5 Things Aries Man Dislikes in a Woman

If you are checking this page, it means you are surely dating or thinking of dating an Aries man, but you are not sure about what he likes and what he doesn’t like. So, let’s work this out.

Aries men are born between the 21st of March and to 19th of April. Before talking about Aries man likes and dislikes in a woman, let’s first know about Aries man quickly. Aries men are impetuous and passionate. They love enthusiasm and adventure. They carry a personality that involves qualities like love, excitement, and charm. However, there are certain dislikes which if carried by any woman, he is sure to neglect her. And when it comes to relationships, it is important to understand the dislikes Aries men carry to help you establish a better and strong foundation for your relationship.

Top 5 Things Aries Man Dislikes in a Woman:

So, if you are thinking to have a long-term relationship with an Aries man, there are certain dislikes you need to check on for a healthy relationship. Here are the dislikes you need to know.

Aries Man Dislikes

#1 Phony or Fake Woman

No doubt, Aries men would fall for a strong, feminine, and all-natural woman. But he is sure to avoid any woman who might backstab other women. This act reveals the deceitful motives and weakness of the woman. An Aries male would look for a soulmate who is honest and open. Someone he would count on blindly. And being catty would drop you down from his eyes as he looks for integrity in women. Rather than focusing on your appearance, they would like to learn about your inner beauty. So, be yourself if you are looking to impress an Aries man as he hates phony women.

#2 Demanding Woman

Are you quite demanding? If yes, it’s better to stay away from an Aries man. Aries men hate demanding women. This means you cannot force yourself on them or even can’t pressurize them for doing something you want. And in case you try to push them into any kind of commitment, they are sure to end up the relationship at the very same minute. Yes, he would reveal all that he thinks and feels about you. Instead, it would be better if you give them their personal space. If you push them, they are sure to back off from the relationship. So, if you are looking for a relationship with an Aries man, make sure you don’t place any demands in front of him.

#3 Lazy Woman

The next on the list of what Aries man dislikes in a woman is laziness. Aries men walk with a tight working schedule. They are active buddies and possess passionate goals in life. And this is what they look for in their soulmate. They look for women who are career-oriented and have obsessive life goals. They would hate women who simply lay on the couch the whole day and do nothing but remain busy watching television or surfing or shopping online. This doesn’t mean you can’t relax when dating an Aries man, but there should be a particular time for both relaxing and working. You surely need to remain active as they can’t stand laziness.

#4 Complaining Woman

Aries man loves to be adored for whatever he is. He has a hot temper, and hence, one needs to be very careful while interacting with him. So, if you want him to do something in a different way, be calm while talking to him. You dare shatter him into pieces or even try to do so, and he is sure to end up the relationship for sure. If you are one who criticizes him on his face or on his back, he would walk away from you. So, if you want to give him a piece of advice, or want him to do something he has never done, he might listen to you, if everything is spoken peacefully and nicely. If you behave rudely with an Aries man, he is sure to move away from your life forever.

Counting on the Aries like and dislike, there are still some other facts you need to keep in mind to have a healthy relationship. Lack of confidence is also another thing Aries man would dislike in women. Aries men love independent and strong women. If you don’t have confidence in yourself or even your walk and appearance, they are sure to get their sights off you. Aries men love their independence.

You can’t surely grab him into an unwanted situation or relationship. Again, if you are a drama queen, you shouldn’t even try to impress an Aries man. They would avoid any women who often create issues in the relationship as they love to have a peaceful relationship over chaos. Last but not least, they wouldn’t even stand any women who disrespect him or any of his beloved. So, now are you ready to impress an Aries man?

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