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The Moon card in tarot appears when you pull out a card picturizing the full moon between two towers at night. When this card turns up, it usually symbolizes fear, anxiety, and confusion. The moon signifies unconsciousness, dreams, and intuition. Compared to the sun, it comes with a dim light, capable of slightly enlightening the path to advanced mindfulness meandering between two towers. On the other hand, the forefront reveals a small pool signifying water, as the subconscious mind. The small crayfish crawling out of the pool represents the initial stage of consciousness explaining. A wolf and dog are visible standing in the grass field howling which represents the wild and tame phases of our minds. Hence, this card is a message that you need to work on your fears and anxieties ahead.

So, have you caught out the Moon card? Or are you trying to avoid the negativity that is disturbing your life? Through this post, let’s learn every essential detail related to the Moon tarot card in detail.

Key Words for The Moon Tarot Card:

Before learning about this card in detail which is checking out the reverse and upright of the Moon card meaning, here are some essential words that are related to this card.

The Key meanings for the upright moon tarot card are difficult period, deception, hidden things, fear, mental confusion, and insecurity.

While the key meanings for the reversed moon tarot card are unveiled, mysteries, insomnia, unhappiness, the release of fear, and unusual dreams.

Meaning of The Moon Tarot Card:

When talking about the Moon tarot card meaning, there are usually two meanings of any tarot card including this one too. One is the upright position and the second is the reversed position. Let’s learn about both in detail.

The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Meaning (Upright)

When the card appears in the upright position for reading, it means that you are permitting your emotions and imaginations to overcome your life. This can be linked with self-deception, fears, or even anxieties. When the moon appears in the falling position in the reading of the tarot card, it is a warning sign. Any past traumatic memory might make you feel emotionally distressed, and rather than fighting with such feelings, you would start curbing them deep inside the subconscious mind. And those curbed feelings would now be resurfacing and would be influencing you to the conscious level.

The Moon in the upright position is also a sign of delusion and unpredictability when nothing seems to be similar. When this card appears in this position, it means you need to think several times before taking any decision. You also need to pay the required attention to whatever is in front of you and keep faith in your intuition. Rather than analyzing the situation, try to feel them and follow your constitution.

The Moon Meaning (Reversed)

The Moon reversed card explains that you are currently managing your worries, anxieties, and delusions. It also reveals that the negative energies from all these are finally going to get eliminated. You are in the state of overcoming your fears and concerns. Again, you are also learning how to overcome such deterring ideas and how they affect your life. This phase would truly be transforming and deliverance. You might be avoiding your emotional state and behaving like everything is normal as you weren’t ready to deal with them. However, it should be noted that this approach is a temporary solution as in the future you will have to challenge these feelings.

The Moon card in the reversed position also means that you are receiving intuitive and psychic messages, however, you are having difficulty understanding their meaning. The chances of the message being unclear or having different interpretations are also high. The card demands you to focus on what your inner voice tells you. So, have trust in your inner voice and seek its guidance. As many subliminal messages would be delivered to you, pay attention to your dreams and if possible maintain a journal for them. When troubles disturb you, return to the journal and try to understand the messages.

When is the card pulled?

The One Card pull is carried out when you are looking for a short and straight answer to your questions that is either a yes or a no. Hence, the one-card pull situation arrives and is helpful when you are going through tough situations. After shuffling the cards, you are allowed to pull out one card from the deck. The result or meaning of the Moon tarot card pulled is:

  • If the upright position appears for the Moon card, it means your answer is NO.
  • If the reversed position appears for the Moon card, it means your answer is YES.

If you are eagerly looking for any event to take place, the Moon card instructs that it is going to happen soon.

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