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Color of Aquarius Like and Dislike – Many people follow astrologers to attract and eliminate any kind of negativity from their lives. But do you know the colors you wear also have a huge impact on your life or day? Yes, the colors can explain your personality in various ways. Every zodiac has a powerful color wearing which attracts good luck and also brightens the mood. Through this blog, we shall focus on what is Aquarius favorite color and the colors they should avoid.

Aquarius Colors: Like and Dislike

Aquarius (born between 20th January to 18th February) is among the unique zodiacs. They are energetic and eccentric while fighting for their freedom. But on the other hand, they are quiet and shy as well. They are highly intellectual and deep thinkers. For them, everyone is equal which makes them completely special. They belong to the Air element. Aquarius individuals find possibilities in every situation and are spontaneous.

Aquarius folks are philanthropic by nature. Hence, they are always ready to save the universe, empower people, and possess amazing thinking possibilities. However, the zodiac sign is connected with the Uranus planet which has blue gas, and this makes blue color one of the Aquarius favorite color. However, there are many other colors that are lucky for Aquarius individuals. Keep scrolling for complete details.

Aquarius Colors

Aquarius Favorite Color

Aquarius: Lucky colors Aquarius: Unlucky colors
  • Light Blue
  • White
  • Purple
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green

Lucky Colors for Aquarius

According to Astrology, Aquarius zodiac color list includes colors like purple, white, and light blue. All these colors are energizing, relaxing, and very soothing. Here are the colors that bring inspiration and strength to the individuals.

Light Blue

This color is related to loyalty and trust. This color makes the Aquarius patient and optimistic. It nurtures their soul and soothes their minds. The color enlightens their spiritual powers and helps in organizing their lives. This Aquarius color reveals the qualities like generosity and selflessness of the Aquarians. Wearing light shades of this color would encourage healing and health in the folks and help them grow. The positive impact of this color on the Aquarians includes sympathy, reliability, peace, confidence honesty, sincerity, imagination, compassion, and communication.


White color when used by the Aquarians brings tranquility and peace to the individuals. It also helps them gain mental awakening and clarity. This color relates to rejuvenation, innocence, and goodness. It adds impartiality to nature and brings a positive aura and strength to the folks. This lucky color brings understanding, softness, and faith to the lives of the Aquarius. It reveals the clean and moral personality of the Aquarians. This color brings positive effects like new beginnings, cleanliness, purity, lightness, confidence, empowerment, harmony, freedom, self-reliance, emotional control, and wisdom.


This royal color reveals the regal side of the Aquarians. It relates to opulence, wisdom, mystery, and power. The color reassures self-awareness in the Aquarians and gives them deep understanding. When Aquarius individuals wear this color, they feel positive. It also encourages them to meditate while practicing Yoga. The color enriches qualities like superiority, gentleness, illumination, luck, love, wealth, spiritual enlightenment, compassion, etc. to the natives.

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Colors Aquarius Should Avoid

Just as there are Aquarius colors that are favorable for them, there are certain unlucky colors too that need to be avoided by the natives. These colors attract misfortune for them. Here is the list of unlucky colors for Aquarians.

Dark Green

The dark green color relates to an immature, inconsiderate, and envious personality. The color limits the flourishing of the natives. This color elevates feelings like dullness, stagnation, and boredom in life. It also relates to an ended and broken communication.

Dark Blue

To your surprise, light blue is the favorable color for Aquarians, but dark blue isn’t. It reveals the uncaring and cold nature of the folks. The color suggests a serious outlook, mourning expression, and conservative approach of the individuals.

How an Aquarius can use lucky colors?

To use the favorable Aquarius colors for inviting luck, success, and power to life, the natives can use the colors in various ways. Light blue or electric blue color can be used to achieve success in any essential meeting. It can be used by decorating the house or office with a coastal or modern look. White colors can be used through wall painting or in home décor. It adds a sense of cleanliness. You can also add color to various designs or futuristic products. Lastly, the color purple should be worn for artistic or creative activities. It can be used through curtains, home décor, paintings, wall colors, clothes, accessories, etc.


Hope this guide to lucky and unlucky colors for Aquarius helps you in enlightening your life and attracting luck, success, love, and wisdom. One must also focus on the shades of the colors while using them. If there is any question regarding the usage of colors, it is advisable to contact an astrologer for some expert advice.

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