Aquarius Man Traits – What Body Type Does an Aquarius Man Like ?

According to Vedic Astrology, Aquarius men are completely unpredictable especially when it comes to selecting their better half or even an ideal body type. But they surely have certain choices or preferences that are unexpected. But if you are baffled by what body type Aquarius men like, or if you are willing to check whether you would be his choice, here is an article specially for you.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for people whose birthdate falls between 20th January to 18th February. Aquarius men are generally peculiar geniuses with brilliant brains, ideas, and plans. They are social natures who gracefully move through various friend circles. They are eccentric, entertaining, and open by nature which helps him make many friends and groups. So, if you are charmed by any Aquarius man, it surely isn’t surprising. They love to accept new opportunities.

What an Aquarius Male is Attracted to?

Thinking what kind of woman they would prefer? So, now let’s check on what an Aquarius male is attracted to in detail.

Aquarius men are mostly attracted to every kind of woman, that is of every size and shape. They don’t give much importance to physical appearance if they are intelligent and have a good personality. So,

Here are certain woman traits that attract Aquarius men at the very first sight.

Aquarius Man Traits

Loves variety

It is difficult to decide what kind of body the Aquarius men like. This is because they don’t have any particular specific type. They are more likely to go with different women types. They might get attracted to women of different sizes and shapes. In fact, one Aquarius man would date different women of different shapes and sizes in his entire life. This means any Aquarius man wouldn’t turn down any woman for her looks or physical appearance. Again, even if the Aquarius man has any kind of preferences, he wouldn’t be strict regarding it. He loves variety and this is one of the best positive things about an Aquarius man.

Unusual looks

When talking about the kind of woman the Aquarius men would be attracted to, his likes and dislikes are most of the time unconventional. An Aquarius man is not always attracted to similar stereotypically feminine traits. He might prefer to be with a woman who is unattractive. Aquarius men are completely odd, and hence, they would end up liking something different from others. Aquarius men mostly like certain features of women which for others are unattractive or weird.


Aquarius man ideal woman needs to be completely different from other women. So, if an Aquarius man is loving you or having a crush on you, it is because you are different and standing apart from the crowd. It is possible that you may hate your face for having a big nose, but that uniqueness might make you adorable for an Aquarius man. This means any unattractive feature or physical appearance of your body that you would hate might be attractive to the Aquarius man. This is because the Aquarius man wants his soulmate to be completely different from other women in the crowd.


Next on the list is flexibility. Aquarius men would always fall for flexible women no matter what body type they possess. So, if you are flexible, show it off. If you are good at gymnastics or yoga, you can surely be the soulmate of an Aquarius man even if you are not having that perfect body shape or curves. This is because you are highly flexible. There are some women who are highly flexible even if they don’t practice yoga or gymnastics. Hence, even if you aren’t into any of them, but are flexible and live an active life, there are still chances of an Aquarius man getting mad after you. If you are capable of twisting yourself in difficult poses, he would enjoy seeing that as well as love practicing yoga together with you.

Eccentric outfits

Thinking about how to impress an Aquarius man with the best outfit? Here’s a tip, make your outfit a little bit weird. Don’t wear dresses or outfits that are very similar to other women. Think of something different and have your own fashion sense added to it. Wear a dress that reveals your natural curves or shape and don’t feel ashamed or weird wearing them. Go for odd color combinations, in-trend jewelry, combine prints, etc., and be bold with your fashion sense. You might not be loud, but being intrepid and wild would surely help you impress Aquarius men towards yourself.

Last but not least, an Aquarius soulmate is one who has attractive ankles areas and calves, curvy high thighs, an enchanting personality, etc. She should be confident enough to carry herself in whatever she wears and however she appears to be. So, now are you ready to impress Mr. Aquarius?

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