Is Virgo a Water Sign? – Virgo Water or Air?

Do you know your element sign? Wait, I am not talking about the zodiac sign, but the element sign. Yes, zodiac signs and element signs are different from each other. There are four element signs namely the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. And all the elements are composed of three zodiac signs.

Is Virgo a Water Sign? Are you also looking for the same on various search engines? Well, if yes, you have landed on the right page. Keep scrolling and you shall have all the details regarding Virgo.

Is Virgo a Water Sign?

A quick answer to this question is NO. Virgos are born between the 23rd of August and to 22nd of September. Virgo is not a Water sign but it is an Earth sign. As they belong to the Earth sign, there are certain characteristics that describe the Virgos very well like hard-working, practical, loyal, grounded, patient, and sensual. They have a habit of doing deep research before arriving at any particular decision. They admire nice things or materials. As this element is signified by the Goddess of Agriculture, the Virgos are deeply entrenched in the material world. They are complete perfectionists and never fail to improve their skills through consistent and diligent practice. They rule the digestive system and hence, are foody and hyper-aware of everything in detail.

Virgo water sign

Personality Traits of a Virgo:

The next thing after is a Virgo a Water Sign is the personality traits of the zodiac sign. When talking about the personality traits of a Virgo, they are dependable lovers. One amazing thing about this zodiac sign is that it is the most compatible zodiac sign. Some of the features Virgos carry include structured, forthright, generic, purposeful, flexible, independent, hard-working, dedicated, and loyal. They seek compassion and love. Again, when it comes to relationships, they would prefer thinking over all the benefits and disadvantages of that relationship before arriving at any final decision. Hence, if you are thinking of falling in love with a Virgo, make sure you give them sufficient time to analyze your relationship before they commit. Revealing their feelings for anyone is one of the most challenging things they would find in their life.

When it comes to friendship, Virgos are very nurturing by nature. They are always ready to help in friendship and this is one of the biggest emotional pillars for them. When it comes to friendship, they are completely honest which makes them the best suitable and desired friend. Virgos are very intelligent and rational. Hence, they have a wise reputation when talking about managing financial matters. They are great money savers. They are totally workaholics; however, they love to work in their comfort zone. They are very particular about their needs and actions. Hence, they are more likely to have careers like Yoga teachers, nutritionists, psychologists, teachers, nurses, critics, doctors, and writers.

Above all, Virgos are very supportive, gentle, and kind by nature. They are very intellectual which makes them the best at problem-solving.

What makes a Virgo Happy?

Now that you know the answer to Virgo air or water, you also need to be clear with what makes them happy. Virgos are happy when they feel they are being helpful or useful to someone. They need to feel productive. If they are contributing even a small portion to something, they would be happy. Again, as they are ruled by the Mercury planet, they are strictly attached to day-to-day chores and tasks. They love to keep things tidy and get involved in work actively. They come with very high personal standards. They would prefer a neat and clean house, lonely nights, ASMR videos, solving problems, surprise outings, beautiful gardens, passionate debates, etc. Virgos don’t believe in planning when it comes to trips. Again, as they remain in stress, they would prefer ending up the day or weekend with a surprise trip or outing for complete relaxation. Such trips would reveal the inner Virgo from them which is rare to see.

Virgo is a zodiac that is represented by a woman holding a wheat stalker. This makes Virgos nature lovers. Visualizing the harvesting season, visiting gardens or parks, etc. would make them calm as they would enjoy the company of nature to keep the routine stress apart even for some time. Virgos carry an attitude of helping others. No matter whether one is looking for some physical or even mental help, Virgos are ever ready. They are intellectual and hence, the best when looking for some guidance or correct piece of advice. And when they help others, it makes them feel wanted and most of all, happy.

Now that you know the answer to is a Virgo a Water sign, you can surely make out that Virgos are surely the best friends or lovers one can have.

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