5 Things Libra Man Dislikes in a Woman

Thinking to win the heart of a Libra man? If so, it is important to learn about Libra man likes and dislikes in a woman to know whether he would be a perfect partner for you or not.

Libra men (Born Between 22nd September to 22nd October) are popular for being harmonious and balanced. And this is what they look for in their soulmates. When it comes to selecting a life partner, they are very choosy and carry certain likes and dislikes which should be known very well. Libra men are social animals and amiable and this adds to the positive energy of people around them. They would be interested in women having similar social aura and vibrancy. One who would be capable of easily sharing their world, and who is full of life, laughter, love, and people is surely going to catch the eyes of a Libra man.

What Libra Man Dislike in Woman:-

But before starting a relationship with a Libra man, it is important to know about his dislikes in a woman as this would help in building a stronger bond. So, through this post, we shall explore what Libra man dislikes in a woman.

Libra Man Dislikes

#1 Quarrelsome women

As we all know, Libra men hate conflicts. And hence, it can be easily determined that they would hate to be in a relationship with a woman who loves to argue. Yes, some women have the habit of arguing over every small matter. And such arguments lead to huge conflicts and misunderstandings that are sure to damage the relationship at some point. In fact, a Libra man would love to be with a woman who ignores such conflicts and gives importance to the relationship. So, if you are capable of letting things go easily, and agree with the thoughts of Libra man, you can surely be his soulmate. They would love to have a peaceful and romantic life with their spouses rather than get irritated with their behavior.

#2 Unreachable women

Libra men are very romantic and sensitive. When in a serious relationship, they would love to be around their partner and make memories with her. They wish to do everything as a couple like talking, eating, movies, dates, and much more. Even if it’s simply sitting on a couch and talking with her about her day and experience, they would love it as they constantly look for the availability of someone around them both metaphorically and factually. He would prefer to be with a woman who is open and has sufficient time to spend together for building a strong relationship. They look for complete dedication and commitment in terms of relationships. So, make sure you aren’t unavailable for them as if this happens, they are sure to walk away.

#3 Critical women

No doubt Libra men are very interested in remaining updated with the latest news about the community, you would never hear them talking bad or ill about anyone. They believe that everyone is prone to making mistakes in their lives and criticizing the individual for his/her mistakes is never a solution to any issue. So, do you like criticizing others? Or do you backtalk? If yes, they are surely not going to get impressed with you. They look for women who are capable of understanding the situations of others and behaving accordingly. Criticizing the individual would surely not be liked by Libra man. So, be social and mix up with everyone, but avoid back talking about them if you want to be with a Libra man.

#4 Zero Communication

When it comes to a relationship, communication is very essential. It helps in developing a strong bond between the two and having a lifelong relationship. And when working on the Libra like and dislike list, this point can’t be ignored. Libra men like to get engaged in deep and evocative talks or conversations. This makes them emotionally connected with their partners. So, if any woman struggles to communicate, share her feelings and opinions, or express herself, she is likely to get the attention of a Libra man away from her.

#5 Insecure and Jealous women

Do you have any insecurity regarding your partner? Are you jealous if he talks with any other woman or behaves well with her? Wait, you are not compatible with a Libra man. Libra men would ignore or hate to be with women who are jealous and insecure. They would love to be with women who are confident with their relationships and most importantly themselves. According to Libra men, jealousy and insecurities just ruin the relationship. Hence, they would love to be with a woman who has confidence and trust in their relationship to avoid unwanted misunderstandings and conflicts.

So, these were some of the strict dislikes in a woman that would turn off a Libra man. A Libra man looks for an affectionate spouse who encourages him and helps him in maintaining his composure.

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