Taurus Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Taurus Man Like ?

When it comes to body type, the Taurus man likes as well as dislikes different from one individual to another. The one common aesthetics that every Taurus man considers as an ideal body type is women with simple and elegant appearances. However, the preferred body type for every Taurus man is something of a ‘curvy’ one where every person’s definition of ‘curvy’ varies. A woman need not try any harder to impress a Taurus man since he refers to someone with no makeup or a kind of natural makeup look at most times.

Body types that attract a Taurus man

In case you are wondering,’ what a Taurus male is attracted to, the following are the points that can be considered:-

Taurus Man Traits


Since, Taurus is a sensual sign since he is the happiest when he enjoys his art, music, food, perfume, and more. At first, a Taurus man will be attracted to the sensuous nature of a person as compared to the intelligence in the initial time. It is indeed that the body of a woman is sensuous and although physical appearance is essential there are many other ways for a person to be sensuous.

When it comes to sensuous, it can be a woman’s voice or her smell or her hair so that the man can run his fingers through them, and if not that then a woman’s eyes can be sensuous too.


Most Taurus men usually like curvy soulmates and many matrixes of body types fall under this category. A Taurus man will consider curvy as appealing when the hips are wide and thighs are curvy irrespective of whether there are curves in other areas of her body.

Apart from this for Taurus, an ideal woman will not be considered curvy if she only has large breasts and she is thin and has a rectangular body shape. When it comes to body shape, he will weigh little to no consideration about a woman’s weight and will give more consideration to the shape of the woman’s body. In a nutshell, a tall and curvy woman is as beautiful as a short and curvy woman.


Taurus man prefers men who have a natural appearance rather than an artificial one. Besides this, he also prefers women who have their share of touch with nature. This certainly doesn’t mean he sees a woman who wears makeup as unpleasant, one can be creative and experimental with some bold colors.

Furthermore, at times Taurus men like their women as they are which means he will prefer waking next to the woman and seeing their bare face. One piece of advice when it comes to natural makeup is that women should wear makeup that should highlight their features and not hide them.


Taurus man, they prefer the company of women that have mainstream feminine features as well as characteristics since he is strongly attracted to feminine energy. This certainly doesn’t imply that Taurus men only want submissive women. When talking about feminine traits, a Taurus man usually finds affection, creativity as well as emotional expression attractive.


A Taurus man loves a woman who is rather graceful and elegant. Elegant, generally means the style of dress. Apart from this, the mannerism of women can also be termed as elegant where the way they walk can seem attractive to a Taurus man. Also, the way a woman carries herself can be termed elegant. Furthermore, he likes women who are good at dancing and are light on their feet which makes them look even more graceful.


Softness is yet another factor that a Taurus man can find attractive. Here, ‘softness’ can have many definitions such as ‘soft hair’, and ‘soft skin’ that will make a Taurus man want to caress the soft skin and play with the soft hairs. Apart from this, the feature of a woman can also be termed as soft instead of angular. Some other references for soft can be the round face, soft jaw lines, and soft eyes.

Another aspect of softness can be the softness that is usually found in personality. The woman can be soft-spoken or may be soft in general and it may seem like an attractive trait to the Taurus man.


Thus, the above-mentioned body types are the primary preference of a Taurus man. A Taurus man is somebody who is considered unique and is labeled as one of the most rational people in the entire world. These men are devoted to their close ones and have a firm determination to achieve the objectives that they have set for themselves. Therefore, now that you have all the information that you need about what exactly attracts a Taurus man, you are all set to move further.

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