Sankashti Chaturthi 2021- Month Wise Dates and Time

Sankashti Chaturthi is an auspicious festival celebrated in the honour of Lord Ganesha. Every lunar month marks two Chaturthis: One is Sankashti Chaturthi and second is Vinayaka Chaturthi. Sankashti Chaturthi is the fourth day after full-moon day, also known as Poornamasi. The period is known as Krishna paksha. Vinayaka Chaturthi falls in shukla paksha, immediately after Amavasya or no-moon day.

Sankashti Chaturthi can fall on any day of the week but if it falls on Tuesday, it is considered highly auspicious. It is known as ‘Angarakhi Chaturthi.’ The day is most auspicious among all the Sankashti Chaturthi.

The auspicious day is equally popular in both Northern and Southern parts of the country especially in Maharashtra. It is celebrated with all the devotion and grandeur. The term “Sankashti” literally means “deliverance during difficult times” and Chaturthi means the fourth day, the day of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Lord Ganesha helps you overcome all the obstacles of life and you will be a winner in almost every situation of life.

Rituals of Sankashti Chaturthi

  1. Because the day is considered auspicious, devotees get up early on this day and spend it worshipping the Lord Ganesha. A strict fast is observed in the honour of deity. People observe fasts or partial fasts on this day and eat devour fruits, plants and vegetables. The staple Indian diet also includes sabudana, peanuts and potatoes.
  2. The pooja of Sankashti chaturthi is done in the evening after moon rise. The idol of Lord is placed on Durva grass and is decorated with fresh flowers. A lamp is lit and people chant Vedic mantras. They read Vrat katha of the specific month and broke the fast after seeing the moon.
  3. Modaks are the special naivedya for the day. The favourite food of Lord Ganesha is prepared to offer. It is the prashad which is distributed after the pooja.
  4. A special pooja dedicated to the moon or Chandra Deva is also performed on the day of Sankashti chaturthi. It involves sprinkling water, chandan, kesar, rice and water in the direction of moon.
  5. It is considered auspicious to recite Ganesh ashtothra, sankatnashana sthotra and Vakhratunda mahakaay. All the Vedic mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesha should be recited on this auspicious day.

Significance of the Sankashti Chaturthi

It is considered significant to see moon on this special day. The ardent devotees of Lord Ganesha believe praying to the deity with dedication will fulfill all their wishes, and they will lead a happy and prosperous life.

The day is considered equally important for childless couples. They observe this fast in order to seek blessings from God to have a child. God Ganesha is worshiped with lotus petals.

As the lunar month changes, the sankashti chaturthi also changes. Each chaturthi of lunar month is different from other and each has a different vrat katha.

The significance of Ganesh Chaturthi is mentioned in many great Hindu scriptures like “Bhavishya purana” and “Narsimha Purana”. It was also explained by Lord Krishna to Yushishtra, the elder one of all the Pandavas.

After every four years, there comes a year when 13 Sankashti chaturthi falls. The katha for that lunar month is called adika.

Sankashti chaturthi 2021 Dates and Time

Date Day Timings
02nd January 2021 Saturday 02nd Jan 09:09 AM to 03rd Jan 08:22 AM
31st February 2021 Sunday 31st Jan 08:24 PM to 03rd Jan 06:24 PM
02nd March 2021 Tuesday 02nd Mar 05:46 AM to 03rd Mar 02:59 AM
31st March 2021 Wednesday 31st Mar 02:06 PM to 01st Apr 10:59 AM
30th April 2021 Friday 29th Apr 10:09 PM to 30th Apr 07:09 PM
29th May 2021 Saturday 29th May 06:33 AM to 30th May 04:03 AM
27th June 2021 Sunday 27th Jun 03:54 PM to 28th Jun 02:16 PM
27th July 2021 Tuesday 27th Jul 02:54 AM to 28th Jul 02:28 AM
25th August 2021 Wednesday 25th Aug 04:18 PM to 26th Aug 05:13 PM
24th September 2021 Friday 24th Sep 08:29 AM to 25th Sep 10:36 AM
24th October 2021 Sunday 24th Oct 03:01 AM to 25th Oct 05:43 AM
23rd November 2021 Tuesday 22th Nov 10:26 PM to 24th Nov 12:55 AM
22rd December 2021 Wednesday 22nd Dec 04:52 PM to 23rd Dec 06:27 PM

The date and timings of the sankasthi chaturthi may change with the change in geographical location because moon rise is observed at different time in different states.

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