In Which Leg to Wear Black Thread for Ladies? and Benefits

Are your grandparents or parents suggesting you make your child wear a black thread anklet? You might have seen many individuals who have worn black thread on their ankles. Where some might have worn it for fashion, others have worn it for protection. But what is the logic of wearing a black thread? Do you want to know some facts related to it? Simply scroll down for all your answers.

Since ancient times, it has been a tradition or custom of wearing black thread in various cultures. Black thread symbolizes protection. Protection against evil spirits, negative vibes, and bad luck. On the other hand, some people find wearing black thread on their ankles trendy or stylish. And in some cultures, women are found wearing black thread on the ankles as a symbol of enablement. Even today, a black thread is tied on the ankle of the newborn baby to keep negativity away from the baby and keep it safe from evil spirits. But what are the benefits of wearing black thread? On which leg is the black thread worn? Let’s today search for the answers to all these questions.

Wear Black Thread for Ladies

What are the benefits of wearing black thread?

As per Astrology, wearing a black thread is very protective and beneficial. Here are some benefits of wearing black thread on the ankle based on Astrology and science.

Protection from Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets if come into the house of any enemy planet, or become disturbed, leave a malice effect on the life of the individual. Wearing a black thread on the ankle would help in the protection against any kind of malevolence of Rahu and Ketu.

Protection against evil spirits

In India, it is believed that many people carry negativity in their hearts. And this can be harmful to other people. When they are hurt by anyone or feel jealous about anyone’s successful life, they can have an evil eye which can be harmful. And wearing a black thread would help in keeping the evil spirits and negative energy coming to you. It also protects you from any kind of black magic.

Good for stomach health

Are you suffering from naval dislocation? In India, it is believed that the naval sometimes gets dislocated from its original position, which leads to acute stomach pain. Wearing a black thread would help in locating the naval back to its position and reducing stomach pain.

Possess Healing power

Are you suffering from a leg injury? Wearing a black thread would help in reducing the pain as it possesses amazing healing power. Wearing a black thread is also helpful in reducing arthritis pain.

Brings wealth and good luck

Wearing a left-leg black thread anklet is very helpful for inviting good luck. Black thread is helpful in protection against the negativity of Shani Dev and pleases Saturn planet which invites good luck, fortune, and wealth to the family and the individual.

Apart from all these, wearing a black thread would be helpful in reducing the evil effects in case you are having Shani Dosh in Kundali. It also helps in improving the immunity of small kids who fall sick every now and then.

In which leg is black thread worn?

Are you thinking you should wear a black thread in which leg? According to Vedic Astrology, a black thread is worn on the left leg for women, while men should wear it on the right leg but on Tuesdays. However, the black thread is worn according to the zodiac sign for both women and men. Like if you are suffering from any kind of danger, or looking to increase your power, wearing a black thread on the right leg is beneficial. Similarly, wearing black thread on the left leg would be beneficial to avoid any kind of accident or looking for some steadiness in life.

Black thread on which leg for gents?

As per Vedic Astrology, men should wear black thread or nazar ka dhaga on their right leg. They should wear it on Tuesdays.

Can I wear black thread in right leg?

Black thread is usually worn on the left leg ankle. This helps in eliminating any kind of negative impact, evil spirits, etc., and inviting good fortune. However, men should wear it on the right leg.

Wearing black thread is helpful to both men and women in different ways as per their zodiac signs. However, it should be marked that Scorpio and Aries zodiacs should avoid wearing the black thread as it invites problems in their lives. It can add anxiety and restlessness to their life. Wearing black thread would lead to failure in any task or effort.

Again, it should also be marked that after wearing the Black Thread, Gayatri Mantra should be enchanted to obtain all the positive benefits.

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