What if your Kundlis don’t match?

In Indian society, a match is never considered without matching the Kundli or horoscope. Traditional Hindu families take a step forward only after checking over the gunas match. You may feel intrigued to know that even the well-educated families and progressive families don’t move an inch forward and are adamant about the matter.

kundli matchingMany times we hear from couples who wants to do love marriage but kundli does not match, they got disspointed. If you are doing online kundli matching via software, really don’t appreciate the way it done. We recommend you to consult astrologer.

As the number of love affairs is increasing day by day, the youth of our country feels as if the kundli match is an obstruction to their life. Yes, it becomes a threat to marriage. No one can match the kundli before falling into love.

Indian parents take a particular interest in their kid’s life. They try to control and influence every decision of their kid’s life. Vedic astrology along with this concern becomes a stronger factor that inspires them to take their decisions. Horoscopes and astrology are based on pure science and parents believe that matching their Kundlis will bless them with a happy and blissful married life. In Indian traditions, marriages are meant for a lifetime, and both the bride and groom should adhere to this commitment.

In Kundli matching, there are 8 different aspects that are considered. The key factory decide the marital harmony between the couple. The eight points are known as ‘ashtkoot’. These 8 points of ashtkoot combine to make 36 gunas. It is quite challenging to find a pair with 36 guna match. 18 is the minimum number that needs to be considered. A couple is deemed to be compatible if a minimum of 18 gunas matches.

However, Vedic astrology has a particular term to mention the situation where gunas don’t match. The case is called Kundli dosha that are various remedies that can save you from this kind of situation. A couple who can implement these remedies can quickly get rid of the malefic effects of Kundli mismatch.

What kind of problems arises?

A kundli mismatch will lead to these kinds of problems:

  • Disharmony in inter marital relationship.
  • Constant fights in live-in relationships.
  • Progeny problems even if both are fit and capable.
  • Improper career growth of two.
  • The unhealthy atmosphere at home.
  • Financial or business loss.
  • Unhealthy sexual relationships.

These problems are too much to live with. No one wants to leave someone he or she loves so much. Everyone wants to lead a successful and satisfactory life with their partners.
If you want to live with your partner happily despite mismatching Kundlis, you should follow some remedies.

Yoni Dosha

If the astrologer finds Yoni dosha while matching your Kundlis, you can quickly get rid of it. The astrologer will ask you to do some special pooja, and you will be fine. An astrologer will also recommend you to get involved in charities, donations and some social work. The blessings you will receive will fill your life with positivity and happiness. Start following this advice without delaying it more.

Nadi/ bhakoot dosha

Nadi or Bhakoot dosha can be removed by wearing some gems depending on your zodiac sign. The astrologer will recommend the gems after checking the Kundlis of both bride and groom. He will also recommend you to chant some mantras or hymn. It will remove the malefic effect of dosha significantly.

No single dosha can ruin your life or dissolve the relationship. But, it just snatches away your happiness and makes your life living hell. Just remember, that each dosha in your Kundli is the effect of your past karmas. Doing regular pooja, chanting hymns and following the remedies will rectify your karma. Make sure to perform all the poojas under the supervision of a renowned and experienced astrologers.

What Are the Effects of Rahu Dosha on Marriage?

The planet Rahu holds a significant role in married life. Based on the position of the planet, the native’s problems and married life situations can be analyzed thoroughly. Marriage is being an essential part of human life, ruling out Rahu dosa is mandatory to avoid barriers, unhappiness.

Rahu DoshaGenerally, in Kundli, 7th House refers to marriage, the relationship between a husband and wife, happiness, understanding, separation, or divorce from the spouse. The House also concludes business partnerships. Our Vedic Astrology strongly believes that if anybody has Rahu in 7th House in the natal chart, it will be considered as adverse and inauspicious. It will also bring out negative effects.

When Rahu occupies the 7th place, obstacles, hardships in life, and the inability to find a suitable partner may occur. Though other planets try to reduce the negative effect of Rahu, the problem will never end, because the planet is predominant in that House.

Rahu’s Presence in Different Houses and Its Effects

  • 1st House – the native will not be cordial with the spouse.
  • 2nd House – the native will have a happy married life.
  • 3rd House – the native will feel discomfort in his married life.
  • 4th House– the spouse will have difficulty in pregnancy.
  • 5th House – If Rahu is malefic, it might lead to abortions, and if a son is born to the native, his wife may have health problem for the next 12 years.
  • 6th House – When Rahu is alone, he will not be powerful; His strength depends and varies based on the association of other planets.
  • 7th House – if the native marries before 21 years, it will affect her/his marriage life.
  • 8th House – Rahu gives adverse and malefic effects in the family life.
  • 9th House – Mental problems, health problems may occur.
  • 10th House – Native’s or the person’s mother’s health would be affected.
  • 11th House – Native will not be cordial to his father.
  • 12th House – The person would suffer from mental issues and insomnia.

Significance of Rahu

Rahu dosha effects in marriage not only give adverse changes in one’s married life but also make to have multiple love affairs. It is because the planet works against the marriage tradition.

Love marriages are possible with Rahu dosha effect when Jupiter occupies the situation of Rahu in the ascendant and seventh House. It determines one’s marriage against the will. The Rahu dosha effects in marriage are determined by the planets Saturn, Rahu and Mars in a horoscope, and when it gets related to seventh House, it indicates the marriage against the desires of the parents and family. People who have 7th place Rahu might incur losses in business related to electrical equipment. Presence of 7th place Rahu affects the health badly.

The Effects of Rahu in the 7th Place from Lagna

The 7th House represents war, conflict, and domination. As Rahu occupies the 7th House, the person will not be bold enough to confront his enemies. They will be a lack of courage and often handle unethical ways to succeed in their enemies.

Rahu’s presence in the 7th House is not considered to be good for overall health. They will have some hidden matters or secrets related to sexual activities. It will not be revealed until it turns worst.

A person who has Rahu in 7th place will be short-tempered, lazy, and unwilling to handle the stressed situation, and they will always find difficulties in their professional life. They also have hindrances in education too.

The 7th place Rahu will also affect the third place, which is meant to be the neighbor’s House. So, their relationship with neighbors will not be good.

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Rahu

  • When Rahu affects one’s marital life, the native should keep five radishes on the bedside of the spouse, and it should be thrown in the flowing water body on Saturday morning for five weeks continuously.
  • The native should try to wear dark blue colored clothes as much as possible.
  • The person may feed the dogs regularly.
  • Storing water in the southwest corner of the home also mitigates the planet’s effect.
  • The native may also offer copper related items to the spouse.
  • Adding a cup of milk in the bathing water and taking a bath for 43 days is believed to nullify the planet’s effect.
  • Feeding birds and keeping peacock feathers at home also helps to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu.

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What is Bhakoot Koota & Its Importance?

Kundli or Horoscope matching is inevitable in Indian marriage. Thorough analysis for marriage is must to continue the married life without any hassles. In Kundli, many points are considered invariably.

kundli matchingRasi Gana or Bhakoot Koota is the 7th test in the Ashtakoota Milan system of Kundli matching. It predominantly assesses the wealth and health of the partners after their wedding. In Ashtakoota Milan System, Bhakoot Koota holds the second highest score points, and for the same, it is considered to be the second important test in Kundli Matching. Bhakoot Koota is a part of star-based matching, and it is traditionally related to natural love between the couple. Here, Moon is taken into consideration.

Importance of Bhakoot Koota in Kundli Matching

Moon is an essential star while making matching for marriage. It holds power on our mind, taste, and temperament. Hence, this star or Janma Nakshatra of the couple should be checked out properly for a blissful life. The compatibility of Janma Nakshatra is called Ashtakoota Milan. It means eight points to be checked during Nakshatra Matching for marriage.

  • Varna Koota- 1- Spirituality
  • Vashya Koota- 2 – Attraction
  • Tara Koota- 3 – Mental Compatibility
  • Yoni Koota- 4 – Sexual Compatibility
  • Graha Maitri Koota- 5 – Friendship between the Rashi lords
  • Gana Koota- 6 – Mindset
  • Rashi Koota- 7 – Janma Rashi
  • Nadi Koota- 8 – Matching Naadi

In Vedic Astrology, there are 12 sun signs namely Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, and Meena. When calculating the score of Bhakoot Koota, all these sun signs are equally considered.

Bhakoot Koota Point Table (Vedic Astrology)

Based on the sun signs, both the bride and groom Bhakoot Koota points are calculated as shown beneath.

 Sign  Aries  Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo  Virgo  Libra  Scorpio Sagitt  Capric  Aqua Pisc
 Aries  7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0
 Taurus  0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7
 Gemini  7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7
 Cancer  7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0
 Leo  0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0
 Virgo  0 0 7 7  0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7
 Libra  7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0  7 7 0 0
 Scorpio  0 7 0 0  7 7 0 7  0 7 7 0
 Sagitt  0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7
 Capric  7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7
 Aqua  7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0
 Pisc 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7

If both the partners belong to the same sign or from different zodiac signs with the same ruling planet, then the match is considered as the most suitable one. It represents a high compatibility rate.

7 is the maximum point that a couple can score and it is obtained only when the lords of both the partners belong to the same sign. The possible combinations under Bhakoot Koota in Kundli matching are 1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11, 4/10, 5/9 and 6/8. These can be bifurcated as auspicious and inauspicious.

  • 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10: The auspicious combinations
  • 2/12, 5/9 and 6/8: The inauspicious combinations

In the above table, few combinations score zero which represent “Bhakoot Dosha.” This Dosha affects married couple terribly, and the significant effects are counted as:

  • “Nav Pancham Bhakoot dosha” is also known as 5/9 positions of rashis
  • “Dwirdwadash Bhakoot dosha” which is also known as 2/12 position of rashis
  • “Mrityu Shadashtaka Bhakoot dosha” which is otherwise called as 6/8 position of rashis.

Between the married couple, these three doshas bring out three different kinds of adverse effects.

  • Mrityu Shadashtaka Bhakoot Dosha – Causes significant health issues to any one of the partners
  • Nav panchm Bhakoot dosha- Invokes pregnancy problems among the couple
  • Dwirdwadash Bhakoot Dosha – Raises financial troubles in the life journey

Such problems eventually separate the couple or make them divorce.
Nevertheless, Bhakoot Dosha may not be considered or can be canceled if- The partners have the same Rashi lords of their signs or mutual friendly Rashi lords or friendly Navamsh.

Bhakoot Dosh is said to be lessened in the following conditions:

  • The 6/8 Bhakoot dosha is said to be reduced in the pair of Aries-Scorpio and Taurus-Libra.
  • The 2/12 Bhakoot dosha is said to be lessened in the pair of Capricorn-Aquarius
  • The Dosha is considerably less in these cases but does not get entirely nullified.

Always examine the positions of Janma Rasis in bride and groom horoscopes. 2/12, 6/8, 5/9 is considered as malefic. 2/12 indicates poverty, 6/8 indicates demise and 5/9 indicates loss of children.

To mitigate the malefic effect of Bhakut Dosh, a Prohit or astrologer would provide different methods of remedies based on the individual’s Kundli. The affected couple will be advised to perform puja, use tantra or mantra to reduce the adverse effects of the dhosha.

Always choose for the highest Bhakoot Koota score to bestow the couple with health, wealth and happiness. To avoid poor Bhakoot Koota scores.

What Are The Benefits of reading Sunderkand?

Sunderkand is that chapter of Raam-charit-manas that mainly focuses on Lord Hanuman. Written by Goswami Tulsidas, the epic is considered as auspicious as reading Hanuman Chalias.

In this chapter of Raam-charit-maanas, Jambavan reminds Lord Hanuman about the supernatural powers he has forgotten of. Jambavan tells him how he has lost his memory and doesn’t even remember how efficiently he can fly. He exhorts Hanuman that he is capable of crossing the Mighty Ocean by stealing and how his superpowers will help him collect information regarding Seeta who has been abducted by Raavana.

sunderkandSunderkand is considered as one of the most critical chapters of Ramayana. It is narrated when the narration of complete Ramayana is not possible. Sunderkand depicts how Seeta stands for Bhakti or devotion and how one needs the wings of love and prayer to reach around her and cross the Ocean of life.

Narrating and hearing sunderkand fills the individual with happiness and fulfillment. There are several stories weaved in this epic that encourage individual to achieve peace and harmony and let go off his mental uneasiness.

Top 10 Benefits of Reading Sunderkand

  • The significance and importance of Sunderkand lie in the life lessons it provides. It can be chanted anytime in the morning or evening according to your convenience.
  • Sunderkand is so powerful that reciting it in routine can help ward off evils. It removes all the negativity and obstacles from one’s life and bestows the person with happiness and prosperity. The epic is a description of how a real devotee can win over all the situations to fulfill his devotion.
  • Sunderkand teaches you how one can win over every difficulty and unfortunate situation in life if he decides to do so. How Lord Hanuman crossed the Ocean in the devotion of Seeta Mata is an example that wisdom and vigour is the answer to any obstacle in life.
  • Reciting Sunderkand regularly enhances the strength and determination of a person. They get mental peace that inspires and motivates them to carry out the difficult tasks of life.
  • Also, it depicts that God always appreciates the devotees who have a pure heart, noble thoughts, and a clear mind. “Nirmal Man Jan So Mohe Paava, Mohe Kapat Chaal Chidra Na Bhaava.”
  • Reading sunderkand regularly can help you get rid of all the obstacles and problems of your life. Reciting the verses of this tremendous help you get relief of your sufferings as well. It protects you from the malefic effects of the planetary positions as well.
  • Sunderkand is known to grant the wishes of the devotees. You can enjoy the real essence of life with peace, keeping tensions at bay.
  • Sunderkand plays a vital role in improving the financial condition of a person.
    It protects oneself against diseases and ensures good health.
  • Reciting sunderkand daily takes away all your fears. It makes you more confident, and you stop scaring from things that hardly matters in life.
  • To confer moksha is the ultimate goal of one’s lives. Sunderkand is a step towards moksha.

How to Get Maximum Advantage from reading Sunderkand?

  • These tips will help you grab maximum advantage from reading the epic.
  • It is preferred to recite the epic in the early morning in the Brahm Muhurat 4-6 AM if you read it alone.
  • If done in a group, it should be recited after 7 PM to get the maximum benefits.
  • It is ideal to recite the epic with a musical group.
  • One should not get up in between reciting this epic. Phones, alarms, talking, or breaks should be avoided at any cost.
  • It is necessary to take a bath and wear light-colored clothes before commencing the reading session.

The greatness and power of sunderkand provide equal blessings to everyone. The name of God is like fire. Even if someone touches the fire incidentally, by chance or without having proper knowledge, his fingers get burned. Similarly, reading this epic will fill your life with happiness, prosperity, and blessings of God, even if you read in unintentionally or unknowingly.

What is Meaning of Right Eye Blinking in Astrology?

Do you believe that something as familiar as twitching of your eyes can be related to some superstitions or omens? The involuntary action of your eyes in which they fall into a repetitive spasm may seem harmless, but lots of beliefs are attached to it. Your jumping eyes might be telling you much more than you can think of.

right eye blinkingIt starts so suddenly that you can’t think of any escape. It becomes difficult to understand why the eye starts jumping out of the blues. It makes you superstitious, and you fail to believe any other way related to it. Eye twitching superstition has a long history.

You may find it surprising, but the superstition of eye twitching is not related to India only. It is equally believed and followed in other parts of the world as well. Although it is mild and harmless, it can be very bothersome at times. Most of the times, the twitching resolves on their own and may not last for long, but there is always a meaning behind it.

According to Vedic Indian astrology, eye twitching can be used as a base to predict your future. The prediction differs with the gender and the direction of the eye. The twitching of the right or the left eye differs in their results. However, In Indian astrology, it is independent of the time of the day.
The twitching of the right eye holds different meanings for both men and women.

For Male (Right eye blinking meaning for Men)

The twitching of the right eye of men is considered auspicious. Men may hear good news related to their profession. It indicates good fortune and good future.

For Female (Right eye blinking meaning for Women)

The case is almost reverse in case of women. The same twitching eye can bring a bad omen in a woman’s life. It brings inauspiciousness. Women may tend to hear some bad news related to their professional life. They might face different problems at different fronts of their lives.

Time Wise Right eye Blinking Effects

We have countered some common beliefs associated with the twitching of the right eye.

  • In some cultures, twitching of eyes is believed to bring good luck and fortune. The jerking is believed to be a good sign, and it may bring some good news or monetary gain. Jerking of the lower eyelid is believed to be too good for the instance.
  • The meaning of the jumping eye can alter with the change in timings as well. Refer to this idea:

11 pm-1 am: If the right eye is twitching from 11 pm to 1 am, you may get an invitation.

11 am- 1 pm: The same twitching when it happens between 11 am to 1 pm, it indicates a disaster.

  • However, a few other people believe that lower eyelid jerking indicates sobbing. The jerking of upper eyelid demonstrates that you meet some stranger anytime soon, and the stranger will equip a special place in your life.
  • In some cultures, the twitching of the right eye is associated with the death of some nearby family member.
  • Also, according to a belief, the twitching of the right eye is alarming. It is an indication that someone is praising you or you may get to hear some pleasure able news. It is an indication of an encounter to an unexpected person.

Eye twitching is a normal process; it is temporary and fades away with eventually. It does not ask for proper care and diet, although but there are times when it lasts for longer. It can be worth taking care if the twitching lasts for long. The twitching can be a sign of neurological disease.

The constant twitching of the eyes can be associated with extreme fatigue, improper sleep, and working on the screen for longer intervals. You may need a pair of glasses.

It becomes essential to see a doctor if:

  • The twitching of your right eye continues for more than 3 days.
  • If the twitching of your eye spreads to other parts of your face.
  • If you notice some discharge, swelling, or redness on your face.
  • If the twitching is too close to your eyelids, and it becomes tough to close your eyes.

Such a symptom should never be ignored, and immediate medical help should be taken.

What is Gajakesari Yoga? – Effects of Gajakesari Yoga on Marriage

Mostly, yoga always brings prosperity and happiness in human life. But, it is determined only by the impact of other associated planets. One such yoga is called Gaj Kerai Yog. This yoga is considered to be an auspicious and the biggest yoga in one’s life.

What is Gajakesari Yoga?

Gajakesari YogaGajakesari yoga is formed in one’s natal chart when the planet Jupiter is in Kendra, i.e., Ascendant, 4th, 7th, and 10th from the planet Moon. When we split Gaja and Kesari, they mean Elephant and Lion. Both are gigantic, dominating, and captivating animals.

A person who has Gajakesari yoga in his/her birth-chart will be capable, efficient, and they will get all comforts, enjoy sophisticated life, and occupy a higher rank in their professions. Such persons will be highly skilled in arguments, debate, and creative arts, and especially they will be very intellectual. This yoga increases the longevity of the native.

How Gajakesari yoga does benefit one’s marital life?

The Seventh house is considered for marriage as per Vedic astrology and if Gajakesari Yog occupies the 7th house, then

  • The native is blessed with a good wife, and she will be from a good back grounded family.
  • Early married life is strongly possible for the native.
  • The partners have a healthy and successful relationship.
  • The native will be intelligent, wealthy and religious minded.

Presence of this Yoga has been observed in many influential persons, and they are leading good married lives. Jupiter generally signifies fame, children wealth, and moral living, whereas Moon signifies mobility, happiness, mind, and prosperity, etc.

Gajakesari Yoga effects

When the planet Sun aspects this yoga, then it yields powerful results to the native in his/her early age of life with administrative and government power.

The planet Jupiter is said to be wealthy among all other planets. Moon is also well-known for money. Hence, it is said that when the yoga is in an auspicious place, it will give the native more prosperity as big as an elephant, and the person gets wide opportunities to earn money continuously.

When would Gajakesari yoga work?

Astrologically, this yoga can appear in many natives’ horoscope. Still, like all other planetary associations, Gajakesari yoga also inclines on the strength, position and house lordship of the two planets Jupiter and Moon. Different planetary positions may be stronger than these planets that are also considered. Guru and Neechabhanga Chandra are considered to be good. The two planets have to be beneficial in one’s Kundli and suitably disposed to the Lagna Lord as well. They themselves should be free from any negative facets, especially Saturn and Rahu should never be combined with Moon.

When Would the Yoga’s Results Show Up?

The results of this yoga would be positively revealed in Dasha/bhukti periods of Moon and Jupiter and during Mahadasha periods of other planets and also when the main Dasha lord complements both Jupiter and Moon. Otherwise the native cannot expect elevation.

When the yoga does turn weak?

Typically, the native can expect auspicious results from this yoga. However, the presence of this yoga not only sufficient to achieve great things, but it must carry strength too. When the yoga is formed with the planet Jupiter in the Capricorn sign, then Jupiter’s debilitation makes the yoga to lose its power and entire auspiciousness cannot be anticipated.

And also if Jupiter occupies Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Libra sign, then the yoga turns weak because the Jupiter is present in its enemy’s sign. Likely, if the Natal Moon is weak due to its debilitation or placements in its rival’s sign say, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, then also Gajakesari yoga loses its power.

Both the planets do a Shadashtak yoga which is located in the 6th and 8th house from each other. In such condition, if one symbol of the Venus in Kendra and another symbol is in the evil’s house, then the Gajakesari Yoga will be considered as inauspicious.

How to Determine Gajakesari yoga in a native’s natal chart?

Many people question that do I have Gajakesari yoga?

Jupiter is called the King of planets, and it is considered as a beneficial planet since it gives prosperity without any expectations. When Jupiter and Sun conjoin, one can enjoy an abundance of wealth. Hence, both the planets should be well placed to earn and enjoy a lot. When Jupiter, Moon, and Mars in the Cancer sign for a Cancer native, then the native will be rich out of his/her sincere work and divine grace. The presence of Jupiter in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces and the 5th lord position in the 10th house indicates that the native will become rich through his wards.

The well-placed Jupiter people will shine in their entire life. These native will always be with peace of mind, wisdom, prosperity, helping tendency, and happiness. Strong Jupiter makes people to be attracted towards Management, Religion, Administration, Consultancy, Astrology, Law, Astronomy, and Politics.

Punarvasu, Visakha, and Purvbhadrapada are Jupiter’s constellations. 2nd, 5th and 9th houses own Jupiter as their Karaka. Mercury and Venus are rivals; Sun, Mars, and Moon are his friends. Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are neutral to Jupiter. The planet gets exalted in the 4th house and debilitated in 10th house. In the 1st house, the planet acquires directional strength.

Favorable Day, Color and Gemstone for Jupiter

Thursday is favorable for Jupiter and Yellow is his favorite color. Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone for Jupiter, and the native should be careful while wearing a gemstone. This should be set in Gold and be worn in the Index Finger. Certain gemstones should not be worn along with yellow sapphire. So, consult an expert Astrologer before wearing any Gemstone. Wearing yellow sapphire will promote the benefits. Worshiping Lord Shiva will give special benefits to this yoga.

An accurate evaluation should be done for Gajakesari yoga in astrology to determine the yoga’s strength. Strengths of the Moon and Jupiter have to be checked to decide the effectiveness of this yoga in a native’s personal life.

Talk to Astrologer Know if Gajakesari Yoga is affecting your Marriage life or Not.

Which Day of the Week is Good or Bad as per Vedic Astrology?

Our Hindu Astrology concerns more on the days. The days play a crucial role in buying, selling, and marrying, so on. Hindus usually scrutiny the best day to start something new because they want to get fructified from their start. In the present days, even the western countries began to see the good and bad days.

day of the weekVedic Astrology provides comprehensive guidance about the days of weeks. According to the Hindu System, a weekday starts from the local Sunrise, and it ends at the following Sunrise. It is quite distinctive from the Gregorian calendar in which a weekday and date begin at the expiry of 12.00 AM. Seven days a week system is applied throughout the world. The weekdays are importantly considered to attain victory (Siddhi) in the desired task. If the day lord is strong, then your desired work will give you success, whereas when the day lord is weak, you cannot expect success from the day.

The weekdays and their planets:

  • Sunday – Sun (Suriya, Ravi)
  • Monday – Moon (Chandra)
  • Tuesday – Mars (Mangala)
  • Wednesday – Mercury (Buddha)
  • Thursday – Jupiter (Guru)
  • Friday – Venus (Shukra)
  • Saturday – Saturn (Shani)

Here, we discuss in which day to buy an item and the best day to start a new job, to visit doctor, etc.,

Best Day to Buy Gold or to Marriage?

Gold: A good day to buy gold is generally considered on Makara Sankranti, Ugadi, Akshaya Tritiya, Navaratri and Dusshera, Onam, Pushyami, and Diwali. These days are celebrated as festival and auspicious. So, buying gold in these days will increase your purchase exponentially. Generally, it is believed that Mars Horai of Tuesday is a good time for purchasing any new product, especially buying gold. Purchasing gold at this good day will make the gold stay with you for the long run. Wear gold always at an auspicious time and day and wearing gold daily makes an excellent transformation in our life.

Marriage: The Marriage occasion is an essential part of our life. Whether it is an arranged or love marriage, choosing the best day for the wedding leads to a long-standing happy married life. We would have seen many cases with hurry-burry marriages that ended in divorce.

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Thursday is considered as the day of Jupiter. In this highly auspicious day, you can initiate marriage related works. Saturday is also considered as the best day to start a job, marriage, and other functions. This day tends to keep the works long-standing. Avoid Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday for the marriage and its important things.

Which is the Best Day to Start a Study?

As parents consider more about their children studies and successful career, the best day to start study is scrutinized utmost. Uttarayan is considered to be the best time to initiate children’s academics. It will make them shine in their studies. During the time, the sunlight starts spreading, and it illuminates the studies.

Likewise, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are auspicious to commence studies
The planets of the days are calm so that in the same way the study will start with full mindedness and calmness, and it continues.

Sun is the soul of creatures and brings a blessed and bright life. Hence Sunday is also reckoned to start studies.

Avoid Tuesdays and Saturdays for starting your studies since Mars and Saturn rule them, and these planets are considered to be a sin.

Which is Best Day to Do surgery or Medicines?

Medicines and Days:- May your mind waver to find answers, even taking medicines require good days to go? The answer is very strong “Yes” because we want fast relief from the disease for which we take medicines. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered to be the auspicious days to start the medicine.

Sundays with Chaturthi, Tuesdays with Navami, and Saturday with Chaturdasi followed by Thiruvathira, Magham, Ayilyam, Bharani, Swathi, Kettai, Pooram, Poradam, and Purattathi stars are the bad days to initiate new treatment and to visit a doctor. The mentioned days, either with a combination of tithi or any of the stars is considered to be bad luck days to start your medicines.

Saturday is considered as a black day to buy Iron and the things made of Iron as it has the nature to bring bad luck to the purchaser and his/her family members. However, in Contra, you can donate Iron on Saturdays that would bring prosperity and upliftment in the business & wealth.

Friday is the best day to buy new clothes and other wearing materials. There is no specific day except Saturday considered to be the best day to buy shoes. Why there is a remark about Saturday is buying black leather shoes and wearing them are supposed to bring bad luck to the wearer. So, avoid Saturday if you decide to buy shoes.

Thursday is believed to be the auspicious day to buy electronic items such as computers, laptop and to buy new phone too. The day showers longevity to the items. You can even consider buying properties on Thursdays.

So, every day of a week is good and bad for some activities, and we shall have a synopsis on that.

Good and Bad Day of the Week

Sunday: You can start work related to medicines and wood. Sunday is an auspicious day to commence studies and buying-selling Iron items. Do not travel on the west; do not organize farewell, and do not initiate marriage life on Sunday.

Monday: The Moon’s day yields you spontaneous results. You can buy vehicles, clothes, move to parties, journey. But do not commence any new business or job on Monday; do not travel in the East direction.

Tuesday: Mar’s day gives you medium results. Start your medicine; undergo surgery, do technical and property work on Tuesday. Do not initiate court matters and education on this day. Avoid traveling the north side on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Adopt Wednesday for entertainment and money related works. Do choose this day for short journeys, music-art, and even for buying Iron. Also, you can commence professional and medical education on this day. Avoid paying debt and property works, and traveling on the north side on Wednesday.

Thursday: The day of Jupiter is considered to be auspicious to buy a valuable item such as gold, and to do investments. Do not on the south side and avoid taking alcohol and non-vegetarian on this day.

Friday: The Venus day is soft and witty. Make your love relationship, do buy and sell on this day. Do not travel on the west side, avoid monetary investments, and handling marriage problems on Friday.

Saturday: Start your marriage, job, on Saturday, which will bring long-standing and immediate good results. Avoid legal works, medicinal work on Saturday as the day tends to prolong the matters. Do not buy or sell Iron Items and avoid traveling on East side during Saturdays.

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Hence, every day of a week has its significance. Manage your work accordingly to stay with continued success.

Which is Lucky Letter For Your Zodiac Sign? – Check Here

The alphabets in our names provide tremendous positive and negative changes and push us towards success or pit. Changing lucky letters for the name is being in the trend, and most of the people reached pinnacles through the change.

Lucky Letters for Names For each zodiac sign

First, we shall see lucky alphabets and non-lucky for each zodiac.

lucky alphabetsLucky Alphabets for Aries: M, N, and Bha are essential letters for Aries sign, whereas P and Kh do not provide successful results. To attain immediate money and success, “M” can be helpful.

Lucky Alphabets for Taurus: P, G, and Y are considered to be useful as lucky alphabets for Taurus and A, V and R are earned bad marks. “G” is considered to be prosperous for married life and career.

Lucky Alphabets for Gemini: R and Sh are good whereas K and Ch are bad. Using “S or Sh” will provide the native with a successful life.

Lucky Alphabets for Cancer: N, Sh, M, and D are favorable, and A and P are not desirable. To see success in your entire life, use “Sh and D” alphabets.

Lucky Alphabets for Leo: Bha, Y, L and A are good, and H and R are bad. Use “A” letter and enjoy a prosperous life.

Lucky Alphabets for Virgo: G, O, M, R lucky alphabet for Virgo whereas S and T are not so lucky. “R” letter is considered to give you a successful life.

Lucky Alphabets for Libra: Sh, S, K, and Gh are good for Libra and Ch, M and N is not good. “Sh” letter gives you good relationship, stable mind, and success.

Lucky Alphabets for Scorpio: A, N, D letters have good scope whereas P, R, and K letters would give negative impacts. Letter “A” brings constant success without any ups and downs.

Lucky Alphabets for Sagittarius: Sh, M, H and A are considerable alphabets and V, K are non-considerable. Using “Sh” brings peace and progress

Lucky Alphabets for Capricorn: V, L, J, Kh are too good for Capricorn zodiac and D, H, M is not so good. Use the “V” letter and run a successful life.

Lucky Alphabets for Aquarius: K, Sh, A, and R are considered as superior alphabets, whereas H, P, and D are termed as inferiors astrologically. To see progress and success, add “A.”

Lucky Alphabets for Lucky Pisces: H, N, and Y benefit the native immensely, while T, M, and R are malefic. Add “N” and march towards success path.

If anyone asks which letter is lucky for me, then stop a while and read the above details to know your results better.

Letter Compatibility Astrology 

While making marriage matches, letter compatibility astrology also plays a significant role among many pairs. Let us see the letters compatibility and their magic.

If you Name Starts with Starts with A, B, C, D, E, F:-

  • A :- You expect more physical attraction from your partner. You are sexual and passionate, and seem to be more adventurous. You will primarily concern about your physical needs, particularly sexual needs.
  • B :- You enjoy romancing, wining and dining with your mate. You expect to be pampered and well know to pamper your mate. You are private in lovemaking and cannot control and abstain from sex when you need it. You are willing to experiment with love and sex.
  • C :- You always focus on togetherness and closeness with your lover. You always treat your lover as a companion.
  • D :- You are very caring and nurturing by nature. You will be with high sexual feelings, loyal, passionate, and intense in your involvements. Unusual and eccentric activities will easily stimulate you.
  • E :- You must be intellectually stimulating, or you are interested in sex. You flirt more than the sexual act for you. But you will be very loyal once you give your heart to your loved one.
  • F :- You are a romantic person, putting your mate on a pedestal. Though you are a flirt, once committed, you will be loyal. You are sexual and passionate. Being a born romantic, you always recall love scenes for ecstasy.

Starts with G, H, I, J

  • G – You are extremely sexually active. Though you face difficulties to close to your lover, won’t find any troubles in getting sexual closeness.
  • H – If you attained commitment towards your lover, from the time you would be generous towards him/her. Before the responsibility, you will tend to be very frugal in spending and dating with your partner, and you will be very conscious about your sexual involvements.
  • I – You love sensuality and flesh pleasures.
  • J – You have high physical energy and carry great romances in your head.

Starts with K, L, M, N

  • K – Though you are secretive, you are still very sensual, sexy, and passionate. You will wait patiently to get the right partner.
  • L – Being a romantic person, sensationally attached to the glamour of love. You expect cuddling, kissing, loving, wining and dining
  • M – You have interests in sexual actions and no patience found in you for flirting.
  • N – You feel difficulty in expressing emotions and drawing close to your lover.

Starts with O, P, Q, R

  • O – You have an excessive desire in sexual indulgence, and for you, sex is a severe and most wanted business.
  • P – You may see your partner as an enemy, yet good vibes stimulate sex vibes among you.
  • Q – Though you have tremendous physical energy, still you need constant stimulation for sex.
  • R – You expect more physical attractiveness from your partner, and you will always think about your partner and sex.

Starts with S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

  • S – Even though you are a romantic person, still, never lose control of your emotions.
  • T – You are sexually passive, and soft lights and music will turn on your romantic thoughts. You are a huge flirt.
  • U – You will be idealistic when in love. You gift your mate often to see her blushed face
  • V – There would be an age difference between you and your lover
  • W – Being a well-determined person, you enjoy playing love games often.
  • X – You need constant stimulation, and you are capable of handling more than one lover at a time easily.
  • Y – You are a sensual and sexual person. You enjoy physical stimulation, necking, touching, and exploring.
  • Z – You are a lover’s savior. You fantasize and enjoy sex privately.

Finding a Lucky letter by birth date is also concerned in our society. When you ask what my lucky alphabet is, then analyzing zodiac sign by name alphabets will provide an exact result and remedy to promote your life. Thus, all letters play a great role in our life.

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What happens if Lizard falls on our Body?

Lizard is a common reptile. It might have been seen in every house. But, Lizard Astrology is otherwise called Gowli Shasthram a part of Hindu Astrology. Falling lizard on the parts of the body conveys some matter for both men and women. These effects are explained in “Muhurat Martand”. The shastra tells every movement of lizard binds with significance, and in 65 parts of the body, the lizard will fall that would forecast good things and bad evils.

The effects of lizard falls differ from men to women as per shastra.

lizard falls on bodyThere are two colors of lizards say black and white can be seen at home. White lizard is considered as most favorable whereas black is coined as inauspicious and unfavorable. Its “Tik Tik” sound has different omens and indications in our daily life. A house should reflect the tone certainly for few times a day. Unless you hear it, you should thoroughly check the background of the house and the land where it is built.

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When the lizard is falling on the left hand, it leads to mental stress. When the lizard touches the fingers on the left hand, it will lead you to worry a lot.

If the lizard is falling on the right hand of any person, then the person will get a new wearer, and the things will happen as a reverse case of the left hand.

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Head: When the lizard falls on the head, it indicates the person will be bestowed with wealth, royalty with luxury life. If it falls on a rich person’s head, his wealth will start to destroy gradually.
If a rich person with a sick and bedridden health condition, and if the lizard falls on his head, then he will start to suffer a lot and it would be like death-like suffering. But, this case will be in reverse for a poor man.

Right ear: Falling of a lizard on the right ear will promote the longevity of the native.

Left ear: Will improve one’s gain.

In to the lip: An indication of destroying wealth.

Under the lip: The native will have a change of getting a wealthy lifestyle.

Above the throat: The native will get many good things, and he will destroy his enemy.

Above the heart: It may bring death or death like sufferings.

Between two knees: The native will get good vehicles.

Between ankle and feet: It may kill the native’s wife.

If a lizard falls on a Man

Face: Expect financial profits.

Left eye: Good.

Right Eye: Loss and failure.

Forehead: Separation.

Mouth: Fear of lousy health status.

Finger: Expect visitors and old friends.

Things: Clothing loss.

Toe: Physical illness.

Mustache: Expect hurdles.

Heel: An injury might occur.

Nails: On the left side it will create some, and on the right side unnecessary expenses will be increased.

Neck: Falling on the left side will bring out success whereas on the right side will increase enemies.

What happens if a lizard falls on left leg for male: It is being said that the person may face some loss.

Back foot: shall get ready for a journey.

Foot: Difficult time.

If a lizard falls on a Woman

Right Eye: It creates anxiety and mental stress.

Left Eye: Your man will shower abundance love on you.

Upper lip: You may be on the way to see disputes.

Lower lip: New good omens will reach you.

Backside: Death news may be anticipated.

Hands: Financial profits on the way.

Shoulders: You will be adorned with ornaments.

Toes: May give birth to a male child.

What are the remedies for lizard falling?

You should take an immediate head bath, visit the nearest temple and light lamp to God soon after experiencing a lizard fall irrespective of any part of the body. Recite “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra” to avoid negativity. Either touch the golden lizard in Kanchipuram or touch the people who touched the golden lizard. In the temple, both golden and silver lizards can be seen along with sun and moon images on the roof. It is believed that all ill effect will vanish by touching the lizards. Don’t be panic. Just follow the remedies to come out from any lizard doshas.

Rakshasa Gana, Dev Gana and Manushya Gana

Gana holds a key role in Vedic astrology. Gana represents one’s nature. Deva Gana (Divine), Rakshasa Gana (Demonic) and Manushya Gana (Human) are the three types of Ganas.

Manushya Gana: This is seen in many human beings. People who work and live for their family and relatives will fall under this group. Such kinds of people do regular works, and if anyone approaches them for any help, they will pretend like they are busy. In other words, these people possess mixed qualities.

Deva Gana: They will possess divine nature, and these persons can be seen rarely. Such people work for others without any expectations. They will look into other problems; suggest ideas though they cannot work on the issue due to their busy lives. On the whole, they mostly care for others. Overall they are soft-spoken and generous.

Rakshasa Gana: In many humans, this demonic nature can be found. These people will be very selfish, and they won’t have the helping tendency. When comparing the other two ganas, these people will have more advantages. With their powerful sixth sense, they can recognize the negative energy easily and early. They are cruel.

rakshasa gana

Nakshatras And Ganas

There are 27 nakshatras, and each gana consists of nine nakshatras.

Deva gana nakshatras: Ashwini, Mrisgshirsha, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Shravana, Revati.

Manushya gana nakshatras: Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Purvashada, Uttarashada, Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada.

Rakshasa gana nakshatras: Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jyeshtha, Moola, Dhanista, Satabhisha

The maximum points in Gana koota are 6. When both partners belong to the same Gana, then 6 points are given. The Couple is eligible for 5 points when the boy belongs to Deva Gana and girl belongs to Manushya Gana.

A Rakshasa Gana boy with a girl of Deva or Maushya Gana scores 0 points where there is an exception when the girl belongs to Rakshas Gana, and the boy belongs to Manushya Gana. When a couple scores 0 points, then it is called “Gana Dosha.”

Marriage between Rakshasa Gana and Deva gana

Rakshasa gana born people are stubborn in their views. They are less responsive and do not adjust to things quickly. A Rakshasa gana man and a deva gana woman can marry whereas the reverse cannot work. It represents a dominating woman which is quite unacceptable in our cultured country. This Deva- Rakshasa pair has to be mostly avoided that scores only 0 points out of 4.

Compatibility between Deva and Rakshasa Gana

Rakshasa Gana people are dominating in nature. They can easily dominate and control Deva Gana. The pair are said to be perfect if a couple belongs to the same gana where the nature of both persons will be alike. When a Rakshasa Gana woman marries a Deva Gana man and vice versa, then the life will be with full of fight, unhappiness.

Compatibility Possible between Manushya with Rakshasa

The Manushya Gana explores purity, goodness, and happiness in them, whereas a Rakshasa Gana gives them a tough time. Manushya Gana is certain about when to pacify and leave a Rakshasa Guaa alone. Together they adjust well in life.

Gunank from Gana Koota:

  • Gunank is 6 when bride and groom from Dev Gana
  • Gunank is 6 when bride and groom from Maushya Gana
  • Gunank is 6 when bride and groom from Rakshasa gana
  • Gunank is 5 when bride and groom from Manushya and Deva Gana
  • Gunank is 5 when bride and groom from Dev and Manushya Gana
  • Gunank is 1 when the groom and bride from Manushya and Rakshasa Gana
  • Gunank is 1 when the groom and bride from Rakshasa and Manushya Gana
  • Gunank is 0 when the groom and bride from Dev and Manushya Gana
  • Gunank is 0 when the groom and bride from Rakshasa and Dev Gana

Gana Dosha invokes many problems among the partners, and it makes them difficult to adjust each other’s temperament. It makes the couple even to have external and secret affairs.

Gana Dosha is NOT Considered if – the lord of the signs of the partners are mutual friends / both the partners have the same Navamsha.

In Kundli Matching, Gana Koota is essential because it assesses whether the partner’s characters match with each other. A high score in Gana Koota makes the couple lead a happy life, whereas the low score pushes them in severe trouble.

Though looking Gana is essential in marriage matching, they cannot conclude a person’s entire nature. There are many other aspects to be seen, and the overall cumulative only will define a person. In Kundli matching, Gana Koota carries only 3 points out of 36. The rest 33 points have to be considered equally. A proficient astrologer only can match out all the points correctly. So, analyze thoroughly the Kundli’s of a couple before fixing their marriage.