Which Day of the Week is good or Bad as per Vedic Astrology

Our Hindu Astrology concerns more on the days. The days play a crucial role in buying, selling, and marrying, so on. Hindus usually scrutiny the best day to start something new because they want to get fructified from their start. In the present days, even the western countries began to see the good and bad […]

What Are The Benefits of reading Sunderkand?

Sunderkand is that chapter of Raam-charit-manas that mainly focuses on Lord Hanuman. Written by Goswami Tulsidas, the epic is considered as auspicious as reading Hanuman Chalias. In this chapter of Raam-charit-maanas, Jambavan reminds Lord Hanuman about the supernatural powers he has forgotten of. Jambavan tells him how he has lost his memory and doesn’t even […]

Which is Lucky Letter For Your Zodiac Sign? – Check Here

The alphabets in our names provide tremendous positive and negative changes and push us towards success or pit. Changing lucky letters for the name is being in the trend, and most of the people reached pinnacles through the change. Lucky Letters for Names For each zodiac sign First, we shall see lucky alphabets and non-lucky […]

What is Gajakesari Yoga? – Effects of Gajakesari Yoga on Marriage

Mostly, yoga always brings prosperity and happiness in human life. But, it is determined only by the impact of other associated planets. One such yoga is called Gaj Kerai Yog. This yoga is considered to be an auspicious and the biggest yoga in one’s life. What is Gajakesari Yoga? Gajakesari yoga is formed in one’s […]

Do you Have Love Marriage Possibility in Your Kundli?

Love marriages are common in the current scenario, and there are many people still go for love marriage prediction to know whether the wedding life of the partners would go smooth without any hassles. Our Vedic astrology predicts the possibility of a love marriage exactly. Kundli and Love Marriage Most of the youngsters are unaware […]

Which is Lucky Gemstone for Your Zodiac Sign?

Since long, people rely on the power of gemstones. It is believed that gemstones attract good luck and prosperity into one’s lives. The stones strengthen the ruling and weaker planets and assure that the wearer leads happy and prosperous lives. The lucky stones suggestions are based on the date of birth of the native. Astral […]

What Are The Benefits of Wearing 12 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Sun is a powerful source of energy. A favorable Sun is the horoscope can make you courageous, intelligent, and strong-willed. The native with the Sun at the right place in the horoscope is the owner of strong leadership skills. On the contrary, the disempowered Sun depicts a lack of confidence. Despite having skills, the person […]

What is Budh Aditya Yoga & Importance of Budh Aditya Yoga?

Budh Aditya yoga forms when the planets Sun and Mercury join in the same place in a native’s horoscope. This is called as a life-modifying and destiny changing yoga. Mercury is considered as the intellectual planet, whereas Sun is the life-energy planet. When these planets conjunct, the life-giving energy in the native’s brain makes him […]