creates difficulties with pregnancy and having a child.

The presence of Ketu in the sixth house is complemented by Rahu’s presence in the twelfth house. It will assure a good relationship with family, but the native will lose his health. Ketu in the seventh house is known to create problems with spouse, and it creates a disaster if present in the eighth house.

However, the native need not worry in any case because there are remedies to the counterfeit the malefic effects and has a happy relationship with spouse. The astrologer of astrolaabh will analyze their impact on your karmas and destiny and find solutions for you.

Why we should go for Online Astrology Consultation?

Are you taking care of your life properly and still facing hardships? Does your every effort go into waste? Despite all your hard work and dedication are you unable to get the results you deserve? If this is so, you definitely need something that can help you out in such situation.

online astrology consultationYou must have heard about taking advice from an astrologer about your life issues. But, going to an astrologer among all the problems never gets possible. You keep thinking about it but never get a chance to do so.

This is where online astrology services take a stand. This life changing decision does not ask for many resources. You can talk to an astrologer anytime, anywhere from your phone without stepping out of your home. Sounds cool?

Online consultations are in trend. The services are extremely helpful in these special cases:

  • When you are unable to take out time in your hectic schedule.
  • When it is not feasible for you to travel to long-distance locations.
  • When you need a second opinion.
  • You want to take consultation without revealing your identity.

Top 4 Benefits of taking online consultation

The facility is extremely beneficial. These points will help you understand the concept easily:

#1 Time Saving

This is quite an easy and helpful thing. You simply need to schedule a call and ask for your queries. Visiting an astrologer in person and scheduling the meeting is a time-consuming process. Online astrology helps you to save up all that time and use it in some other place instead. Online astrology is simple: just log in. request a call and talk to astrologer. It is one of the biggest benefits of taking online consultation.

#2 Choose the Best Astrologer

It is not always possible to meet the best astrologer in person because either they charge too much or it is not easy to take their appointment. Going through such a situation can be frustrating. Online astrology provides you with the benefit of consulting with the best astrologer on your own terms. You decide the time and request the call as per your requirement. Online portals offer you a list of astrologers and give you the opportunity to choose one. You can read the reviews and check the ratings on the astrologer before deciding on one.

#3 Pay Minimum Charges

Offline astrology doesn’t give you an opportunity to check the charges of astrologers. You only get to know the charges when you meet them face to face. Online services let you choose the astrologer according to their prices. Moreover, it lets you know how much you would have to pay for a single query or two. This way, you pay the minimum charges and there is no chance of getting cheated.

#4 Privacy

Privacy is a big issue when you consult an astrologer. There are people who do not want to be vulnerable in front of a stranger. Online astrology preserves your privacy and does not put you in an awkward position. The portals fulfill the condition of 100% privacy.

So, these are the top 4 benefits of consulting astrologer online. If you too want to consult astrologer, you can talk to astrologer online here.

What Are the Importance of Tarot Card Reading ?

Tarot card reading is a mystic concept. Although, we don’t have much information about the origin of this concept yet the evidence proves that it was known as ‘Card Game’ in ancient times. Tarot reading is believed to have an Italian source. It may be noted that the game is equally popular in all European countries, but there is no resemblance between the divinity personifications.
Tarot Card is giving the consistently best perfect solutions since ancient times.

Psychological Tarot Reading

Carl Jung was the first psychologist who addressed the tarot symbolism. He mentioned that there are some situations embedded in the subconsciousness of human being. Tarot is an archetype theory that can be effectively used in a few psychological treatments.

Importance of Tarot Card Predictions

Tarot Card ReadingTarot card predictions are an opportunity for you. It comes as a chance to centralize your thoughts. We keep occupied with our life and questions. There is a constant search for answers. Going for a tarot card session inspires to be specific. The clarity of your questions is directly proportional to your answers.

#1 The concept of Tarot card reading is based upon energies. This flow of energies is through and out. Whenever you ask a question, the reader tells you the right answer. Many a time, the reader ends up paying more than you have requested. The extra information may be troubling but do not bother yourself. Just be aware and know what is going for or against you.

#2 A tarot card session will leave you motivated. It is a positive flow of energy in and out. A lot depends on your readers as well and how efficiently he shows your path. But, one is for sure that a tarot card session will leave you in the best of space.

#3 There is a difference between Tarot card reading and Vedic Astrology. It is not that accurate. It is an art. However, it is not as precise as astrology; it gives you the best answers to your questions. It helps you understand the philosophy of life in a new way, with new faces, forms, and meanings.

#4 Your interaction with your reader is the most critical aspect of Tarot card reading. Don’t take the meeting with your reader as a question-answer session only but take it as an opportunity to heal yourself. You should be honest with your reader while sharing your problems and queries only then he would be able to answer you correctly. The reader will guide you better, and it will help you take you off the burden from your chest.

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#5 You are what your thoughts make you. You attract what you think. If you feel positive, you will attract positive and vice versa. Take the Tarot card reading as an opportunity to heal your conscious. Take it as a chance to improve what’s bothering you. Feel and think about positive things during the session and good things will happen to you.

#6 The game is all about choosing the cards so try to make a connection with them. Eventually, the cards speak to us. They are continually working to tell you something, listen to them. A person who is in sync with the tune of cards wins over the game.

#7 The most important thing, Tarot card reading session is a chance to jerk off all the presumptions, beliefs and notions out of your mind. Learn the art of keeping your account free because it is essential to stay free-mind while talking to your reader. Believe in miracles and reciprocate as much as you can. Miracles do happen. Remember, you attract what you think.

Open reading sessions help you approach a more significant aspect of your life rather than a specific set of questions. A tarot card reading session enables you to keep your options open. It will be a great reader help to consult a reader before entering the new phase of your life like getting married, choosing a career or moving to a new city. Being specific in your questions will help you get the right answer.

It is a therapeutic answer that will give you answers to your specific questions and heal your soul.

Top 5 Bollywood Movies Based on Astrology – Astrolaabh

Astrology is one of the significant Hindu beliefs. It is reflected in every genre of the country. It is believed that celestial bodies and revolving planets impact human lives strongly. People believe in reincarnation and karma and believe in spending their lives by their astrological charts and horoscope. In that case, how Bollywood can be an exception?

What’s your RaasheeBollywood has also embraced the bouts of astrology with equal enthusiasm, love, respect, and believe. There are many movies in which Hindi Cinema has reflected this astrological viewpoint of Indian society and its impact.

In this article, we have enlisted top 5 Bollywood movies based on astrology.

1. What’s your Raashee?

This Priyanka Chopra starrer movie was based on 12 zodiac signs. The story includes a Hero (Harman Baweja) who started bride hunting with a decision of seeing 12 girls, each belonging to a different sun sign. He believed that this astrological aspect would help him to find the right girl. His personality and compatibility with girls of other zodiac signs are portrayed in a somewhat funny manner. He perceives a different kind of vibe from every girl, and each of one tries out a different technique to impress him.

The movie What’s Your Raashee shows how astrology and a perfect zodiac match is still the first thing when it comes to matchmaking. Most of the matrimonial, either newspapers or websites, lay stress over this aspect of Indian society.

2. Saawan

Salman Khan’s Saawan is our second choice. This movie is a serious compliment on the astrological interpretations and how they can change the course of life of a layman. It describes that sometimes the predictions and astrology can affect our life negatively as well.

The story starts when the protagonist visits an astrologer (Salman Khan), and the astrologer predicts the death of his girlfriend. With the unfortunate death of the actress, the astrologer earns the wrath of Hero. The Hero blames astrologer and decides to take revenge on him. The entire movie depicts how the sun sign of the heroine coincides with the sun sign of the astrologer. In the end, the astrologer takes his life to bring the girl back to her life. It is interesting to see the portrayal of incidents.

3. Kuch Kuch Hota hai

The mega-blockbuster movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, also had the put of astrology angle in it. The star cast includes Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan, and Kajol and the story revolves around their love triangle. The astrologers predict that Anjali (Kajol) cannot get married to Aman ( Salman Khan) Because their stars are not aligned in the right way and they can create obstacles in their getting married.

Their prediction happens to be , and the marriage broke off. Ultimately, Anjali gets married to Raj completing their year’s old love story.

4. Milenge Milenge

Milenge Milenge movie discusses a strange plot of destiny and tarot card reading. The skeptical heroine Kareena Kapoor is told by her tarot card reader that’s he will get the love of her life in the foreign land. And, when the heroine meets Hero (Shahid Kapoor), she wonders if the predictions were accurate or if the Hero is lying. To confirm the scene, she challenges her destiny. The whole movie is based on the concept that if two people are destined to meet, nothing can stop them.

5. Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Being a Manglik becomes the most significant problem when the person decides to get married. The same happens with the protagonist of the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai. This Sanjay Dutt starrer movie was a super hit. The actual birth details of the heroine Dia Marzi are hidden just because she is a Manglik but, she decides to break the havoc and tells the truth to the Hero (Abhishek Bachchan). After discussing the fact, she leaves the decision of getting married or not on the Hero. Although the astrological concept of the movie is a bit is resolving from the above, but it was new fuel for the brain.

Whether you believe it or not, astrology is a vital part of Indian society, and one cannot escape it. The movies of this kind may have a good or bad impact on society, but the audience whole-heartedly accepts them.

Horoscope Matching Via Online Software is Not Preferable

Many people prefer to match their partner’s horoscope before marriage via online kundli matching software, which is quite a common idea. It is one of the easiest way and preferable way to check compatibility between two partners as per astrological way.

kundli matchingKundli matching consist of Gun Milan, mental, physical computability, nakshatra matching, and many more. It also takes notes of planet positions, grah dasha and many more things. And the reason, it is quite important to match the horoscope of two partners before they tie knot.

Mostly, we visit astrologer or near by panditji to match horoscope of two partners, but due to busy life, most of people prefer to check online kundli matching software, which gives machine-generated reports of pre-filled algorithms.

These reports are not accurate as well, not preferable at all. We strongly believe that for happy and long marriage life, one should consult the astrologer and match the horoscope. And ask for astrology remedies, vidhi, pooja to do to remove any obstacles, before you go for big decision of your life.

You don’t get such personal consultation touch or astrology remedies list with online software generated reports. Also, as mentioned earlier, the matching of two horoscopes for marriage includes so many things, not just the gun Milan.

We have seen many horoscopes where gun is not matching but considering other charts, the marriage seems possible. So, horoscope matching, deep study of two horoscopes is quite preferable via experience astrologer.

You can check our Talk to Astrologer, where you can find list of good astrologers who are ready to provide you good guidance based on their knowledge.

It is not good to take much risk for good marriage life and it is much preferable not to relay on computer generated horoscope matching. You miss the accuracy and human touch from software generated horoscopes.

It is our personal advise you to Consult the Best Astrologers for Horoscope Matching and get accurate results and be assured about your marriage life.