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To your surprise, colors and zodiac signs are quite connected with each other. The colors we wear or that surround us have a huge impact on our emotions. We automatically get connected with the aura of the colors around us, and this leaves either a good or bad impact on our emotions. Thus at times, we feel happy, while sometimes unhappy, sad, or even depressed. No one can escape from the power of the colors and the energy it leaves that affect our emotions, behavior, and moods.

As per Vedic Astrology, every zodiac is connected with certain colors, and depending on the impact it leaves on the zodiac, it can be determined whether the color is lucky or unlucky for them. Today, through this blog, let’s find the answer to “What is Virgo favorite color” and other essential details one needs to know.

Virgo Colors: Like and Dislike

Are you born between 23rd August and 22nd September? Congratulations, you belong to the most lovable zodiac sign, Virgo. It is the sixth zodiac sign in the list, and its natural sign is the Earth. As Virgo is a variable zodiac sign, Virgo individuals are quite flexible and adaptable. They are ruled by the Mercury planet, and the Goddess of Agriculture represents this zodiac. Virgos are perfectionists who love to get into the details of everything while working. When facing issues, they focus on taking workable and practical solutions as they carry a sharp mind. They are very sensitive, loyal, dependable, and supportive.

Virgo Favorite Color

Virgo: Lucky colors Virgo: Unlucky colors
●  Green

●  Blue

●  Brown

●  Yellow

● Bright Yellow

● Red

Virgo Colors

Lucky Colors for Virgo

Are you looking for the list of Virgo favorite color? Keep scrolling to explore the colors that prove to be lucky for Virgo individuals.


Among all the lucky colors for Virgos, green is the luckiest. The green color is associated with the earth element of the Virgos. Again, Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo which gives out green rays to the zodiac. Hence, the green color is sure to help the Virgos learn about their inner qualities and gift them success in whatever work they do. To your surprise, the lucky stone for the Virgos is also green Emerald which adds to the luck when worn.


The next Virgo zodiac color on the list is Blue. The blue color gives a security sense to the Virgos which makes them courageous. It also helps in improving the mood of Virgos and helps them find the right direction for achieving success in life. This color also helps the Virgos in getting connected with their loved ones. Similar to green, blue-colored Sapphire is also lucky for the Virgos.


Just as the blue color is associated with the sky, brown is connected to the Earth. When Virgos use this color for their benefit, it helps them in getting close to their loved ones. It also brings reliability and honesty to the life of the Virgos. The color increases the urge to serve humanity in Virgos and gives them a stable, life and soul.


This is a bright Virgo color that inspires them for a new day, activity, or life. The color is a message for them that something good is going to happen in their life and that happy days are awaiting them. It also indicates that the Virgos need to get up early and perform salutation to the Sun. This also has a positive impact on the career.

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Colors Virgo Should Avoid

Just as there are lucky colors the Virgos should include in their day-to-day life, there are certain colors that they need to avoid completely. Here is the list.

Bright Yellow

Surprised to see this color in the unlucky Virgo colors? Well, any shade of yellow would be lucky for the Virgos except for bright yellow. Virgos are amazing observers who are practical while making any decisions instantly. And bright yellow wouldn’t support this nature for sure. It would hinder the ability to make the right decision for the Virgos.


Virgos are very grounded and reserved by nature. Hence, aggressive and energetic colors like red wouldn’t suit them or their nature. Red is a controlling and dominating color that might attract negative or unwanted energies. The color wouldn’t allow you to focus on new projects and growth.

How a Virgo can use Lucky Colors?

Virgos can use lucky colors like brown, yellow, and blue by adding such shades to their wardrobes. They can also use these shades in their accessories, jewelry, and footwear. Using green colors in the surroundings like wall colors, green plants, surroundings, etc. would also be beneficial.


When looking for some good fortune, Virgos need to focus on their lucky colors. However, they should make sure to avoid red color as it is an aggressive one. It might bring some misfortune or obstacles in work or life distracting their path to success.

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