Leo Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Leo Man Like ?

Caught your eyes on a sizzling Leo? Well, Leos certainly know how to grab everyone’s attention in the crowd. But do you know what type of woman would he love to date? Leo is a zodiac sign represented by a fearless and mighty LION, who is never shy in revealing his love. And he longs for a partner who carries equal confidence in life.

Are you dating a Leo man and want to impress him? Here are complete details on what a Leo male is attracted to which would help you in getting his attention.

The Body Type of a Leo Man Like

Leo men love strong physics, however, that’s not the only thing they look upon. They would consider the dressing sense, how the girl carries herself, the confidence level, and much more. They look for a stylish and well-groomed woman. This doesn’t mean they focus on the face or beauty. They would love to have a woman who is caring for herself and takes an effort in looking good every time. Long legs, beautifully dressed hair, and back is what they are widely attracted to.

Leo Man Traits

So, here are some of the Leo man traits you need to go through for attracting them towards yourself.


Leo men love to have a stylish woman by their side. Wait a minute! This doesn’t mean the girls need to wear trendy clothes, get the latest jewelry, etc. It simply means dressing appropriately according to the occasion, wearing neat and clean clothes, wearing properly fitting dresses, etc. Even if you aren’t a fashionista, wearing the right clothes and carrying them with utmost confidence would work magically for Leo men. So, for impressing a Leo man, the women need to work on their outlook first.


The next on the list is confidence. Leo men look for women who aren’t afraid of being themselves in every situation, every place. They long for a woman who is filled with confidence. When entering the room, their walk should be confident enough to force others to feel they own the place. His ideal better half very well identifies and values that too. Be confident with your dress, your words, action, etc. should be full of confidence. They search for women who are proud of their achievements and also share them with others.


Leo men are sure to get attracted to intriguing and charming women. If you have been with any Leo man, you surely shall know by now that they are always surrounded by people who have already fallen for them. But the Leo men would always be in search of women who knows how to grab the crowd. Simply sprinkle out some mystery in the air, and they are sure to be chasing you. For this, women need to have amazing communication skills and reveal their true personalities rather than changing themselves. This would add to your charisma and would help in catching the eyes of a Leo.


Leos are eager to meet women who carry positivity along. Women who embrace and love life are the ones who can win the heart of Leo men. Leos are ruled by the Sun, and hence, they are cheerful, sunny, and optimistic. Hence, they look for women who are similar to them. They want to live their life with a woman who is hopeful, cheerful, and full of life. Of course, no one stays happy every time, but they look for women who are capable of dealing with the negativity in a positive way and getting the brighter side out of it, and eliminating all the negativity and worries in a smart way.


This is a feature the Leo men are sure to look for. Men born under the Leo sign want independent women as their life partners. They hate to be responsible for the well-being of their partner, and hence, look for women who are completely independent and capable of working over their responsibilities on their own. He definitely wishes that you want him, but he for sure doesn’t wish that you need him for any work, decision-making process, etc. So, if you are a dependent woman, you surely need to stop looking for a Leo man as they wouldn’t like you for this.


Apart from all these, Leo man ideal woman needs to be enthusiastic, ambitious, self-aware, creative, brave, loyal, and passionate in love. Leos love physical and fanatical women. They are thrilled by women who love to be touched and love to touch. They love women who are young by heart. Leo should also be good at carrying proper makeup and highlighting the natural features for an overall appearance. Again, if you are a woman who would always stand by the side of Leo partner in every ups and downs, you are sure to win the heart of a Leo man.

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