5 Things Gemini Man Dislikes in a Woman

Are you completely into any handsome Gemini man? But afraid any of your acts might upset him bringing your relationship to an end? Well, if so, you need to know what a Gemini man likes and dislikes in a woman to develop a healthy relationship.

Gemini men are born between the 21st of May and to 20th of June. But before learning about their likes and dislikes, let’s have a short introduction about Gemini men. Gemini men are free spirits. They love to live in the present and have also waited longer for the right things to happen. They don’t give much importance to the past as this would make them emotional, which they dislike. Gemini males continuously look for some excitement, and they are sure to cross limits whenever they get bored. And for this, they also look for a soulmate who is equally excited so that boredom doesn’t disturb their lives ever.

Top 5 Things Gemini Man Dislikes in a Woman:-

Gemini man dislikes

Gemini males are very talkative and also keep themselves grounded with every fact and the latest information. But on the other hand, they can also be moody and irritable at times. They often face mental challenges, and hence, they would look for a soulmate with whom they can be open regarding every matter.

Overall, Gemini men are very interesting and well-informed. They don’t mind sharing facts about their inner sentiments and justifying their feelings.

So, here are the top 5 things Gemini men would dislike in a woman.

#1 Clingy woman

No doubt, Gemini men are loving and caring, they still look for women to look after them. They wouldn’t like to be with women who need them around. Rather than being a one-sided caretaker, he would prefer to be an equal partner and look after each other. He would love to date a woman who can look after herself, have a life apart from their relationship, and decide her path. If you leave your needs with him, he is sure to feel pressurized and might walk away from the relationship. So, make sure you aren’t too clingy and needy if you are looking to date a Gemini man.

#2 Jealous woman

When talking about dislikes, the next one on the list is a jealous woman. Gemini men aren’t either possessive or jealous. Hence, they wouldn’t understand this kind of woman for sure. When in a relationship, he needs to feel completely free and should also be given his own space. So, if you are jealous of anything related to him, he wouldn’t respond at all, and would silently walk away. He is very bad at emotional difficulties and hence, one shouldn’t try to make him jealous, even not while pranking him.

#3 Lack of intelligence

The next answer to what Gemini man dislikes in a woman is lack of intelligence. Gemini men surely fall for women who are charismatic, witty, and smart. They are not the ones who would accept beauty without brains. They love to be with a soulmate who is conversant and clever. A Gemini man would get attracted to a woman who can capture his sight with her smartness and intelligence rather than her physical appearance. When talking to him, it is impossible to fool him.

#4 Arguing woman

To your surprise, Gemini men are very good at debates. But what they hate the most is arguing. They fail to cope with emotions quickly. So, when having a relationship with him, if you are upset with any of his acts, it is better to calm down first by yourself and then communicate with him judiciously. At times, Gemini men are quite stubborn and hence, you need to reveal all the plus points and negative points regarding the matter and your advice so that he thinks over it in a different way and at last compromises. So, if you think screaming or yelling at him is a good idea, drop it down instantly to have a long relationship with him.

#5 Manipulating woman

Gemini men prefer honesty in every relationship. So, they would prefer to date a woman who isn’t manipulating in any way. They love honest people and relationships. Any act that would be dishonest would surely manipulate them leading to mistrust and resentment, and at last end of the relationship. In order to be in a healthy relationship with a Gemini man, women need to be honest and open while communicating on every matter. Playing mind games or word games with them is surely a bad idea. Look for clear communications and you can win his heart.

Concluding the topic of Gemini like and dislike, it can be understood that learning about his dislikes would help you in building and maintaining a successful and robust relationship with Gemini folks. Be open, have mutual respect, and trust each other, as this is the only way to have a strong bond with Gemini men.

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