Importance of Adhik Maas – What to Donate in Adhik Maas/Purushottam Maas

The term Adhik Maas is derived from Sanskrit language, which means ‘extra month’. Lord Vishnu is considered as the Lord of Adhik Maas According to the term, an additional lunar month apart from the normal twelve months is added to the Hindu calendar. The whole concept of this is to establish a balance between both the lunar as well as the solar calendars.

When is Adhik Maas in 2023?

In Adhik Maas, Lord Vishnu’s devotees indulge themselves in numerous religious and spiritual activities. When it comes to Adhik Maas 2023 date, it is somewhere between July 18, 2023, and August 16, 2023.

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Adhik Maas and Purushottam

Adhik Maas or Purushottam Maas has a very great significance. It is also known as Mal Maas. It is derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘the Supreme Divine Being’. The whole association strongly implies the sacred value that this extra lunar month holds. However, both the term mirror the special time when the devotees offer to strengthen their spiritual connection with god. In a nutshell, the whole Adhik Maas period can be termed as seeking blessings from god.

In 2023, since the Shravan Maas is aligned with Adhik Maas, it is considered very special and sacred since it is happening after a solid 19 years. The whole convergence leads to a time for all the devotees to leave no stone unturned to strengthen their upcoming spiritual journey.

Adhik Maas origination

The Adhik Maas follows the moon cycle whereas the solar calendar follows the sun cycle. At times, both calendars fail to align which thereby leads to misalignment. To correct the misalignment, the Adhik Maas is made to intercalate with the lunar calendar. The frequency of doing this is once every three years. When the Adhik Maas is included, the solar and lunar calendars are balanced back together. Thus, in a way, it can be said that Adhik Maas is an effective way of bringing a sacred balance between the solar and lunar calendars.

Adhik Maas benefits

Some of the wide variety of benefits of Adhik Maas include the following:-

  • One can purify their sin.
  • By performing nivaran puja through professional Brahmin in adhik maas, all the potential negative effects in the horoscope will be eliminated.
  • Initiating several selfless acts will help in adding to the spiritual merit.
  • It is considered that visiting pilgrimage during this time is considered a holy time.
  • Conducting fast during Adhik Maas, several yagnas, one will be able to achieve peace, happiness, and harmony.
  • Waking up between 4 am to 6 am and performing spiritual activities such as ablution and Sodashopachara puja to Lakshmi-Narayana idols, will help in getting blessings from god.

What should we do in adhik Maas?

In the entire month of Adhik Maas, devotees are advised to perform many rituals that also include having fast, chanting mantras, and so on. People can also go fasting at stipulated timings that the relevant Brahmins provide. The fasting or Vrat can vary on many ranges it can be either a full day, weekly, or sometimes a full month. Other variants of fasting include either complete fasting with or without water.

Numerous Samakaras such as Jaat Karma, Naam Karma, and Grahan Shraddh can be performed. All the basic household chores can be done but chores that one can go without doing can be continued. Besides this, basic works such as Jwar Shanti, and Parjanyeshti can also be performed. Shraddh is linked with Yugadi, as well as Manvadi can be carried out with Teertha Shraddh, Nitya Shraddh, and Darshan Shraddh.

What to Donate in adhik Maas?

It is advisable to donate only on a day or when the sun is up. Donating after the sun is set is something that one should refuse to do. Donations at night or after the sun is set should be done only when there is Sankranti, Yagya marriages, Surya, or Chandra Grahan

Donations as per the Adhik Maas dates are mentioned below:-

  • On Pratipada or Ekam, it is advised to donate ghee in a pot or a silver lamp.
  • On the second day, gold item in bronze is advisable to donate.
  • On Tritiya, roasted gram or gram lentils donation is advised.
  • On Chaturthi, dates and khaark is an ideal decision.
    on Panchami, pulses of Tuvar or Gud can be donated.
  • On Shashti, copper agarja is recommended to donate.
  • On Saptami, red sandalwood donation is a wise decision.
  • On Ashtami, it is advised to donate Ashta Gandha or Desi Kapoor.
  • On Navami, saffron should be donated.
  • On Dahsami, Kasturi donations can be made.
  • On the auspicious day of Ekadashi, conch shell donation can be done.
  • On Dwadasi, Gau Lochan or Gorochan is advised.
  • On Trayodashi, Guru Ghantal or a bell donation should be made.
  • On Chaturdashi, a pearl garland or pearl donation is advisable.
  • Finally, on full moon day, gems and rubies donations should be done.


The entire month of Adhik Maas is composed of several spiritual offerings, puja, devotion, and charity with continuous mantra chanting. All these practices actively help in purifying all kinds of thoughts which will thereby help them in establishing a healthy connection with the ultimate almighty, God. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about adhik Maas.

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