Pisces Man Traits – What Body Type Does Pisces Man Like ?

Are you madly in love with a Pisces guy? Or are you thinking of dating a handsome, interesting, and clever guy who is Pisces? If the answer to these questions is a big yes, and you are looking for different traits for becoming a Pisces man ideal woman, you have landed on the right page.

What Body Type Does a Pisces Man Like?

No doubt, there is no precise description of what type of body would a Pisces man get attracted to, but there are still certain characteristics Pisces men would definitely look for in the woman they would date or even marry.

A Pisces guy would surely admire ladies who are self-assured and strong. They would surely fall for a woman who has a feminine appearance, sweet smile, different personal dressing sense, toned-down makeup, class, and sophistication, and who is a dominatrix on the streets.

Here are some quick answers to what a Pisces male is attracted to.

Pisces Man Traits

Feminine feel

Yes, Pisces men love to be with a woman who possesses a feminine feel. This can have various interpretations depending on different Pisces men. While some love soft and delicate features, others might look for large lips, smooth jawline, or any other feminine physical features. Physical traits like wide thighs and hips are sure to get their attention. Pisces men wouldn’t usually be interested in any kind of ladylike physical qualities, even though this is the very first thing he would look for in any girl. So, if you are thinking to get into the eyes of a Pisces guy, make sure you work on revealing your female characteristics like expressive eyes, soothing lips, etc., and select an attire that gives your hips a flawless look.

Kind nature

Apart from the looks or physical appearance of women, Pisces men would focus on nature. Pisces men are very affectionate physically. And hence, they get immediately captured by women who look loving. They can easily get attracted to ladies who give warm hugs, have loving eyes, have enchanting personalities, etc. Women who have an open body language and are friendly by nature get into the eyes of Pisces men easily. So, if you are thinking to attract a Pisces man, work on your expressions, make eye contact while talking, converse affectionately with others, and have a kind nature. If all these are working well, no Pisces man is sure to refuse you.

Attractive hands and feet

Pisces men are very fond of feet and hands. Many guys personally pay attention to the feet and hands of women while observing any woman. However, it should also be marked that every Pisces man would have different preferences about the hands and feet of women. They love women who carry beautiful nail paints, wear high heels, and other fascinating accessories. On the other hand, some Pisces men look for hands that are powerful. Some also prefer hands that are delicate and well-cleaned. So, if you are willing a Pisces guy to notice you, make sure you work on your feet and hands along with your body, and attracting him wouldn’t be difficult.

Modest Style

When it comes to exposing your skin through your attire, Pisces men prefer women who come up with conservative dressing. For attracting a Pisces man, you don’t need to show all your assets. Merely flaunting a particular area of the body by wearing something appealing would help you get his attention. Men from this zodiac prefer being with a woman who wears comfortable and loose attire rather than wearing something that is in trend. However, it should also be noted that wearing simple wrapping clothes wouldn’t work as well. Select colorful dresses which would give you a fashionable look with utmost modesty. Again, if you are uncomfortable with a tight dress and high heels, this would surely spoil your chances of attracting a Pisces man.


This is one of the most important features the Pisces soulmate should have. No matter what your physical appearance might be, or even you wouldn’t have that diva look but if you carry yourself confidently, a Pisces guy is sure to notice you. Pisces men prefer to be with women who are confident, comfortable, and admire themselves. So, if you are thinking to attract a Pisces man, make sure you act like you are the boss, no matter wherever you are. You need to be self-assured and carry confidence while walking or even while communicating. The way you express yourself, flaunt your impressive assets, etc. would be marked by the Pisces men.

Apart from all these, women who are looking forward to a life-long relationship with a Pisces man need to have a correct posture, should be strong and definite, have beautiful eyes, etc. So, if you are having all these in your looks, you are sure to get the attention of a Pisces man quickly.

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