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A conversation with astrologers will give you a new outlook towards life.
Online astrology consultation gives you a chance to identify your strengths and weakness without revealing your identity.

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Talk to the Best Astrologer in India

Raja Vyas

Rating : (1053)

Vedic astrology

Language: English , Hindi , Gujarati

  • Experience 10 Years
  • Charges Rs. 30/Min

Jyotii Sonni

Rating : (120)

Tarot card reading

Language: English , Hindi

  • Experience 7 Years
  • Charges Rs. 30/Min

Anjali Parashar

Rating : (390)

Tarot card reading , Vedic astrology

Language: English , Hindi , Punjabi

  • Experience 7 Years
  • Charges Rs. 30/Min

आचार्य मनीष गौत्तम

Rating : (230)

Vedic astrology

Language: Hindi , Marwari

  • Experience 10 Years
  • Charges Rs. 30/Min

Customer Review

I asked about my marriage and career, they gave perfect remedies and prediction. To the surprise, they predicted my past life very well.

- Bhavesh, Mumbai

Loved this astrology app for horoscope prediction by talking to astrologer on call. Impressive that they provide 100% privacy.

- Sugandha, New Delhi

Live astrology question answer, that wasnt quite expected anytime soon. This is pure magic. Thank You Astrolaabh.

- Vicky, Banglore

Purpose of Vedic Astrology

Every incidence of our life is pre-destined. We all have our own struggles and face ups and downs of our share. Have you ever wondered what affects our life or what makes us so vulnerable? The answer is our past karmas and the positions of planets at the time of birth. Destiny is powerful and so are the karmas. Astrology helps us to sort out things. It promises us the best and prepares for the worst.

Consult Best Astrologers Online

On Astrolaabh.in, You can talk to astrologers Online on Phone. The Vedic astrology or Indian astrology has come a long way. Earlier, you need to visit astrologers personally to their home/office to consult about your queries. But, in today’s era of technology, Astrolaabh brings you Best Astrologers on Your fingertip.


On Astrolaabh, We have List of Best Astrologers in India available to consult online. The astrologers we have on board are having in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology & tarot card reading and have good experience as well.


There are lots of benefits of online astrology consultation; the best is you can consult to astrologers anytime, anywhere. Whatever question you have, About Marriage Prediction, Future Prediction, Government job Prediction, Career Prediction or life prediction, you can ask astrologer directly on the phone with Astrolaabh.


And Before Consulting astrologer online, you can check their profile as well. You can check where are they from, which language they can speak in consultation, their expertise (Vedic astrologer/ Tarot Card Reader) and consultation fees.

Best Vedic Astrologers in India

Astrolaabh Invites All the Vedic Astrologers (And Tarot Card Reader) to Join us and provide online astrology consultation to our readers. Joining the revolution of Live Astrology or Online Astrology is easy. Just Contact Us via our official email address and provide your full details like years of experience, your expertise, qualification etc. Once the process completed, you can start server people who are looking for astrology consultation service for future prediction. Be the Best Astrologer they are looking for solving their problems.