How Many Children Lord Krishna Have?

Of all prevailing Hindu deities, Krishna is one of the most popular and strong who was born in northern India in Mathura. He is regarded as many things including a romantic lover, a noble advisor as well a s a mischievous child. Lord Krishna was somebody who was filled with an immense amount of knowledge. Furthermore, he is also termed to be the greatest Karma Yogi of all time to have ever existed. Along with having intellectual power, he also had a large amount of physical strength in him.

It is speculated that he was born around 3228 BC. He was born to Devaki who was Kansa’s sister and Vasudeva who was the ruler of the Yadava clan. As soon as he was born, Vasudeva smuggled him out of Mathura and took him to Gokula. In Gokula, he was brought by Nanda and Yashoda.

Lord Krishna’s Married Life

When it comes to his married life, it is said that Krishna was married to 16,108 along with the 8 Ashta Lakshmi. However, Krishna is majorly linked with Radha who is considered as his beloved. It is said that they had 10 sons together and the name of a few are Samba and Pradyumna.

Apart from this, it is also said that he even had several other children not only with his wives but also with the Vrindavan’s gopis. An estimated number, when it comes to the number of Krishna sons and daughters, it is assumed that Lord Krishna has 180 daughters and around 80 sons altogether. This is all about the Krishna family tree.

How Many Children Lord Krishna Have

Lord Krishna Wives

Krishna married thousands of women. After rescuing the eight principal wives, he also married them. Some of the names of many Krishna wives are Bhadra, Rukmini, and Satyabhama. Lord Krishna is termed as a very devoted husband to all of his respective wives.

Lord Krishna’s Sons

If you ever wonder who the son of Lord Krishna is, then he had around 80 sons. Out of all the sons that Krishna had, the most famous names are mentioned below:-


Lord Krishna’s son, Samba was mainly in highlight for being a troublemaker. He created parental problems to a level that legend has it that he dressed up as a woman.


The eldest son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini was named Pradyumna who was born in Dwarka. He was known for his bravery.


Lord Krishna adopted Kritaverma and raised him as his own. In the whole event of Mahabharata, Kritavarma played a very significant role.


Pradyumna’s son’s name was Aniruddha who fell in love with Usha. Usha was a demon named Banasura’s daughter. Their love stories are labeled among the most well-known love stories to have ever existed.

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Lord Krishna’s Daughters

Out of all the 180 daughters that Lord Krishna, some of the names are mentioned below:-


Charumati was Lord Krishna’s daughter’s name. Her mother was Satyabhama who later got married to the Yadava prince.


Rukmini and Lord Krishna’s daughter’s name is Sushila. Sushila was very beautiful to look at. As she was in love with Abhimanyu, Ajuna and Subhadra’s son, later when they grew up, they married and hence lead a peaceful life.


Lord Krishna’s and his wife Jambavati’s daughter’s name was Bhadra. Later, she was married to Duryodhana. Duryodhana was Lord Krishna’s cousin who was the main antagonist in the whole event of Mahabharata.

Pradyumna; the eldest son

In terms of Lord Krishna’s kids, Pradyumna is the eldest of all. Lord Krishna and his first wife, Rukmini who was the Vidarbha princess had a son named Pradyumna. Pradyumna is considered the incarnation of Kama, the God of love. Lord Shiva burnt Kama through his third eye.

Once Pradyumna was a baby when Sambara, a demon abducted him and threw him into the ocean where a fish swallowed him, Mayavati, the demon’s wife found him inside the fish and then raised him as his son. However, when Lord Krishna found out about this, he rescued his son and united Pradyumna with his family.

Pradyumna was perceived as someone who had both physical as well as intellectual strength. He played very crucial in the event of Mahabharata. Later, he married Apsara Kalini. After some time, they became parents of Aniruddha who was hence the grandson of Lord Krishna.


Thus, these are all there was to know about Krishna’s children’s names. the whole story of Bhagavad Gita circles him where he taught devotion, wisdom, and all noble attributes that are there to know. As per many Hindu beliefs, it is known that Lord Krishna had many sons and daughters. It was said that he and Jamabavati had a son, Samba in the Mahabharata.

All the wives were looking young till the last day on earth and the reason behind this is because they had the divine blessings of Vishnu. The wives never fought with each other and they lived peacefully hardly creating any trouble or chaos.

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