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We all believe that wearing certain colors gives us the confidence to move ahead with firm legs. We wear particular colors on special occasions like on dates, job interviews, etc., in the form of luck charms to achieve success or shine out in the crowd. And as per astrology, this is true to a certain extent. The power of different colors helps strengthen your inner nature and gives you the confidence to express yourself freely.

Yes, different colors have different impacts on the zodiac signs, and hence, certain colors are lucky while some might prove to be unlucky. Through this blog, we shall discuss the most searched question, “What is Pisces favorite color” to learn about the lucky and unlucky colors for the zodiac.

Pisces Colors: Like and Dislike

Pisceans are born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. They belong to the water sign and are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter planets. Some of the qualities that describe the Pisces folks include creativity, spirituality, and imagination. As the zodiac is a Water sign, Pisceans are very intuitive and sensitive. They consider any situation deeply and have the tendency to react strongly. They are very creative which helps them in understanding and expressing emotions in a better way. Pisces individuals are full of empathy and compassion, and this helps them understand the burdens and joys of others clearly. They surely have a huge heart.

And when it comes to Pisces’ likes and dislikes, they would love to be in their dream world. They like watching movies, making sculptures, taking photographs, making new paintings, etc. The only thing they dislike is facing hard facts. Let’s now take a look at the colors they should use and avoid.

Pisces Colors

Pisces Favorite Color

Pisces: Lucky colors Pisces: Unlucky colors
  • Aquamarine
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black

Lucky Colors for Pisces

If you are thinking about Pisces favorite color, here is the list that would help you learn about the colors you should consider for your bright future. As the zodiac represents two fishes facing each other, the lucky color of this zodiac is aquamarine. Here is what you need to explore about the lucky colors of Pisces.


This color is very powerful and lucky for the Pisceans. The color includes shades of both green and blue colors that fit the range of aquamarine colors. The color helps in invigorating the energies and helps you feel homely. The colors make you feel escapist, glamorous, and dreamy. The color helps the individuals feel happy and safe. Having the color even in the surroundings gives you a calming effect. The light green shade of this color is also one of the Pisces colors favorable for them.


Yellow is yet another favorable color for Pisceans. The color brings happiness and joy to the Pisces individuals. It activates logical thinking in individuals and encourages them to become logical. It improves positivity in their lives and also helps them to remove all negativity from their minds, particularly when they are sad.


Orange color brings happiness along. It represents creative energy and gives warmth. It promotes emotional understanding and stability in the lives of Pisces. The color helps the Pisceans be steadfast and strong. In times of trouble, this color gives hope to the Pisces. The color keeps negative thoughts and actions away from the life of the Pisces and helps you achieve success.

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Colors Pisces Should Avoid

After the list of lucky Pisces zodiac color, it is not time to know the colors that should be avoided by the Pisceans. Here’s the list.


Pisces is a zodiac whose tendencies and feelings are very intense and filled with drama. Hence, the color red would only disturb and intensify their emotions and feelings. This would make the entire process difficult or hard. Red is a passionate color. This color aggravates strong emotions and deep emotions in a negative way. So it should be avoided.


Black color symbolizes introversion and sadness. So, it is important to avoid this color, especially when you are planning to visit any momentous occasion, event, or festival. The color would keep positive vibes away from the Pisceans and wouldn’t support their dreamy nature.

Pisces is a receptive zodiac, and wearing the wrong colors would influence the zodiac in a negative way.

How a Pisces can use lucky colors?

Pisces color can be used in various ways. They can either wear the colors like aquamarine, yellow, and orange, through dresses, accessories, etc., or keep the colors in the surroundings. The colors when used in home décor like colors of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. would have a calming impact. The Pisceans can also plant trees around the house to achieve all powerful energies.


Pisceans should henceforth avoid using bold colors like black and red as they would add negativity to their lives. As per the astrologers, such colors would attract isolation, sadness, pessimism, and depression to their lives.

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