Venus Rahu Conjunction in 7th, 10th House, Female Chart & Navamsa Chart

When it comes to Venus and Rahu, the planet, Venus namely governs relationships, love, luxury, and money and on the other hand the planet, Rahu tends to increase the intensity of Venus’s elements to an indefinite extent. With the right amount of combination of Venus and Rahu, the person will look good and will appeal attractive to the opposite $ex. The person can likely emerge in the jewellery business, modelling, fashion as well as designing.

In the world of astrology, Venus represents relationships where it shows all the efforts that people put into their relationships and how other people react to it. However, the core focus in this is majorly on romantic relationships. Apart from that, Venus has been also proven helpful in identifying the comfort that people often get in relationships. In the world of astrology, Rahu is said to be Moon’s north node which is a head without anybody whose duty is to continuously devour things without getting the optimum satisfaction from doing it. In simpler terms, it has attractions for all the things that are materialistic besides all the worldly accomplishments. Here, all he wants to do is to achieve the highest success that is there to achieve irrespective of the house or the sign that he represents.

Venus Rahu Conjunction in Female Chart

The following are the role of Venus and Rahu conjunction in the female chart:-

  • When it comes to females, they will be the people who get easily attracted to people of the opposite gender irrespective of the fact that they are not good-looking or have an appearance that is akin to the rest of the people
  • Some of the issues that are caused by this Venus and Rahu conjunction are love, emotion, and desires. But if there is any activity of ill disposition then it will invite greed, dissatisfaction, perversions, womanizing along with deceitful actions so that material prosperity is achieved.
  • Furthermore, with the Venus and Rahu combination it is termed that the women will have a fair share of interest in cinema, arts, acting, and more.

Venus Rahu Conjunction

Venus and Rahu in the 7th house

The Venus and Rahu in the 7th house is a symbolism of the following factors:-

  • The 7th house establishes a both personal and professional partnership that is there to discuss
  • If Venus and Rahu are in this house then it will result in the involvement of extramarital affairs of the individual. Henceforth, there are high chances of the individual getting married outside of their caste as well as geographical background.
  • The individual’s partner may have a short life
  • There are high chances of the partner facing unseen losses in the business

Venus and Rahu in the 10th house

The Venus and Rahu in the 10th house is a symbolism of the following factors:-

  • The position of Venus and Rahu emphasized that there will be professional and career.
  • In simpler terms, if the Rahu is placed in this house then the individual will enjoy success.
  • Some of the supported professions with the Venus and Rahu conjunction in this house are acting, media, dance, and entertainment. All that the individual needs to do is use all the talent that is there is to use.

Venus Rahu Conjunction in Navamsa Chart

In the terms of navamsa chart, it is said to be one of the important divisional charts in the world of Vedic Astrology. It commonly goes by the name D9 since it is an enhanced view of the 9th house of the birth chart of a certain individual. This Venus Rahu conjunction is important to the level that it has been ranked as the second most important chart that is there to read after having a clear look at the Rashi or Birth Chart.

The venus rahu conjunction in the navamsa chart shows an imbalance in an individual’s religion as well as caste since the person bears a clear capability of switching from his or her religion to another religion. Furthermore, to achieve success on a long-term basis, support from a father is very important.


Thus, it can be said that if an individual prefers a quiet as well as very private life then Venus and Rahu’s conjunction is not the most ideal conjunction to be with. It can be said that the Rahu conjunction is something that affects the astrology houses differently whereas Venus helps elevate the level of sexual desires.

If any individual has developed this kind of combination in his or her birth chart then it is more likely for them to create a general obsession for love as well as the respective relationship. They tend to go to any extent for their lover irrespective of all the geographical or cultural distances. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Venus and Rahu conjunction.

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