Top 5 Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Signs

Everyone looks for a soulmate or better half. And if you are an Aquarius (born between 20th January to 18th February), this can be quite tricky as they are very practical. They fall in love with any beautiful face they would meet or see. However, on the other hand, Aquarians love their own space, which adds to the difficulty in searching for a soulmate for them. Still, there isn’t any denying the fact that Aquarians feel lonely too and they too look for a relationship.

Who is Aquarius Soulmate?

Wait! This doesn’t mean you shall end up staying alone in this world. Are you finding a soulmate for yourself? Or are you in love with an Aquarian who hasn’t still noticed you? Don’t worry. Here is the list of the top 5 Aquarius soulmates that would help you clear all your confusion.

Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Signs

#1 Gemini

Are Gemini and Aquarius soulmates? The answer to this question is yes. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus while Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Hence, their relationship is built on the grounds of community and communication which makes it dynamic, lively, and fun. Both Aquarius and Gemini are intellectual, curious, and friendly by nature. Things that make their bond strong include spending time with similar friends, involving with neighbours, travelling, etc. Aquarius adds vision, stability, and status while Gemini adds social connections and versatility. Aquarius and Gemini are romantic lovers and caring friends. The multi-faceted and inquisitive nature of the Geminis inspires the Aquarius to be progressive and adaptable to unconventional ideas. On the other hand, the fixed nature of the Aquarius helps the Geminis in overcoming their unreliable tendencies and restlessness.

#2 Sagittarius

Second, on the list is Sagittarius. They make an exciting relationship that is built on the grounds of passion and shared activities. They both are capable of bringing out the best in each other. While Aquarius add fellowship and freedom to the relationship, Sagittarius adds mental expansion and adventure. Sagittarius and Aquarius make an ideal combination for romantic, business, and friendship relationships. Both are philosophical, outspoken, and courageous individuals and this helps them in connecting with various other subjects, opinions, and topics. At times, it is possible that both of them might have issues expressing their emotions, but they can still be together at any level.

#3 Libra

The next Aquarius soulmate on the list is Libra. Libras prove to be sexy and sweet partners for Aquarius. They are quick in making new friends. Libras and Aquarius are quite different in disposition and personality, yet they come with a friendly connection. Libras love sharing intimate feelings and are open to communication. While Aquarius struggle with trust issues and emotional expression. Luckily, Libras are very good at setting mood which nurtures the hidden and romantic side of the Aquarius. Both zodiacs know how to have a fun time and laugh together. Talking about their sex life, both love S&M, light bondage, and role play. Libras are quite advanced and initiative in talking about getting married and settling down which can be awkward for Aquarius. Hence, they would surely make a rocking pair as long as Aquarius doesn’t ghost the other.

#4 Aries

Aries is another Aquarius soulmate sign in the list which is capable of encouraging Aquarius for being more outgoing and adventurous. Their relationship is grounded on excitement and spontaneity. They both can be emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally challenging for each other. Aquarius are encouraged to be outgoing and adventurous by Aries. But the best thing about this combination is that they can balance each other very well. Aquarius teaches the Aries different ways to build social relations while Aries teaches the others how to take planned risks and trust their constitutions. Sexually, both zodiacs are animalistic lovers and Aries don’t think even a little about fulfilling the desires and sexual requests of the Aquarius.

#5 Leo

The last candidate for who is Aquarius soulmate is Leo. This is the most challenging and polarizing connection among the others. Both are opposite zodiacs. Yet they share an amazing physical attraction and emotional chemistry in their relationship. They can easily bring out and handle the best and worst parts of each other. Both have a strong desire for socialization, self-expression, and innovation. They are revolutionary, bold, and free-thinking individuals and share a self-discovered relationship. Aquarius adds rationality and logic to the relationship while Leo adds a lavish approach. Sometimes Leo might turn out to be overbearing, bossy, and loud, but Aquarius can very well handle the situation through their unconventional nature.

Any relationship with Aquarius demands friendship and trust. And they are sure to never cheat their soulmates which is a prime reason to date them.

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