What if your Kundlis don’t match?

In Indian society, a match is never considered without matching the Kundli or horoscope. Traditional Hindu families take a step forward only after checking over the gunas match. You may feel intrigued to know that even the well-educated families and progressive families don’t move an inch forward and are adamant about the matter.

kundli matchingMany times we hear from couples who wants to do love marriage but kundli does not match, they got disspointed. If you are doing online kundli matching via software, really don’t appreciate the way it done. We recommend you to consult astrologer.

As the number of love affairs is increasing day by day, the youth of our country feels as if the kundli match is an obstruction to their life. Yes, it becomes a threat to marriage. No one can match the kundli before falling into love.

Indian parents take a particular interest in their kid’s life. They try to control and influence every decision of their kid’s life. Vedic astrology along with this concern becomes a stronger factor that inspires them to take their decisions. Horoscopes and astrology are based on pure science and parents believe that matching their Kundlis will bless them with a happy and blissful married life. In Indian traditions, marriages are meant for a lifetime, and both the bride and groom should adhere to this commitment.

In Kundli matching, there are 8 different aspects that are considered. The key factory decide the marital harmony between the couple. The eight points are known as ‘ashtkoot’. These 8 points of ashtkoot combine to make 36 gunas. It is quite challenging to find a pair with 36 guna match. 18 is the minimum number that needs to be considered. A couple is deemed to be compatible if a minimum of 18 gunas matches.

However, Vedic astrology has a particular term to mention the situation where gunas don’t match. The case is called Kundli dosha that are various remedies that can save you from this kind of situation. A couple who can implement these remedies can quickly get rid of the malefic effects of Kundli mismatch.

What kind of problems arises?

A kundli mismatch will lead to these kinds of problems:

  • Disharmony in inter marital relationship.
  • Constant fights in live-in relationships.
  • Progeny problems even if both are fit and capable.
  • Improper career growth of two.
  • The unhealthy atmosphere at home.
  • Financial or business loss.
  • Unhealthy sexual relationships.

These problems are too much to live with. No one wants to leave someone he or she loves so much. Everyone wants to lead a successful and satisfactory life with their partners.
If you want to live with your partner happily despite mismatching Kundlis, you should follow some remedies.

Yoni Dosha

If the astrologer finds Yoni dosha while matching your Kundlis, you can quickly get rid of it. The astrologer will ask you to do some special pooja, and you will be fine. An astrologer will also recommend you to get involved in charities, donations and some social work. The blessings you will receive will fill your life with positivity and happiness. Start following this advice without delaying it more.

Nadi/ bhakoot dosha

Nadi or Bhakoot dosha can be removed by wearing some gems depending on your zodiac sign. The astrologer will recommend the gems after checking the Kundlis of both bride and groom. He will also recommend you to chant some mantras or hymn. It will remove the malefic effect of dosha significantly.

No single dosha can ruin your life or dissolve the relationship. But, it just snatches away your happiness and makes your life living hell. Just remember, that each dosha in your Kundli is the effect of your past karmas. Doing regular pooja, chanting hymns and following the remedies will rectify your karma. Make sure to perform all the poojas under the supervision of a renowned and experienced astrologers.

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