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Each of the zodiac signs comes with a certain power that is associated with specific colors. The zodiac sign, Aries, is one of them. Just like any other signs, there are Aries zodiac colors out of which some are considered to be lucky while few of the rest are termed to be unlucky. By now you must be wondering what is Aries favorite color that is also the strongest, well The answer is red. More about the lucky and unlucky colors of Aries are mentioned further in the blog.

Aries Favorite Color

Aries Lucky Colors Aries Unlucky colors
●      Red

●      Orange

●      Pink

●      Yellow

●      Blue

●      Black

aries colors

Aries Color: Likes and Dislikes

Out of all the zodiac signs, Aries is said to be the first sign of all. Aries people are born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April. Aries people are said to be courageous and daring enough impersonating the personality of a lion. The zodiac sign does everything in their power to put their best in every work they do and they refuse to settle for anything less. The things that Aries always pursues are competition; continuous striving to be better, and constant efforts to be first in everything be it work, school, college, and even social gatherings.

In terms of Aries’s likes and dislikes, they love to participate in anything challenging where they have to do physical tasks. Aries also loves to lead the group and in sports, Aries usually goes for the table, lawn tennis, badminton, tennis, and such. On the contrary, part, when it comes to the dislikes of Aries, remaining idle is something that they hate. As Aries loves to participate, delaying the work is something that they are totally against.

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Colors Aries Can Use

In terms of Aries color, the following are said to be the colors that they should prefer, and the reason why they should is mentioned below:-


Aries’s favorite color is red. It is said that this color plays a vital role in bringing courage, passion, and success. As inevitable as it is, success comes with happiness as it implies that an individual is doing what they are best at and enjoys doing it.


The color orange implies adventure and creativity that help in bringing out good luck. Since with good luck, good fortunes come too, wearing orange is often recommended. Furthermore, nobody wants to be surrounded with negative energy, to get rid of that energy, one should invite good luck by wearing orange.


To help in deepening the connections with people, it is important to get along with them. However, Aries often struggles to do this. But with the color pink, one will be able to do that. This is because pink is considered a subdued version of the red color.


Emotionally opening up to someone is a very big step and is one of the biggest things one can do. The yellow color will help Aries to do so. Irrespective of whether it’s about opening up to somebody close or even to a therapist, the yellow color will help Aries to do so.

Colors Aries Should Avoid

When it comes to Aries’s color that they should avoid, there are selective colors, one of which is black color. Apart from black, the following colors should also be avoided by an Aries person:-


The color black is linked with Saturn and it is labeled as an antagonist to Mars, the planet. If Aries wear something black such as clothing then there is a high chance that most of the time they will feel irritated. The individual will also be filled with negative thoughts all the time which will benefit none.


Blue is yet another color that Aries should avoid at any cost. Although for many people, blue is said to be their lucky color from which they can harness bravery, it will dampen the spirit of an Aries. This is one of many reasons why Aries should go for red and not blue.


Aries are said to have a passionate nature and they carry the capability of lighting up a room. The fact that Aries cares about people makes it a plus point to have an Aries around. However, there will be times when the fiery energy of Aries will backfire at the times, such as when they are in a relationship. This is why it is very important to ensure that Aries has his energetic personality in control. Thus, this is all the information that is there to know about Aries regarding the lucky and unlucky colors.

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