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Color of Sagittarius Like and Dislike – For many people, colors are their world. They can’t even imagine a moment without colors. Most of them prefer wearing colors that are lucky or favorite as they love to see themselves in those colors or feel comfortable in them. Some might think this is stupidity, but wearing favorable or lucky colors works miracles at times.

Are you a Sagittarius? If yes, this post is surely about you and the list of Sagittarius zodiac color you should and shouldn’t carry.

Sagittarius Colors: Like and Dislike

Sagittarius are individuals whose birthdate falls between 22nd November and 21st December. These folks are popular for qualities like creativity. They remain the center of attraction in any crowd for their humor. They also love to socialize and help needy people. Ferocious by nature, they are adventure and truth lovers. In short, Sagittarius individuals are full of life.

Sagittarius people are smart, passionate, philosophical, and lively compared to other zodiac signs. They are free spirits and resist schedules, constraints, regulations, and rules. They are born adventurers, travelers, and explorers. If you are looking forward to a wild weekend, Sagittarius individuals are the best companions to be with.

Sagittarius Colors

Sagittarius Favorite Color

Sagittarius: Lucky colors Sagittarius: Unlucky colors
  • Orange
  • Dark Yellow
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Black

When the Sagittarius individuals go with their lucky colors, they enhance good traits and eliminate any kind of negativities.

Lucky Colors for Sagittarius

The lucky Sagittarius colors are very well synced with the personality of the Sagittarius and add some positive effects in their lives. Here is the list of their lucky colors.


Sagittarius resounds perfectly with bright colors, and orange is among them. The orange color keeps the Sagittarius individuals inspired and motivated to do something artistic and creative. It brings happiness and joy to them in any situation. Again, the color represents the planet Jupiter which blesses the Sagittarius with growth, money, and luck.

Dark Yellow

The next Sagittarius color on the list is dark yellow. This color brings warmth, happiness, and joy to the Sagittarius. It enhances positive energy in the life of Sagittarius individuals and motivates them mentally by increasing logical thinking among them. The color also pushes them to make ideal decisions practically. It stimulates creative ideas and curiosity resulting in positive outcomes.


Violet represents the kind and playful nature of the Sagittarius. The color breeds an idealistic look and enthusiasm in the Sagittarius individuals. The color promotes a playful nature in Sagittarius’s life. Wearing any kind of clothes or accessories in violet would help them achieve success in their day-to-day life or on special occasions. Painting the bedroom colors in violet or using violet bedsheets or pillow colors would bring love and happiness to your married life.

Apart from all these, purple color is also one of the lucky colors for Sagittarius individuals. The color represents royalty, mystery, and wisdom in the life of Sagittarius. The color brings spirituality and vision to the Sagittarius people. It is beneficial for the Sagittarius folks to wear bright colors as it matches their gregarious nature very well.

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Colors Sagittarius Should Avoid

Well after learning about Sagittarius favorite color, it is important to know the colors they need to avoid as well. Here are the colors they need to avoid as both the colors dwindle Jupiter’s energy leading to misfortune and negativity.


Blue color relates to coldness, frigidity, and unfriendliness. The color doesn’t allow Sagittarius individuals to communicate or even socialize. However, there are some shades of blue like royal blue that can be worn, but it is better to avoid blue.


Black color brings pessimism and sadness in the lives of Sagittarius. It relates to conservative nature, depression, and aloofness in the lives of Sagittarius. The color doesn’t allow the Sagittarius individuals to flourish in their lives and hence, should be avoided. Using the shade of black color like gray should also be prohibited by Sagittarius people as it is inauspicious for any occasion.

How a Sagittarius can use Lucky colors?

To improve their lives, Sagittarius individuals can use the lucky colors in various different ways. The colors can be used in home décor like curtains, pillow covers, etc. Wearing dresses, accessories, jewelry, nail paints, etc. in orange or yellow can also be effective as it would not only give you a great fashion statement but also enhance your luck. Painting the doors, windows, and even walls in these colors would be beneficial. You can also add these colors in the form of plants, flowers, wallets, and other daily usage items.


So, now that you know the answer to What is Sagittarius favorite color, it is the right time to start inviting good luck to your life with them. Apart from orange and yellow, other colors that are beneficial for the Sagittarius are green and cream colors. Using these colors would also turn fortune in your favor. So, try your luck today by wearing these colors.

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