Is Cancer a Water Sign? – Cancer Water or Air?

The symbol of this zodiac sign, Cancer is that of a crab.  A short description that suits Cancer is that they are generally sensitive and are also emotional at times. The people whom they love have a special place in their hearts and Cancerians are ready to go above and beyond to do anything for their loved ones.

Is Cancer a Water Sign?

If the question ‘Is cancer a water sign’ often strikes you, then you are right because it is. Besides being a water sign, this zodiac sign is also said to be one of the four cardinal signs that mainly deals with beginnings and origins. Furthermore, Cancerians are very innovative and always think out of the box to get something done. In a nutshell, the words that can be used to Cancer people are emotional, protective, and caring.

cancer water sign

Personality traits of cancer;

So, now that it is known whether cancer is air or water, it will come in handy to know about the personality traits of the zodiac sign. The following are said to be the personality traits of Cancer:-


Cancer is said to be the zodiac sign that is the most loyal. They are loyal to a level that they will go to an extent for their loved ones. But as loyal as they can be, they also demand payback. They expect that the same amount of effort is reverted to them. In all this, the one catch here is that, since they are head over heels in love with you, chances are that they will have no respect for your privacy since they will want to be included in almost everything that you do.


One thing about a Cancer person is that it’s usually very hard for them to let things go and this is because they are very emotional at times. It’s almost difficult for such people to get rid of feelings that are associated with the people from their past. This also means, that if one enters into a Cancer life, there is a high chance that the latter will remember the former for life, and everything related to the person such as their birthday will also hold special importance for Cancer people.


Cancerians have an intuition on a supernatural level since they can almost guess what a person is thinking. Besides this, there is almost a good percentage of chance that cancer would know what you did. Therefore, manipulating and lying to them will produce no result. And due to this very nature of Cancer, they may become oversensitive since all the time they will try to work their mind to know who’s lying and who’s not.


If their mood is fine, cancer is said to be a very good company to hang out with since they are funny, insightful, indulgent as well and adventurous. However, their mood keeps on changing concerning the movement in the moon phase. As opposed to the earlier mentioned nature, this side of cancer asks for payback for all the entertainment and loyalty they served to other people.

What Makes Cancer Happy?

After answering the question, ‘Is cancer a water sign?’ it is a handful of information to know about all the things that can make cancer happy. The following things are known to have made a Cancer happy:-

Being vulnerable

While in a relationship, expressing your emotions may be the best way to keep a Cancer happy. This is because when a Cancer man is told that he is loved and the actions match the words, it will make him feel that he is secure where he is and need not panic.

Admiring a Cancer’s willpower

In the case of a Cancer woman, she demands respect. She expects that her independence is respected at all costs. In terms of relationships, being the dominant partner to Cancer women may be considered as a wrong decision. Furthermore, she is all open to suggestions but doesn’t like taking orders from anyone.

Enjoying regular things

Cancer loves nothing more than just chilling at their own home. So to make cancer happy, all that a person needs to do is just entertain themselves at home. They can do fun activities at home such as watching some Netflix movies and if not that then a simple in-home game night will also do the magic.


Water signs are mostly related to people feeling too much of something along with a significant borderline psychic. This is the reason, why zodiac signs that belong to the water sign can become too attached to relationships than necessary they end up with unstable anxious attachment behavior which is considered unhealthy at times. Thus now that you have your answer to the question, ‘Is cancer a water sign?’, you have all the information that you need to know regarding Cancer, and it is a water sign.

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