Laughing Buddha: Significance, Different Types and Benefits

We would have seen the statues of Laughing Buddha in many houses, workplaces, shops and etc. Many times some of us raised the question that why it is kept? This is because he is considered a symbol of prosperity, That’s why many of us are advised to keep the idols at home. He brings a lot of happiness and positive vibes.

And, many of us may have a question that what direction should be laughing buddha face in a home? However, the right question is asked. The right place of the statue can generate good cosmic energies and has the tendency to remove bad elements like ailment, stress, debit, etc. So, placement of a laughing Buddha direction plays a key role.

About Laughing Buddha


We shall read about Laughing Buddha here. Who is he?

In Hinduism, Lord Kuber is known to be the Lord of Fortune and wealth. But, in China, the Statues of Laughing Buddha are kept to improve their good luck and grab the positive energies around their places. They strongly trust the idol to shield them and doubles the chances of positive vibes in houses. He is recognized as a laughing bald man with a pot-belly. He is otherwise known as Pu-Tai or Hotei.

The Laughing Buddha & Significance

As previously explained, the Laughing Buddha is a sign of good fortune, optimism, and prosperity. It is based on ancient Buddhist Monks who lived in China around the 10th century and is a part of Fengshui. While these monks were eccentric, Laughing Buddha was regarded as a loving, caring, and humble monk. That is why, in China, people keep it in their homes, vehicles, and offices to bring joy and laughter into their lives. In another word, laughing Buddha meaning can be registered as a lord of silence & happiness.

It is very normal for people to buy Laughing Buddha in India. But, in China, there are some rules and regulations to buy the statue, i.e. one should not buy the statue selfishly for the purpose of wealth. If the statue is kept only on the greed of wealth, it will affect negatively.

Laughing Buddha Significance for Home & Types

It is considered unlucky to keep the Buddha outside your house. According to Vastu, the safest place to keep the statue is in the living room.

Meditating Posture Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha in meditation posture brings a calm and peaceful existence at home. If you do so, you can easily handle problems in your life. Study, prayer, or bedroom are the best places for keeping this statue.

Buddha with Dragon Tortoise

The Laughing Buddha sitting on the back of a dragon tortoise indicates power and strength. You can notice positive changes in your career and income while placing this Laughing Buddha idol. You may see a huge change in business by keeping it behind your desk at the workplace.

Buddha with Gold Coins Sack

Laughing Buddha carries a sack of gold coins at his back is the best Vastu tip that one can find out. Good fortunes and happiness are represented by the sack for you & your family. It also helps in regulating destructive energy in the living area. The golden status will emanate a bag of positive energy.

Laughing Buddha Position in Home

  1. Place Laughing Buddha in front of your main door at all times. It attracts good fortune and luck.
  2. Place the Buddha statue in the house’s east direction or anywhere where all family members can see it.
  3. Every morning, rub the big fat belly of the statue. Your humble touch makes him happy, and he showers you with the happiest life.
  4. The Buddha may also be placed in the children’s room. It allows them to concentrate on their studies and they will be showing respect for their parents.
  5. Keeping Buddha on your office desk enhances your salary and removes enemies.
  6. Place Buddha at a height that is equal to or higher than your eye level.

Thus, every Laughing Buddha position ascertains its good deeds.

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Finally, we go on with Laughing Buddha Benefits

The people who live in the house with rightly placed statues of the laughing Buddha earn more money. If anyone in your house practices witchcraft or casts an evil eye on your family members, you should keep this idol, to reach the Lord’s Divine Powers in your home.

In a nutshell, keeping laughing buddhas at right places facing the right direction will enrich your life in all aspects.


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