What is Vashikaran and Meaning – Vashikaran Mantra, Symptoms of Vashikaran

Does the word Vashikaran scare you? Do you resemble it with any kind of black magic or something similar to that? Well, Vashikaran is nothing but one of the ancient magic practices that help people longing to meet particular needs. However, many people are afraid of merely hearing this word. Are you among them?

Through this piece of information, let’s discuss what is Vashikaran and how it works in brief for a clear understanding.

Vashikaran – An Introduction:

So, what is Vashikaran? Vashikaran is basically among the oldest magic performs or practices that help people in achieving their particular needs or wishes. Talking about Vashikaran word meaning, Vashi in the word stands for Vash while Karan in the word stands for Karna. Hence, a simple meaning of the word Vashikaran is having control over someone.


This might surprise you, but Vashikaran is of two types, Bad Vashikaran, and Good Vashikaran, and what makes them different from each other is the intention behind its occurrence. The purpose behind good Vashikaran is something good, while the intention of spelling bad Vashikaran is bad or to harm someone.

Thinking about Vashikaran meaning as per Astrology, Vashikaran is a kind of mantra or ritual used for gaining control over someone’s mind, soul, or situation. This also includes the mind and soul of an animal. Popularly known as a love spell, this ancient practice was initially carried out as a religious tradition in the ancient time, however, these days it is widely linked with the supernatural or mysterious world, attracting love, and Jyotish Vidhya.

Vashikaran helps people in getting a solution for various life problems they are suffering from. As an astrological tool, it provides help with situations that are difficult to understand and get how to get rid of them. When you are going through tough times, there are people with the presence of whom the situation worsens. Many times starting a relationship or falling in love with certain individuals push you back and bring bad luck to your life. Due to this, the individual’s confidence level falls down and this affects his/her reputation in society or even at the workplace. They lose interest in life and accept the fact that their life would never recover. For such people, Vashikaran comes with various solutions.

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Symptoms of Vashikaran:

So, what are the symptoms of Vashikaran? How would you know if someone has made a spell or Vashikaran on you or someone? Here are some of the symptoms that would help you know if the person is suffering from Vashikaran.

  • If the individual continuously thinks of any particular person without any particular reason, he/she might be affected by vashikaran spell by someone.
  • The individual reveals sudden nonconformity from his/her actual behavior which is completely unexpected by other close members like getting angry all of a sudden or remaining in depression, etc.
  • When vashikaran mantra to control someone is used, the affected person would continuously remain in a confused mental condition. He/she wouldn’t be able to take correct decisions and would feel twitchy. Completing day-to-day task would also be impossible for them.
  • If a strong spell is used for vashikaran, the person might remain awake or feel sleepless for many nights. He/she might also suffer from food aversion and become weak both physically and mentally.
  • The individual wouldn’t respond to any kind of medical treatment for the health condition he/she might be suffering from as no disease would be diagnosed and he/she would keep on getting weaker as days pass.
  • If any individual is suffering from fearful dreams, particularly death dreams, which wouldn’t allow him/her to sleep chances are high he/she is under a vashikaran spell.
  • When any individual becomes mentally uncomfortable or unstable during certain days like new moon day or full moon day, chances are high that he/she is suffering from vashikaran.

The individuals suffering from vashikaran would keep crying for hours without any serious reason. He/she becomes aggressive suddenly or might become quiet and wouldn’t utter even a single word for hours or days.

Is performing Vashikaran good or bad?

Is Vashikaran works good to use? This question disturbs nearly the mind of everyone thinking to use the Vashikaran spell. As it comes up with a dark background, people are still afraid of using the spell. But what is the fact?

According to various Astrologers, performing the Vashikaran spell or mantra, is completely good, until you are using the ritual for achieving something in the right way and with good or positive intentions. The spell shouldn’t be performed by any general individual. It is good to take the help of experts who are practicing the ritual as they perform it with complete protection for the people involved in the process. The rituals are very strong and hence experts know how to handle them with utmost care for finding the solutions without harming anyone for a happy life.

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