Virgo Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Virgo Man Like ?

Thinking why is the Virgo zodiac entirely enticing? Virgos are totally down-to-earth and also possess various other essential qualities that catch the attention of others and also make them bizarre partners.

Virgos are highly brainy as they belong to the planet of communication and mind, Mercury. They are eloquent and smart and have the brightest brains among other zodiacs. They love to be engaged in attentive debates and conversations no matter what the topic is. Virgo individuals long for a well-kept and clean appearance. They are perfectionists and mostly focus on how they are presenting themselves to the world. Virgos love changes and are solution-oriented. And this makes it easy for anyone to compromise with them. They are also very caring for not only people but even animals around them. Hence, they also remain ahead in various charitable efforts and volunteer work for society. Virgos are loyal, sincere, and honest.

Body types that attract a Virgo man

When talking about relationships, according to you, what a Virgo male is attracted to? Are you also thinking the same? We are here with all the answers you might be looking for on the internet.

Virgo Man Traits

Let’s check on the Virgo man traits and learn what a Virgo male look for in relationships and body type.

Slender physics

Wait a minute! Are you thinking you need to be a supermodel or slim-trim for attracting Virgo males towards yourself? No. They look for thin, or slender body types with a healthy and active lifestyle. They are sure to get attracted towards a slender woman, but would also love to be in a relationship with a healthy woman no matter what her size or shape is. They would prefer to be around women who are interested in living a healthy life. What he loves to listen to is that you are neat, scrupulous, and conscientious. Apart from having a look at your body physics, he is also eager to learn about your personality.


Are you looking to catch the attention of a Virgo man? He would love to adore a woman who appears to be young than her actual age. Virgo looks for women who are innocent, pure, and youthful. It is not the physical characteristics that attract them, but the intelligence and youthfulness of the women. At the time of evaluating the soulmates, they wouldn’t get distracted by their appearance and image. If she looks young, Virgo men are sure to keep staring at her the entire day. They don’t focus on her physical appearance but make sure they give her adequate time to learn that she is a complete combination of attractiveness, friendliness, and intelligence.

Balanced facial appearance

Virgos are men who love harmony and perfection. According to them, an ideal physical appearance would be one with balanced features. So, if your face has blemishes or natural imbalances, make sure to use cosmetics for diverting attention from them. However, it should also be noted that using too much makeup would ruin the natural look and the focus of the Virgos from you. If you are looking to attract a Virgo man, either have a naturally balanced facial appearance or create one with the help of minimum makeup. Again, facial features like innocence, charm, and grace are also helpful in capturing the eyes of a Virgo. Having delicate cheekbones is also helpful to attract a Virgo man.

Elfin bodies and feet

A woman with short height is a Virgo man ideal woman according to the choice of Virgo men. They would love to date a woman who is shorter in height or reaches to their chest for that perfect adorable hug. Rather than dating heightened girls, they would prefer ones who are shorter in height compared to their height. Apart from the height, they also prefer women with small feet. If he observes a woman with a delicate face and feet, he is sure to fall for her. No doubt, a Virgo man wouldn’t check on any typical foot length, he would turn off if he observes a woman with large feet or even shoes.

Long fingers and hands

One of the important traits a Virgo man wouldn’t miss to check out is long fingers and hands. Virgo men carry hobbies like cooking, woodworking, art and craft, gardening, etc. in which they use their hands. Hence, they would also check on the hands of the women and prefer to date a woman with long hands and fingers. Apart from being long, the hands also need to be soft. Women also need to keep their hands clean and properly manicured no matter whatever work they are involved in.

So, counting if all these features fit your personality? Don’t worry, even if you are missing any one of them, Virgo men can still be with you if are graceful in your own way and if they find you attractive.

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