Top 6 Vastu Tips for Personality Development

Your personality leaves a significant impact on your surroundings. Either it is your personal life or professional, your personality says it all. A well-maintained personality impresses your colleagues and makes your journey a bit easier. No one fails to notice a stronger personality.     Most of us perform lots of tasks to improve our personality. […]

What Are The Spiritual Activities Needs to Follow in Daily Life Activities?

The power and concept of spirituality are not limited to Hinduism only. It exists in all cultures and traditions. To be very frank, it is the most personal piece of the puzzle that becomes vital when you try to place all the right dimensions of the wellness together. A good life is one that is […]

What Are the Most Important Vastu Tips?

How can you define an ideal house? It must be well-built, located at a prime location, impressive architecture, beautiful colors, and well-decorated. However, the architecture of the house plays the most crucial part. In India and Vedic astrology, we follow a collection of a few predefined architecture rules to ensure the happiness and prosperity of […]

Which Day of the Week is good or Bad as per Vedic Astrology

Our Hindu Astrology concerns more on the days. The days play a crucial role in buying, selling, and marrying, so on. Hindus usually scrutiny the best day to start something new because they want to get fructified from their start. In the present days, even the western countries began to see the good and bad […]

What Are the Effects of Rahu Dosha on Marriage?

The planet Rahu holds a significant role in married life. Based on the position of the planet, the native’s problems and married life situations can be analyzed thoroughly. Marriage is being an essential part of human life, ruling out Rahu dosa is mandatory to avoid barriers, unhappiness. Generally, in Kundli, 7th House refers to marriage, […]

Important Remedies of Lal Kitab For Getting Wealthy – Astrolaabh

Lal Kitab is usually known as Red book too. It is one of the essential elements of the Indian astrology. The book lays stress on Karmic debts, resolutions, and planetary placements. It is said that Lal Kitab found its origin in Persian culture and then re-written in the 19th century. It is known as Laal […]

What is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga? – Importance of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in Astrology

Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga is said to be one of the most powerful yoga in astrology. When the person has this raj yoga in his natal chart, he owns familiarity, prosperity, powerfulness, and virtuous. The effects of the debilitated planets make the person strongly willed. This negative experience sculptures the person and his energy in […]