Sagittarius Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Sagittarius Man Like ?

As per Astrology, the people born between 22nd November to 21st December are Sagittarius by zodiac sign. This zodiac is represented by an archer and a centaur, which is half horse and half man. Jupiter is the ruler of the sign, which is termed the planet of fortune, luck, truth, and philosophy. Sagittarius is a fire sign and hence, Sagittarius men are very enthusiastic about their lives and fanatical. They have intense personalities and are flexible and adaptive. Sagittarius men are also inconsistent and careless. They are full of energy and work with complete dedication. They are completely free spirits and hate to act according to any routine.

So, are you looking forward to attracting a Sagittarius man? Well, every Sagittarius man has different likings for women, yet there are certainly still certain things you can predict. Through this post, let’s discuss the most searched question, what a Sagittarius male is attracted to.

Sagittarius Man Traits

Sagittarius is an easygoing man with several huge ideas. If you are having a Sagittarius man as your soulmate, kiddos, you will never have a boring life. He has complete control over his life compared to other zodiacs. Stability is missing in his nature. He is a traveler who seeks wisdom, knowledge, and truth. He might not seem to be reliable, but the fact is that he is completely trustworthy only if he finds out about a true relationship with you.

So, here are certain body types that are sure to attract a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius Man Traits

Looks for Variety

It should be noted that the likes and dislikes surely vary from one Sagittarius man to another. Every man would look for different body types, and get attracted to different kinds of women. Where some Sagittarius man would love athletic woman, some might love thin or curvy. This means if a woman is thin, but athletic she might be a choice of a Sagittarius man. Again, if you possess any characteristic that attracts him, he wouldn’t consider your body type. Hence, for attracting a Sagittarius man, you don’t need to have a perfect figure as your nature can also work magically in attracting them.

Beauty attracts them

Thinking about what attracts Sagittarius males? Beauty is the one-word answer to it. Sagittarius men can vision beauty very easily in people. And thus, he gets attracted to various different types of bodies or even natures. Yes, it is possible that a Sagittarius man would get attracted to you for your smile or even your eyes. And the more he knows you, the more he would get into you. Sagittarius men are not infatuated too. Even if a woman isn’t having that perfect figure, he would fall for her flawless appearance, style, nature, or even strengths. So, if you are looking to capture his sight, make sure you keep your beauty ahead.


One thing the Sagittarius man ideal woman shouldn’t miss out is her fashion sense. Sagittarius men are totally crazy when it comes to sexy outfits. Wait a minute. You don’t have to reveal your entire body for looking sexy. Wearing a skinny pair of jeans that reveals your curves well also works magically for them. Again, not merely wearing sexy outfits isn’t enough. Women need to carry them with utmost comfort too. All you need to do is flaunt your assets, highlight your favorite body parts, and show your curves. A combination of elegance and exclusivity is what they look for in women. Wearing the right dress would surely help you flatter your body in a sexy way to the Sagittarius men. Lastly, they also love when women try on different sexy lingerie.


Thinking about what would be next on the list? Its confidence. Even if you are not good at dressing, or having that perfect figure, but if you are confident with whatever you do, you can surely pin a Sagittarius man with yourself. If you are looking to win the heart of a Sagittarius man, make sure you carry whatever you wear with utmost confidence. For this, stand straight and keep an eye to eye contact. Walk in with confidence and talk with confidence. Never feel ashamed for however you are looking. If you are looking to have a Sagittarius male as your partner, you need to be honest with yourself. For this, dress for impressing yourself and not him. Doing so would surely grab his eyes on you.

Apart from all these, a Sagittarius soulmate can also grab the heart of a Sagittarius man with toned legs, a sexy back area, curvy thighs, etc. Be active similar to them as they would search for similar companies to explore new things and destinations. Make sure you are a fitness lover too for getting the Sagittarius man with you.

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