Kantaka Shani Effects and Remedies

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What is Kantaka Shani?

As per Astrology, time never stops for anyone. The planets keep on moving and so does their position according to the natal position, also termed as the planet transit. The planetary positions and combinations are recorded at the time of your birth, and on the basis of them, the Horoscope is prepared. The Horoscope is helpful in indicating all the events that would take place in your life. But the time of the occurrence of the events depends on the planet’s transit and Dasha of the planets.

Kantaka Shani is a phase when Saturn or Shani acts as a bristle in the leg. During this phase, the individual suffering from Kantaka would face downfall in nearly every activity of their life. The main reason behind such a bad phase is the rise of Shani or Kantaka Shani in Saturn’s transit in the 4th, 7th, and 10th signs from Arudha Lagna, Moon sign, or Lagna causing Kantaka to operate.

Kantaka Shani

So, when does Shani or Kantaka Shani take place? There are certain phases when Kanataka Shani takes place. Here is the list of Kantaka Shani effects.

  • When an individual takes a wrong decision, he is sure to suffer as Lagna is said to be the intelligence part. This kind of Kanataka Shani happens regarding Lagna.
  • When Kantaka Shani takes place regarding Arudha Lagna the individual’s career and finance are highly affected. The Arudha Lagna represents society’s observations. The effect of this Shani falls on your image towards the society which is likely to get damaged.
  • When Kantaka Shani takes place with reference to the Moon, the individual would suffer both emotionally and physically. This happens due to the Chandra or Moon that illustrates their mind and body.

When Shani or Saturn arrives on Lagna, it comes near to the place causing death or the Marana Karaka Sthana. This destroys the intellect of the individual. Again, if the Shani transits from the fourth house, the cure would be denied as the fourth house is the healing house.

Remedies for Kantaka Shani:

Shani is the God of justice. And justice is served by Shani Dev equally without considering the status or any other aspects. Be it a devil, God, or even a common human, Shani Dev punishes everyone equally. When an individual suffers from Kantaka Shani, his/her entire life flips considering every aspect. Hence, it is important to work over the remedies as soon as possible.

Here are some Shani remedies one can practice when suffering from Kanataka Shani effects.

  • The individual should fast for 51 Saturdays.
  • The individual should only eat khichdi made out of black urad daal and rice after sunset when fasting on Saturdays.
  • It is advised to wear a blue Sapphire stone in any jewelry.
  • The sufferer should wear either a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha bead, 14 Mukhi Rudraksha bead, or a Shani mala made using 36 beads of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha and 1 bead of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • The individual should perform Hanuman Pooja by lighting a lamp of ghee in front of his idol and chanting the Hanuman mantra on Saturdays.
  • On Saturdays, the individual should donate sesame seeds.
  • The individual should also wear a pendant of Shani Yantra.
  • The sufferer should also wear a Shani ring which is available from Shani Shinganapur.
  • The individual should also worship Lord Shiva with the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Apart from all these, to remain safe and secure during this period, the individual should also perform the following activities.

  • The individual should look after his/her parents and try to fulfill all their wishes.
  • The individual should also serve poor, handicapped, and old people and try to donate something to them if possible.
  • The individual suffering from Kantaka Shani should try not to get involved in any kind of heated argument with anyone.
  • Consuming non-veg food and alcohol should also be prohibited if the effects of Kantaka Shani are observed.
  • The individual suffering from Shani’s effects should chant Shri Rudram.

The individual suffering from Kantaka Sani would face worse conditions in his/her life. He/she might have to frequently go to the court, or police stations, get imprisoned, suffer from severe health issues, end up meeting losses, or might have to even leave his hometown. During this phase of life, it is advisable to remain calm as much as possible. Another important remedy to Kantaka Shani effects is to reside the Kantaka Shani Mantra at home. The individual should have a morning bath, sit facing the western direction, and recite the Kantaka Shani Mantra 11 times for reducing the harmful effects.

Shani Dev is the Lord of Justice. Hence, practicing all the remedies would surely help in working over the effects and limiting them.

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