Is Aries a Water Sign? – Aries Fire or Water?

12 zodiac signs have been neatly categorized into four different elements that are Air, Water, Fire as well as Earth. They are categorized as such because each of the zodiac sign exhibit qualities that mirror the element under which they have been categorized. People often confuse Aries air or water element. There has been a common misconception that Aries is a wrong water sign. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are wondering,’ is Aries a water sign?’, then you are mistaken because Aries is a fire sign which is opposite to that of a water Sign.

Is Aries a Water Sign

When it comes to the question of,’ Is an Aries a water sign?’, it is a Fire sign and not a water sign. Apart from Aries, the rest of the zodiac signs that come under fire sign are Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is one of those people who usually like to do what pleases them and have little to no fear of any potential competition. Apart from that, they are also the people who don’t back out from telling the truth even if it hurt other people. Some of the other bold qualities that are embodied in Aries are impulsive decision makers, and ambition enough and they solely stand by what they say because they don’t like wasting time and like to move on with their life.

Aries a Water Sign

Personality Traits of an Aries

It is said that Aries are usually born leaders therefore it is not uncommon to discover an Aries leading the line if there is any. The following are some of the personality traits of an Aries:-


Self-confidence is the primary factor when it comes to the personality traits of Aries since they are not only instilled with confidence but also radiate confidence wherever and whenever they go. They are firm on their proposed ideas if they believe what they are saying is true by facts but this doesn’t mean they shoot down any opinions other people have. This is because they are all open to hearing suggestions and implementing them in their ideas if they think are right.

Positive energy

Aries have an immense amount of positive energy instilled in them. They are not just filled with positive energy but they are also dynamic, optimistic as well as enthusiastic even though the situation is something of a tight situation. In cases where Aries undergo a loss or attempt a mistake, they usually spend little to no time crying over that loss once they realize that the mistake can’t be undone.


One of the most unique characteristics of Aries is that they are in search of ways that will unleash their creative side. This is because they don’t like living a mundane life which is why they always try to find some artistic approach to any task that is there for them to perform.


Aries is said to be one of the zodiac signs that are not only strong but also brave. They love when life throws challenges to their face because then they get a chance to tackle them and rise above and prove themselves. This simply means they are not the ones who are scared of taking risks in their life. Finally, one of the most commendable traits of Aries is that they are very bold and can survive any downfall that life has to throw on their face.

What makes Aries Happy?

Out of many things that make an Aries happy, a few of them are listed below and discussed thoroughly:-

Clear and healthy communication

To make an Aquarius happy, one needs to listen to what an Aquarius has to say one thing about an Aries person is that they can be moody at times and in such times they appreciate someone ready to listen to them.

Being honest

Everybody heard of the infamous quote,’ Honest is the best policy’ but Aquarius live by this as there is nothing that makes an Aquarius more than an honest friend. They believe in a give-and-take relationship where believe that if anyone wants honesty from an Aquarius then they must offer the same. As for Aquarius, they choose to say the truth instead of a sugarcoating lie.

Being adventurous

Adventurous is something that Aries live by and this is because they believe that every adventure will bring them knowledge by zodiac sign, Aries is said to be in constant thirst for learning about new things. One of many ways for Aries to learn is by hunting for new places and keeps on exploring.


Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Aries being a fire sign. Now that the answer to the question, ‘Is an Aries a water sign? pretty much clarified, one can move forward and establish a strong relationship with an Aries if they want to.

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