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Looking for a brand new shop? But trying to avoid South facing shops! Let me tell you, you are not the only one doing this. Many people avoid taking shops that are facing South. According to them, shops facing the South might bring bad luck to their new venture or damage their financial position. On the other hand, some people think South facing shops isn’t good for business.

Is your Shop having South Facing Entrance?

But what does Vastu Shastra say about South facing shops? Let’s go a little deeper into the Shop facing South concept today.

Many people believe that a shop designed on the basis of Vastu principles brings prosperity and success to the business. Vastu helps with particular tips for the interiors, exteriors, space arrangements, and shop layout which helps in attracting more business adding to the fame and profit of the business along with the peace of mind for the business owners.

But what if you have already purchased a shop facing the South? Or what if the shop is at the right location but the only problem is the direction, South?

Well, in this case, let’s discuss some tips that would help in bringing luck, success, and prosperity to the shopkeepers or business owners having a shop facing the South direction.

South Facing shop vastu

Main Entrance

The main entrance of the shop is an important part of the shop. It mainly represents what the shop stands for and its actual face. Again, this is the primary point of contact between the energy that already exists in the shop and the energy the customer brings along. Hence, the failure or the success of the shop basically depends on the location where the entrance is located. Now the most prevailing myth is that the doors that face South bring bad luck and should be avoided. But this is not the truth. All the shops facing the North are sure to face the South. Hence, the success of the shop depends on the direction in which the entrance is placed. So, if your shop is facing the South, try to have an entrance that is good for your shop.

Placing mirrors in the shop

Mirrors hold an important role in Vastu’s design. Many shops dealing in jewelry, watches, accessories, clothes, etc., use large mirrors for their customers to check on the products. But placing the mirrors in any direction may bring bad luck to the shop or the owners. And placing a mirror in the South direction is sure to do so. Mirrors due to their reflecting ability represent the element water. Hence, it is important that they are placed in a direction that relates to the element like North, West, or North East. The South direction on the other hand represents a fire zone. Hence, make sure you place mirrors if any in the North, West, or North East direction while designing the interiors of the shop as it would also help in balancing the energy imbalance if any.

Cash Counter or Billing Counter

When the cash or billing counter is placed in the wrong direction, it is sure to dent the prosperity of the shop or the cash flow. And as per the Vastu principles, there are certain directions that hinder the cash flow or help with a smooth cash flow. If your cash counter placed in the South direction? If yes, you surely need to change it. For a business with daily cash entries, the billing counter should be placed in the South East direction. This direction is ruled by Lord Agni, which also symbolizes cash. Hence, make sure you place the cash counter in the South East direction so that your cash register keeps ringing and you shall be able to have adequate liquidity and cash flow for your business.

Apart from these vastu tips for shop facing the South direction, you also need to keep in mind to avoid placing mannequins and puja rooms or areas in the South direction. The idols or images of God shouldn’t also be placed in the South direction.

Vastu is very important for the success of any shop or showroom. And if these points are kept in mind, they are sure to attract more customers to your shop and generate more profit for your business.

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