Why Lord Krishna Wear Peacock Feather? – Mor Pankh of Lord Krishna

Lord Vishnu’s 8th incarnation is Krishna who goes by multiple names such as Kanah and Kanhaiya. Not thousands, but millions of people worship Lord Krishna. It is said that Krishna was born around 5200 years ago and is considered one of the strongest Lord Vishnu’s incarnations. When it comes to his look, Lord Krishna wears tons of ornaments. However, one special ornament of his look is a beautiful peacock feather on his head. feather is also known as mor pankh. People often wonder why Krishna wears peacock feathers. There is a brief reason as to why he does that.

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Back Story about Lord Krishna and Peacock Feathers

Once on a summer morning, Krishna was taking a nap in the Vrindavan forest. But he woke up early and thought of waking up the cowherd as they were resting at home. To wake them up, he took out his flute and played it and by this, he also called back the cows that were afar.

However, when Krishna played this flute, he somehow attracted all the peacocks that were in the Vrindavan forest. As a result, many peacocks came near Krishna and then out of joy, they surrounded him and began dancing. Lord Krishna was elated to see them and hence encouraged them to dance more. After some time, out of joy, the peacocks started crying. Their voice was so loud that people across Vrindavan can hear it.

As the peacocks started jumping around, they started to flap their wings. After some time, the King of the peacock approached lord Krishna and touched his feet. It made such sounds that Krishna took those sounds as a thank-you note. The peacocks then requested Krishna to dance along with them and as humble as Krishna is, he gladly accepted the request and started dancing with them.

As soon as Krishna joined the peacocks; they began increasing the intensity of their voice so that they could match with his steps. Krishna was so indulged in dancing and vibing with the melodies of peacock and flute that he increased the pace of his steps and the peacocks were unable to keep up with his speed. All the animals who were in the Vrindavan forest came to the spot to watch him and the peacocks dance.

The fluet of Lord Krishna was so encouraged by watching him perform that it began to play on its own. After a brief period, the peacocks got tired and stopped dancing but Lord Krishna continued to dance for many days. The day when he stopped, it was like a dead silence there. That’s when the king peacock approached him and bowed down and said to Lord Krishna:-

‘Oh! Supreme Lord! You created a festival of bliss for which we will be forever indebted to you! As we must offer you ‘Gurudakshina’, I hereby request you to accept our feather! Please do wear them as decorum on your crown.’

After this, no sooner did the king peacock drop many feathers around him, Krishna picked up some of them and hence put them in his turban. Ever since then, he continued wearing peacock feathers on his crown.

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Lesson from the Feather story

The core lesson that this story of Krishna peacock feather teaches us is that, we should be open to accepting things that are offered to us no matter how big or small the offering is. For the feathers that the peacock dropped down for Krishna, he put in his crown to display his acceptance towards the peacocks. It also teaches that we should offer lord what we can at best and we should do this with a pure heart and utter devotion from within.

Other stories behind Krshna peacock feather

Few people also have a strong belief that the peacock feather is a symbol of Maya. The core Krishna teaching mainly circles around the fact that both the Universe and living beings in it are just a Maya that he has created.

In the case of peacock feathers, the colors in the feather are present because of structural coloration. Our eyes can see the brilliant colors in the peacock feathers only when the light waves enter the keratin layers of multiple widths that lie on. However, in reality, there is only brown pigment in the back of the keratin layers. Likewise, to make people understand the Maya that he has created, Krishna wears the feather in his crown. Thus, just like Krishna wears the feather in his crown if we keep the idea of Maya in our minds, we will be able to live a life that is free of any kind of pain and sorrow.


Krishna’s birthday is celebrated as per the Hindu calendar and the name of the festival is Janmashtami. For Krishna, mor pankh acceptance was something that he could have expressed his gratitude to the peacocks. The entire story is an amalgamation of how one should never scale the materialistic value of things that are offered to him or rather happily accept them with kindness.

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