Gemini Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Gemini Man Like ?

Although the exact body preference of a Gemini man may vary from person to person, however, there are some common traits that they like. This doesn’t define the fact that a Gemini man is picky because he is not. Most of the time, when it comes to Gemini men, they often prefer to mix things up. It is commendable to show off a Gemini man as it is observed that nothing attracts a Gemini man more than showing them off.

The Body Type of a Gemini Man Like

If you are wondering ‘what a Gemini male is attracted to?’ the following list has all the criteria:-

Gemini Man Traits


A Gemini man always finds the curves of their soulmate attractive and by curves, and they usually prefer curves on selective parts of the bed however they are not too picky regarding this. A certain Gemini man will find the hips, chest along with other curvy body parts. Another thing about curves is that they love when woman flaunt their body parts since they like to see the curves on their body part.

Gemini men give little or no consideration if the body of a woman is natural or not which is why if the woman has had some kind of physical enhancements, it wouldn’t matter to him.


One of the things about energy is that irrespective of the fact that whether the body of a woman is physically attractive or not, if she doesn’t have the energy or is more shy than necessary then she would not seem attractive to a Gemini man. Gemini men find women who are passionate about life and women who can keep up with the pace or at times even outpace them.

By energy, it does not necessarily mean someone who is physically muscular or a gym rat but someone who has the right amount of energy to do everything together with the man. The body type would be given little or no consideration by the Gemini man if the woman has all the energy that a man needs.

Throat & Neck

Out of all the body parts, the favorite of a Gemini man is the woman’s throat as well as the neck. The reason behind this is that this is the specific body part of a woman where a Gemini man is more likely to rule is the throat and the body itself.

Since the throat and neck have the capacity of driving a Gemini wild, a woman should wear something like a neckline that will make the ‘neck’ the center of attraction. Therefore, to get the attention of a Gemini man, a woman can always try to stroke a finger over her neck, and if not that then tilting the head up would do the job since this will enable the man to see her throat.

Trendy fashion

There are times when the fashion sense of a woman attracts a Gemini man more than her body type. So, to attract a Gemini man, the fashion sense needs to be something more unique or trendy and sometimes even creative as well. Irrespective of body type, a woman can look attractive if she has the right fashion sense.

Even if Gemini men find someone who has physically attractive but if she has little to no fashion sense then it will turn them off.

Women showing off

A woman becomes unforgettable for a Gemini man when she shows some of her best features. Therefore, covering up the body won’t do the job if a woman has the best possible features that are there to achieve. Even if the woman is covering up her body, highlighting her best features of the body can always do the job so that the Gemini can get an idea of how sexy her woman looks.

One of the advisable things to do here is to try wearing dresses that hug the curves so that the curves will appear even curvier. For instance, a V shape top will show off the chest of a woman whereas a short skirt will show off the legs of a woman.


For a Gemini man, the ideal woman is someone who has body curves, a good fashion sense, energy, and such. Therefore, even if the woman is under the impression that she will be unattractive to a Gemini man then all she needs right now is to show how bright and vibrant she is. One can know if a Gemini man likes him by noticing if he shows care about her. Furthermore, he will look forward to talking to you and hearing as well as considering your opinions in any type of discussion and making any kind of decision. Thus this is all the information that is there to know about the body type that a Gemini man would like.

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