Which Colour to Wear on Which Day?

What should I wear today? This question disturbs nearly everyone every morning especially when the closet is filled with too many clothes making it hard to decide. Most people pick up random colors every day, however, there are some people who prefer taking the help of Astrology or Vedic Astrology for deciding which color to wear on which day.

According to Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, the planetary positions are responsible for various acts taking place in every individual’s life. This includes details like strengths, weaknesses, future forecasts, marriage possibilities, and much more. Similarly, every day of the week also has some resemblance with an equivalent planet. Hence, every day of the week is associated with a particular color. And every color of the week has a certain importance or symbolism in human life.

Which Colour to Wear on Which Day

Through this piece of information, let’s today study which color to wear on which day Astrology is in brief.

#1 Sunday – Red

The ruling Lord of Sunday is the Sun, and the color people should wear on Sunday is Red. Again, Sunday is dedicated to Lord Sun also who is worshipped with red flowers on this day. According to Astrology, the Sun is the replication of the soul. Performing Suryanamaskar or Sun salutations on Sunday is a great way of honoring the fatherly Sun. Hence, paying salutations to the Sun is considered to be beneficial for health and also provides positive energy.

#2 Monday – Moon

Monday is ruled by the Moon. White color is associated with this day. Wearing white on this day would help in honoring the feminine energy within. Wearing white on Monday would also help in reducing stress levels and inspire communication among the natives. Thus, individuals should wear white outfits or family pearls. The ruling stone of the Monday is moonstone, pearl, and conch. Manic Mondays are connecting Mondays, and hence, one should go out with family and friends on this day.

#3 Tuesday – Red

Are you thinking about which colour to wear on Tuesday? Well, similar to Sundays, people should also wear Red outfits on Tuesdays. The ruling planet of this day is Mars. Mars provides us with energy and zest. Again, it is also said that if you are having pitta dosha in your kundali, wearing a red coral necklace on Tuesday would give you soothing benefits. However, Mars is considered to be a malefic planet, and hence, people should avoid negotiations, conceptions, weddings, traveling, etc. on this day. But this is the best day for pursuing athletic competitions and endeavors.

#4 Wednesday – Green

The answer to which colour to wear on Wednesday is Green. The ruling planet of Wednesday is Mercury. Wednesday is the day dedicated to self-care and mind. Hence, surrounding yourself with green color would boost creative thinking. It would also calm the brain. Mercury provides naive energy, merriment, and amazing intellect. Again, this planet rules commerce, education, and communication. So, go green on Wednesday by wearing green outfits, a piece of jewelry, or even carrying a green-colored bag.

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#5 Thursday – Yellow

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the color dedicated to Thursday is yellow. The stones that belong to this day include citrine, topaz, amber, and yellow sapphire. As the day is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, generosity, and goodness, this day is also known as the act of servicing day. Performing acts like a donation is considered to be auspicious on Thursdays. So, to bring luck and abundance to life on this day, wear something yellow, even if it’s a small accessory.

#6 Friday – White, Pink, and Light Purple

Wondering which colour to wear on Friday? There are three answers to select from. Yes, the list of Friday color to wear includes three colors namely light purple, pink, and white. Ruled by Venus, this day is dedicated to arts and every aspect related to it. This day would surely drive your mind towards something creative like dancing, music, drawing, etc. Friday is also connected with love and romance, which is clearly visible through its color set. So, select your Friday colour to wear and attract the best mood on this day.

#7 Saturday – Dark Blue and Black

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Saturday is dedicated to the colors black and dark blue. This day is an ideal one for social or material enterprises. This planet and day are mostly associated with strife and losses, however, this planet can be a great teacher. This day initiates purity of mind and a fresh start for the next week. One should explore meditation and nature by bathing in the forest in the lap of Mother Nature. So, wear something black or dark blue and get yourself near nature for a new cycle to initiate.

Hence, this was the list of the days associated with the colors. So, wear the right color to avoid troubles and bad luck and invite wealth, prosperity, and good luck from today.

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