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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Aquarius (Strength, weakness and characteristics)

Moving towards the end of the sun sign cycle, we have reached the 11th benchmark, Aquarius. People born between January 20th and February 22nd fall under this sun sign. The sun sign is represented by a water pitcher or water bearer. Aquarians are humanitarians. They believe in making the world a better place. Philosophers and visionary souls pour their all in order to work for humanity. Aquarians are sensitive and vulnerable. Despite being surrounded by the crowd, they feel lonely. There is no one close to them. They love joining social circles, clubs and NGOs. They make so many friends and give them happiness. Their symbol, the water bearer or pitcher actually represents their identity. Just like the water, they are a precious gift to mankind and it is impossible to survive without it. The way water brings everything to the front, Aquarians also bring their thoughts and views to the world. The ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. There is a strong combination between these two planets. They help Aquarians in turning out to be good speakers and communicators. However, the topic for communication should be in the realm of their mind. They are intelligent and quick-witted people. They carry an unusual capacity of picking up things really fast. Their innate curiosity pushes them to know about everything around them. However, this curiosity becomes their enemy and destroys their power of concentration.

The sign of sir: Aquarius

Many people believe that Aquarians belong to the sign water but it is not true. They belong to the air. They have all the air signs in their personality. They are great thinkers and emphasize intellect. Extremely intelligent and quick learners, Aquarians have a good hold on different languages. They are great philosophers and it adds to their proficiency in communication. You can mistake them for chatty but they only initiate meaningful conversations and draw people into them.

The Positive Traits of Aquarius

People born with the Aquarius sun sign are talented and philosophical. They have an innate sense of natural intelligence. Their intelligence and creativity help them to create great things. Aquarians are honest people and lead their life through their instincts. They live their life in the pursuit of helping people and doing well for them. They are friendly by nature and it helps them to make so many friends. They keep surrounded by people but even among them, they have no one to tag as a close friend. They love being a part of social organizations, NGOs and clubs.

The Negative Traits of Aquarius

Despite being surrounded by people, they carry a send of isolation within them. They do not believe in making friends and close friends are a luxury for them. They are unpredictable by nature and this trait often bothers people that are close to them. You can even call their behaviour eccentric. They believe in their ideas and give priority to them. They can go to any extent to establish their ideas.

Aquarius personality traits redefined


Their sharp intellect and the world’s view gives birth to their terrible sense of wit. It is fun to be around an Aquarian.


The innovative and creative people are creators of new thoughts and ideas. If you are short of ideas, your Aquarian friend can easily help you out.


They are quite intelligent and they know it. They know how to start a work and how it can help them.


They are spontaneous and react to situations immediately. They listen to their instincts and remain unaffected by the consequences.


They are too honest in their personal and professional endeavours. Their dedication and loyalty put them at the top.


The perpetually curious people dig deep into things and matters. They want to do everything.


Aquarians are too obtuse and obstinate with their views and ideology. They stick to them and never budge.


They are known to make sarcastic and cautious comments to their offenders when they are challenged or cornered.


Aquarians are loners. Even in a room full of people, they will be aloof.


Emotions do not run very deep in them. Their inexpressive nature makes them appear unemotional. The visionaries and philosophers, Aquarians are philanthropic dispositions. Their social conscience tries to make the world a better place.

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