Thursday Fast Benefits & Rules [WHAT TO EAT?]

Fasting comes with many benefits, be they spiritual or physical, since it helps in connecting with the spiritual deity, thereby receiving blessings from God. Each day of the week has its significance when it comes to fasting.

Thursday is thus observed as the day of Guru, Brihaspati, or Jupiter. One can fast on any Thursday of the month except for the Paush month. The motive behind fasting is not only just religious but also for the reason of spiritual cleansing. Since fasting is also a way of detoxing, many often opt for this road. As for people who do it for religious purposes, they do so to connect with the Guru, Brihaspati, or Jupiter. As justified by the Hindu sacred books, Lord Shiva’s devotee is Brihaspati, and to keep Jupiter happy, they tend to keep fast, which also comes with its benefits and rules as well as katha which is supposed to be read.

Thursday Fast Benefits

Thursday Fast Benefits

When it comes to fasting for religious purposes, the following are the benefits of fasting on Thursday in Hinduism:-

  • People who perform pooja and fasting on Thursday are immensely blessed with happiness and good money all their life.
  • People who intend to settle down with an ideal partner are also benefitted from this fast as they can do so with sheer dedication in doing fasting.
  • Married couples attain happiness while doing the Thursday fasting since all the difficulties are removed from their lives.
  • People who have run out of weight loss options can opt for this since they will enjoy a very solid advantage from this for a longer period. The reason behind this is that it greatly helps in maintaining sensory as well as mental control.
  • People who usually fast on Thursday are resistant to black magic as well as any kind of bad spirits.
  • When someone observes Thursday fast, Goddess Laxmi helps them strengthen their financial situation.
  • Many believe that Thursday fasting is one of many ways for someone to achieve perfection besides self-satisfaction and salvation.
  • To achieve physical and spiritual benefits, Thursday fasting is said to be one of many ways to attain that.
  • Throughout Thursday’s fasting, the family members can experience success, pleasure, and peace.
  • When it comes to Thursday fast benefits, it is majorly believed that if unmarried girls and guys fast on Thursday, then they attract the lovers of their dreams.
  • Other than this, when an individual fast once a week, it greatly helps in maintaining the physical equilibrium in the body.

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Thursday Fast Rules

There are Thursday fast rules that need to be followed to make it successful. The rules are as mentioned below:-

  • Some of the basic needs are Gram lentils, jaggery, turmeric, banana, and finally, a portrait of Lord Vishnu.
  • This day can also be used to pay respect to the Banana tree.
  • Start the morning with an early bath.
  • With a large amount of water as well as turmeric, give an auspicious bath to Lord Vishnu.
  • After giving proper bathing, wrap the lord with the help of a yellow cloth.
  • Offer yellow rice and recite shlokas and mantras besides reading the narrative to praise the lord.
  • Light the ghee lamp.
  • Chant mantras to praise the lord. It is also a must to offer a yellow-colored sweet to Lord Brihaspati.
  • It is advisable to wear yellow clothing and to eat anything only after Lord Brihaspati is offered the prayer.
  • Some of the don’ts are to consume any kind of salty foods as well as washing hair.
  • In terms of listening or reading the Katha, it has to be done at the end of fasting.
  • When it comes to Thursday fasting, fast Katha is necessary and it is advisable to donate any kind of yellow-colored clothing.

Thursday fast what to eat

When it comes to Thursday’s fast, ‘what to eat’ is the first question that strikes everybody. The answer to the question is that one can consume grapes, apples, papaya, and any fruit but not a banana. After that, once the sun has set, fruits or some grains that contain no salt are preferable, such as Kheer, Besan ka Halwa, and more.


Since the day Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Brihaspati, who is also addressed as the Guru of all gods. Furthermore, in the world of planetary positions, Thursday is also termed the day when Jupiter is worshipped. In the case of a horoscope, if Jupiter has a weak placement, then it can adversely affect the personal life and health of an individual. This is the reason why worshipping Lord Vishny/Jupiter on Thursday can prove to be very beneficial. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Thursday’s Fast benefits. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to head off and do the fast on Thursdays.

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