Kaal Sarp Yoga Remedies, Symptoms and its Effects

Yogas and Doshas are an eternal part of our Vedic culture and astrology. Kaal Sarp Dosha is one of the most popular ones.

Just as its name sounds, Kaal Sarp Dosha is something quite dreadful. Its occurrence is dreaded by severe multifarious misfortunes. It is said to be the result of the past karmas, which is not entirely true. The presence of this dosha depends upon the horoscope.

The powerful dosha is known to affect naïve for a minimum of 47 years. However, the effect may last for a lifetime. 

Presence of Kaal Sarp Dosha

kaal sarp doshKaal Sarp Dosha is caused by the presence of planet Rahu in the following houses. It is a bit manageable if present in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house. However, the effects are long-lasting when Rahu occupies the 5th, 8th, or 12th house. 

How to Identify if one is suffering from Kaal Sarp Yoga? – Kaal Sarp Dosh Symptoms

The presence of Kaal Sarp Yoga can be analyzed from the natal chart of the person. Moreover, these people often see dead people and snakes in their dreams. Also, they see their ancestors or recently departed family members while they sleep or their own houses or water bodies. 

People suffering from Kaal Sarp Yoga are not self-centered at all. They are devoted to their families and society. These people are gregarious, nurturing, and altruistic. Despite being so nice, they struggle in most of their lives and feel lonely most of their life.    

Those who suffer from this data are extremely fearful of snakes and snake bites. They often dream about being coiled by a snake. Also, they fear acrophobia – the fear of being in a lonely place. 

If anyone is suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, he has Kaal Sarp dosha in his birth chart. 

How might you be suffering from Kaal Sarp dosha?

According to sacred Hindu texts, everything that happens in our lives is the result of our past actions or karmas. The statement holds for Kaal Sarp dosha, as well. If someone has killed an innocent person or animal in his previous birth, he is most likely to face this dosha in his next birth. 

Also, it is commonly said that people who have this dosha in their lives take rebirth to fulfill their unfulfilled desires. 

Kaal Sarp Yoga Remedies

The effects of Kaal Sarp dosha are manageable. There are a few incredible ways to fight it off. Minimize the impact of this misalignment through these ways:

  • Kaal Sarp dosha Nivaran pooja

Kaal Sarp Dosha is caused by the malefic effects of planet Rahu. It is difficult to propitiate the position of the planet, but there are special poojas to dampen its effects. 

The special Kaal sarp nivaran pooja is held in the temples of Trimbakeshwar and Kalahasti. There are expert pundits in these regions who perform poojas. The pooja is believed to bring significant relief from this condition. 

  • Chant powerful mantras

Those who are affected by the maleficent condition should chant mantras regularly. The list includes the following mantras: Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Vishnu Panchakshari Mantra, and Sarp Mantra.

  • Do austerities

You need to strengthen the Lord of the first, fifth, and ninth houses to dampen the power of Kaal Sarp dosha. There are special poojas and worships to observe this. 

Some austere activities can help you win over the obstacles. Do a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram and take a holy dip in the water there. Worship your ancestors, please them through oblations. Give food to charity and serve the needy. 

  • Do Sarp Raj Pooja

The process includes buying an image of a headed snake and installing it in your home. The size of the snake image may vary according to your affordability. Place the image on raw rice and offer turmeric paste to it. 

Make sure never to hurt a snake or any reptile. 

  • Wear the gemstone

It is one of the most natural remedies to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosha. Buy a Gomed (garnet) or Vaidurya (cat’s eye) and fit it in a silver ring. Wear this ring on the middle finger. 

  • Watering a peepal day every day can also be a great help. 
  • Chanting the beej mantra 108 times will also reduce its effects. Keep a string of Agate in hand while chanting the mantra. 
  • Fast on Nag Panchami and worship Nag Devta. 

Follow these remedies with all your dedication and wait for the effects. The time will change, and the effect of the kaal sarp dosha will reduce. 

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