Libra Man Traits – What Body Type Does a Libra Man Like ?

Are you looking for Libra man traits? Or wondering what a Libra male is attracted to? If yes, you have landed on the right page. No doubt, Libra men shall be ready to date any woman they want, but it would be a huge impact on their choice if the woman would be having the ideal body type Libra men prefer. And through this post, we shall learn about Libra man traits to help you discover what type of a woman would they date.

All you need to know about Libra men:

Born between 22nd September to 23rd October, Libra is a zodiac sign which prefers a partner with an ideal body type. A Libra man would love to have a partner or woman with a curvy physique. Again, even if you don’t have a curvy body, they would still be attracted to you if you are natural and feminine. Libra men escalate beauty. They love to be with elegant and lovely women with features like confidence, smooth skin, curvy body, and much more. Libra men have a polished taste. Hence, they would prefer a partner who is outgoing and sociable similar to them. She should also be capable of communicating in an honest and open manner.

Here is a quick view regarding the body type a Libra man focuses on while selecting their soulmates.

Libra Man Traits


Libra is a zodiac sign ruled by Venus. Hence, Libra men would appreciate everything that is beautiful in the world, even women. They would look for a woman who is beautiful or attractive, however, the definition of beautiful might vary from one Libra man to the other. Libra man would like to appreciate the natural beauty. You can definitely look for clothes that would reveal your breasts and hips as these are the curvy parts that attract Libra men. You can also go for a little makeup, but make sure it doesn’t damage your natural appearance. Libra men love classic features, but that’s not the only thing they would find beautiful. Women also need to have a strong and attractive personality for catching the eyes of Libra men and they should also treat them properly.

Full of life

Not just the outlook but the nature of the woman is also important when talking about the Libra man ideal woman. Libra men are very flirtatious and charming. Hence, they look for women who are full of life, playful, flirty, and fun-loving. Libras express their love with captivating features which makes them our dream men. All you need is an amazing sense of humor for appreciating this side of the Libra men. Again, women also need to have a confident walk if thinking to attract a Libra man. No matter how beautiful and fun-loving you are, if you lack confidence, it means you shall not be able to catch the sight of any Libra man. So, hold your head high in confidence when walking in a room, have a great posture, and make direct eye contact with the Libra man to win his heart.


What actually attracts the Libra man? A curvy body, true, but it should be well-endowed too. Yes, Libra men would get attracted to a woman with full breasts and a large butt or hips. Even if you do not have the required confidence levels, if you are having these curvy body parts, they are sure to get their eyes on you and make you feel comfortable and confident. So, look for some skinny jeans, fit and flare, or even low-cut dresses and tops which would clearly cinch your waistline to keep your hips, calves, and thighs looking appealing. A beautiful and clear cleavage would also work magically over the Libra men.


Last but not least, elegance is something women shouldn’t miss out on when thinking to attract Libra men. No matter what your physical features might be, Libra men would surely give you a look if you are graceful. So, try playing with your styles and check out if you can look more elegant in a natural way. Match out simple outfits with some elegant jeans or accessories with minimal makeup as this would be enough to get the eyes of a Libra man on you. If visiting a fancy restaurant with a Libra man, wear the best outfit. If you are thinking to wear accessories or jewelry, make sure you limit it for the best outlook.

A Libra soulmate would be one who is well-balanced. She should be confident, beautiful, elegant, curvy, feminine, etc. for attracting the Libra man. Apart from all these, she should also have smooth skin giving flawless looks. Again, even if you are not having a beautiful physique, you can still attract a Libra man with your confidence levels and fun-loving nature.

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