Snake in Dream Meaning Hindu Astrology – Seeing Snake ?

Nearly 8 out of 10 people have dreamt about snakes once in their lifetime. And when this happens, people mostly connect with some negativity or trouble knocking on the doors. But does dreaming about snakes actually mean danger, problems, or trouble? Well, before understanding the meaning of snakes in dreams, one shouldn’t get into such negative thoughts. There are chances it might also mean or symbolize something good.

What does a dream about snakes mean?

Snakes when seen in dreams resemble change or rebirth. However, in some other cultures, visualizing snakes in a dream means negativity or some assembling with death. Hence, the chances of something bad or good happening in your life depend on the dream you have seen as well as the person you have seen in the dream.

Through this piece of information, we shall try to know every possible detail about what it means to see snakes in dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about snakes?

Normally, if the snake in dream is biting or chasing you, it means some kind of danger. It is a warning to be careful about the people in your surroundings. There are chances you might face some infidelity or betrayal in the coming days. This is because snakes crawl down on the ground, and hence, whatever they do is completely hidden. Hence, if you miss looking at it, the chances of missing it are high. And this completely resembles the person who would betray you.

Again, the size of the snake and the type would possibly specify the size of the coming problem. Like, if the snake is a garter snake, it resembles that something less harmful is going to happen. On the other hand, if the snake is any kind of deadly or dangerous snake for example a rattlesnake, it means something really dangerous is going to happen to you.

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What does dreaming about snakes mean as per Indian Astrology?

Snake in dream meaning Hindu Astrology can resemble Lord Shiva. A snake is always seen around the neck of Lord Shiva. And when the snake appears in the dream, it can be the acceptance of Lord Shiva. If you truly worship Lord Shiva, such dreams can symbolize that Lord Shiva has accepted you as his devotee. You should feel blessed after visualizing such dreams and enjoy this moment. However, it is important that you pray to Lord Shiva and bather him with milk by visiting the nearby temple as soon as possible.

Snake in Dream

The spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams also means any kind of upcoming transformation or change. If you are visualizing such dreams frequently, it is a sign that you need to transform and improvise. This change can be related to your friends, designation, family members, old clothes, vehicle, etc. Generally, the snake relates to changing something that is very near and dear to your heart. So, if you are visualizing snakes frequently, prepare a list and kick out things that are odd.

Another snake dream meaning is fear. Do you fear anything? If yes, this can also be a reason for having snakes in your dreams. The snake symbolizes fear. Another meaning of visualizing snakes in the dreams as per Hindu Astrology is that you are scared and weak too, and hence, you need to be worried. So, learn to fight your fears and you shall never see snakes again in your dreams.

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What does seeing snakes mean in Chinese Astrology?

As per Chinese astrology, seeing snake in dream usually relates to good luck. However, the symbolism depends on the color of the snake too. A black snake in dreams relates to a good relationship with people whom you trust and help. Similarly, a white snake in dreams means windfall and good fortune in the future. A yellow snake in dreams means good fortune is on the way and it would come smoothly sailing to you. Every plan by you would give out good results. On the other hand, a green snake indicates good luck, vitality, and good occasions. Lastly, a multi-color snake means you might be looking good, but might be having potential dangers. A two-headed snake in dreams means that you carry a dual personality that is good and bad.


Every dream has its own unique meaning. And if a dream of a snake is disturbing you, there are chances that it wants to deliver you some important message. It might be giving you some hints and actions related to your future. Hence, before coming to any conclusion, make sure you connect all the points properly that make sense. So, don’t panic and list out all the possibilities. You don’t have to be sad or disappointed when a snake appears. Just work out all the possibilities and you are done.

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