Is Leo a Water Sign? – Leo Water or Air?

One of many zodiac signs is the Leo and it is represented by the symbol of a lion that is considered the epitome of authority and thus is the king of the jungle. The Leo is symbolized by the king because both of them carry equal characteristics such as being invulnerable, fearless, and just next to impossible to challenge or even destroy. A Leo carries the capacity of leading a group and it is their insanely terrific sense of humor that allows them to indulge with people even more conveniently. Instead of all this toughness, a lea always holds a special place in his heart for his family and they don’t even hesitate to go above and beyond to protect their loved ones at any cost.

Is Leo a Water Sign?

If you are often wondering what is the answer to the question ‘Is Leo a water sign?’, then the answer is that no, a Leo is not a water sign. It belongs to the Sun. about the Sun sign, it is known that the sun is the major focus of the entire solar system thus implying that Leo is a clear fire sign. The fire signs usually symbolize people who are action-oriented thus implying that Leo people are fueled with a passion that leads them to achieve what they truly want. However, there are situations when they become hotheaded as well.

On the contrary, when it comes to a water sign, they are usually emotional and blindly follow their intuition. This statement alone is just more than enough to justify that Leo cannot be a water sign since both of the characteristics are poles apart from each other.

leo water sign

Personality Traits of a Leo

Apart from answering the question, ‘Is Leo an air or water sign?’ here are a few of the personality traits of a Leo.


A Leo always tries to be the social butterfly who loves to step up and fill in the shoes of the squad hero or a queen bee. But the thing about a Leo demanding appreciation, and appraisal all the time is that the other person may get exhausted so they may need some time off their Leo partner to recharge and come back.


A Leo is a born leader. This is why whenever they see a chance, they are the first ones to step up and lead the read. However, there is a high chance that they may also become arrogant if the situation demands it. At times, they also like giving unsolicited advice.

Living a good life

Leo loves living the best life which is why they hate the second fiddle. This is why they boss around to get things done in their way but are not a fan when someone bosses around them.

What makes a Leo happy?

Now that you have your answer to the question,’ Is a Leo a water sign?’, below are some of the things that one can do to make a Leo happy:-

Making friends

Being the receiver of good hospitality and greetings is something that a Leo loves besides finding contentment in people’s company. Furthermore, Leo loves reciprocating energy which is why they also find solace when people get happy and the former is the reason.


Being constant is nothing that Leo is a big fan of. They would rather change their motion and introduce innovation to their life.

Spending money

A Leo has some level of inclination into owning fancy and luxury clothes and other materialistic things. In a nutshell, it can be said that a Leo loves luxury and this is why whenever they show off their clothes to their friends, they feel happy. An example of a luxury show-off can be when Leo picks up a fancy cinema hall to go to see a movie instead of a regular one.

Being the main character

A Leo loves nothing more than sometimes being the main character. So, whenever anybody asks any advice to Leo, it makes them happy. Some of the examples that one can ask a Leo can be about nailing an interview or even a confidence question. Further questions such as fashion queries will also help Leo in getting the feeling of being the hero.


Thus, if you were also once bothered by the question ‘Is a Leo air or water?’, then the answer is that it is none of them. A Leo is a fire sign. Leo is a package of all in one where they are funny, warm to others, and leave no stone unturned to live every moment. The fact that Leos are instilled with so much generosity and loyalty makes everybody wants to be friends with them. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Leo. Now that you have all the information that is needed to know about Leo, you are all set to go ahead and befriend Leo and create a strong foundation for a relationship with them.

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